Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E05

1 month ago

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retorted and quickly disconnected the call.

i was in a haste

to prepare for the assignment.

I was surprised that ogechi had called

me,ogechi was one of the

outstanding beauties with good

personality in our congregration,she was also a regular pioneer and an

Elders child likewise I.

Few years ago i had a crush on her

and we went out on a couple of

dates,but i became fed up of her,she

treated me like i was below her level just because she had many admirers

that were far handsome and marture

than me.

The days study went fine as i had

planned,i had performed the

assignment without stammering and

when i left the podium i was greeted

by a pronounced oviation.

My mother smiled at me as i returned to my seat while my immediate elder

sister chioma winked at me.

After the closing prayer,we held a

meeting on the issue of the building

project which we had at hand-we

were building a fence around the kingdom hall premises.

”bro Emmy” a familiar voice called my

name from behind as i came out of

the kingdom hall after dismissal.i


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