Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E10

1 month ago

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”Nnam,do you need extra?”mama


I shooked my head.

”jehovah thanks for the meal,thank

you papa,thank you mama” i remarked.

They mumbled thier replies and i

stood up awkwardly,ready to dash

into my room.

”Emeka you did very well in todays

public talk,keep it up” papa’s voice startled me.

I blushed.

I had expected him to say something

about what i had told mama,it seems

mama had kept a sealed lip.

I winked at her and walked out of the dining room.

My phone was blinking green light

when i entered my room,i dashed for

it and checked the screen..ten missed

calls from nkeiru.

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