Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E06

1 month ago

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kingdom hall after dismissal.i

turned,ogechi was the one who had

called me,but it wasnt her that caught my attention,it was the younglady

beside her.

I approached them slowly,with a

smile on my face,still wondering who

the younglady beside her was.

”ogechi how far” ”we are fine oo,meet my friend

chioma from Umuna congregration”

she introduced.

”haa..chioma,thats the name of my

elder sister,Nne kedu?”

”am fine”she replied in a sonorous voice that reminded me of birds

singing at dawn.

Someone called ogechi and she

excused herself,i cleared my throat.

”i really enjoyed your public talk”

chioma was saying.i noticed she was wringing her hands,she was also the

nervous type.

”ooo Dont mention,its jehovah who

inspired me,i remembered the first

minute i stepped on the podium,i had

stage fright,i had to take a deep breath before i commenced”

chioma smiled,i saw the twin dimples

on her cheeks and i liked her the

more,she was light skinned,average

height and had a shape to die

for.although she wasnt wearing a

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