Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness - S01 E02

1 month ago

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mama was saying.

I sighed and stood up

”mama i love nkeiru,it is not her

religion that am marrying,but herself”

i retorted and walked awayI walked into my room and sanked

down on the only armchiar.


thoughts were far away and my head

was spining,i felt confused…i didnt

know when i started biting my finger

nails,this was a childish habit i had stopped doing for long.

Back then when i was an adolescent,i

always bite my nails whenever i was

nervous or in a confused state, this

led to been called ORI MGBO AKA

(finger nail eater) by my peers,and i had to stop the habit.

The nokia tone of my ringing phone

brought me back to reality,i brought

out the phone from my trouser pocket

and stared at the screen.

The call was from chuka,the friend i just left his house,he was my close

buddy although he wasnt a fellow


our friendship started far

back when we were both little

boys,we even formed a languange of

our own then.

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