Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E09

1 month ago

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”oge i have heard you” i remarked


”what are you saying naa?”

”i said i have heard you,but this is not the right time to talk about love..

oge am sorry to disappoint you but please

put this love issue aside”

”okay but bear it in mind that oge

loves you and is there for you”she

remarked. ”okay goodnight” i said and

disconnected the call,i felt angry all of

a sudden,what was she playing at??I was still lost in thoughts when

someone knocked at the door of my


”who is that?”i asked with a tired


”dede food is ready”my junior sister’s voice came from behind the door.

I stood up and tossed the phone on

my bed,there was still enough time

left to call chioma.

I walked to the dining room,mama

and papa were already sitted at the table.

i took my seat and closed my

eyes in prayer.

Papa took the cue,he said the meal

prayer in a jiffy.

Dinner consisted of fried ripe plantian

with jollof rice,i savoured every grain till the last grians left on my plate.

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