Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E19

1 month ago

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(Ambrose Side Of The Story)

chai which kind winch be this one? How can

this people be selling ordinary coke #750,

infact their FATHER!!!! i cursed as i walk

towards the main road heading to the Bus

Park but Unfortunately for me the Buses has

finished and none were available unless i

will wait for The Next 1 hour for another

bus to arrive. But i decided to take a Taxi

home cause am very hungry, i stepped out

from the bus and saw a Taxi coming so i

waved at it and it stopped


I read a funny story yesterday i never believe

it not when it happens to me today..,, # we

are not angry if you huge and fat but try and

be rich not coming inside napepe and

squeezing us inside and we will still pay

desame amount.. calm down and read….. i

never believe it till today . As i stopped the

taxi and luckily its empty i was happy.. not

knowing i will suffer today Immediately i sat

down one yoruba woman came.. kai i swear

dey can produce my type 30 times from her

two laps . i was like no problem i shifted to

the oder chair… see perfect timing another

woman came .. i can’t describe her fatness

but i could remember one of her breast is

bigger than my whole self.. fear grip me i sat

down in the middle dey press me together..

and i couldn’t see my chest and stomach

again.. i suffer alots today!! i pray non of us

should ever fall a victim like me today..


As i came down from the Taxi when we got

to my path that leads to my house, i

enlightened from the Taxi and paid my

money and i looked very smaller and

squeezed up and all part of my body was

really paining me i started walking towards

my house when i got to my Gate, i opened it

and went inside and found out that my Dad

is not yet back so i went into the kitchen

and ate before going to take my bath, i

finished taking my bath and went into my

room, I jumped on my bed and doze off, i

work up when i heard my phone ring,

before i could pick it, the call ended and i

cursed who ever that woke me up from this

nice dream and in the dream, a mosquito

came into my ear and started singing, If I tell

you say I Love You ooo, Your Body and

Blood na my own oo baby, 30 litres from

your tummy oo, Malaria and Sickness for

your body oo baby


As a sharp guy i also sang, Are You don

talking? Tell me Are you done talking,

Mosquito are you done talking eeh?

Shartoss fall on you, Uttapiapia Fall on you!

Coil Fall on you cause i will kill you eeh


I was still in thought when my phone rang

again and i picked it when i saw it was my

Cousin calling.

Cousin: Idiot come and Open this door

Me: which door?

Cousin: your grandfathers grave door

Me: You never dey serious nah

Cousin: Abeg come open this your yeye door

since person the knock here ability you dey

with any woman there you can atleast invite

me ni winks

Me: IJIOT, abeg make sure say that your

armpit no the smell, i the show

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