Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E08

1 month ago

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She smiled wanly ”emekus the man”

she retorted and we both laughed.

”time to part,i have reached my

junction” i said. ”okay naa,bye” she said and we



my phone was ringing when i entered

the room after bathing,it was some

minutes past eight o’clock in the night.just then i remembered i had

forgotten to call chioma.

I recognized the eleven digits on the

screen,it was ogechi’s number,i hadnt

saved her number earlier.

I wondered why she was calling me.i thought we saw today.

”hello Emmy”

”oge whatsup”

she kept quiet for a long time ”Emmy

there is something i want to tell

you”she started. ”what is it?” I asked as i sat down on

the bed.

”i dont know how this may sound but i

really love you,it was because of you

that i came back from kano”

my heart sanked,was she playing a game? She loves me ? What of those handsome and

wealthy youngmen of hers??

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