Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E03

1 month ago

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He knew my secrets and i knew most

of his,he was the only friend i had

confided in about my problem.

”Emekus whats up?” he asked

immediately i accepted the call.

” o boy..i just told my momsy and she wasnt in support of it oo”

”haa,i said it!”he excliamed

”yes you did,am just confused,i dont

think my parents are going to be in


”then try and talk things over with nkeiru,maybe who knows? Due to her

love for you she may agree to be a


i shooked my head” i know her very

well chuka,that girl is stubborn.


moreover she doesnt know i am a withness,i have been hiding all this

from her because i know she doesnt

approve of jehovah withnesses”

”my dear love can move

mountians,anyway i think you need to

give this issue serious thinking,you know marriage is once and nothing

like dating,are you sure you love this

girl so much?”chuka asked

”i do,i love her with my life” i remarked


”okay but be careful,i will call later to get feedbacks from you”

”nsogbu-adighi” (no problem) i

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