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Nku the King of the dark forest is a man of great powers known far and wide.. His powers was incomparable and he lived alone with his son in the Forest.

Nku was communing with the gods in his shrine when suddenly, Nne Mmiri appeared. Nku knew she’d come.. She stood just outside his shrine.. She dare not step her foot inside.

He slowly walked outside to meet her.

“Nne Mmiri, what brings you here?”He asked calmly

“You! youuu Nku, how dare you interfere in my business! How dare you?”Nne mmiri screamed.

“I ask for the very last time.. What brings you here? State your mission and leave..”Nku said very calmly again

“I have come to warn you to put aside all the forces you’re mounting behind my daughter Nwaala.. Stay away from her or anything that concerns her else..”

“Shut up! Shut your mouth before you leave here dumb! You don’t come into my Premises to threaten me.. Ara ochoro igbagbu gi? (Do u want to be struck down by madness?)..Taaaaaaa gbafuo! (run away)”

Nne mmiri inhaled deeply

“I have warned you Nku.. Stay awayyyyy.. Stay far awayyyy”She vanished

Nku laughed loud and long.

“No matter how hungry and impatient the children are, we cannot give them raw yam to eat okwaya? We must cook it!”

He laughed again

“Nne Mmiri, let’s wait for this yam to be cooked.. I hope you’re ready to eat”

He laughed again and went back into his shrine.


The D-day for Prince Afam and Ebere’s wedding arrived.

As usual, women were at Okoro’s compound as early as possible cooking all cookables. Just like during his son’s naming ceremony, but this time around, it was bigger.

Calabashes of palm wine flowed everywhere.

Meanwhile, Ebere, Ulumma and some of their friends were inside Ebere’s Hut getting her ready for the big ceremony. The Prince and his people were yet to arrive though.

“I can’t believe you’ll be leaving me”Ulumma made a pulpy face.

“Oh sister! Come on.. You can always visit the palace anytime you want.. You know I’d have taken you along but you have to stay with Nne so you can take care of her and Lotanna” Ebere said

“I know.. I’ll visit you everytime till you get tired”

They both laughed..

“You look so beautiful Ebere”One of the girls said

“Thank u”Ebere said smiling.

Their mother Asa came in..

“Chai Ada m, Ugo m, elewe ukwu egbu ewu”She praised her..

“You look ravishingly beautiful.. Oh chim! The Prince has eyes for good things bikonu”

Ebere was busy blushing

“Nne thank u”

“Remember everything I told you yesterday night.. Marriage is not an easy thing o..but with patience and tolerance, you’ll be able to live peacefully with your husband..”

Ebere nodded “I didn’t forget..i’ll abide by your advice”



Prince Afam was inside his Hut dressing up with his guards.

“What is keeping you kwanu? Hurry up, everyone is waiting for u!”Lolo Akunna shouted from outside.

“I’ll be with you soon biko.. Just a minute, I have to look good for my bride”Afam replied from inside

Lolo laughed and went away to join the rest of the family members who were to escort Afam to his bride’s compound.

“My Prince, I still think you should think about this again” Oke said

“Think about what?”Afam asked adjusting his wrapper

“This Ebere girl.. I don’t think she’s good enough for you..”Chidi chipped in

“If she isn’t, then who is?”Afam asked

“Olaedo.. She’s pretty, well mannered, cultured.. What else do u want in a woman that she doesn’t have? Why do u have to chose that mgbeke?”Oke said painfully

“Now enough! You two, shut your mouths!! Ebere is the one I choose and your opinions ain’t needed.. Now get your asses up let’s leave immediately!”Afam said going out while they followed suit.


The ceremony started in earnest and it was time for the bride to show up.

Asa ran into the Hut to get Ebere but met only Ulumma and 3 other girls.

“Where’s your sister? It’s time for her to show up”She asked Ulumma

“Oh! she just went to the backyard to pee”Ulumma replied

“Please go and call her fast”Asa told one of the girls who quickly went out..

Just few minutes after she left, there was a loud scream.

“Chim egbuom oooo (my God has killed me oooo)”

Ulumma, Asa and the other girls ran out of the Hut towards the direction of the scream.

Lo and behold, Ebere was lying in the pool of her own blood with a knife stuck to her chest.

Asa screamed in horror and other people who came for the ceremony ran to the scene.

Everyone was shocked.

Prince Afam moved towards Ebere’s body..

“What happened? how did this happen??”He cried but no one gave an answer.

Ulumma stood dumbfounded. What could have happened?

There was commotion everywhere..

Asa was wailing, Okoro paced around troubled.. Some women joined Asa crying too..

Suddenly, Ulumma moved towards Ebere’s lifeless body and with all her strength, she carried her up and started moving away.

Some young men ran forward to stop her but as soon as they touched her, their body got electrocuted to the spot and they couldn’t move..

Soon, she vanished into the bush carrying Ebere’s corpse..


“Wonders shall never cease to end”Adaugo said clapping her hands..

“I was shocked beyond words.. I can’t even imagine such a tragedy.. How can a young maiden die mysteriously on the day of her marriage?”Ekemma said shaking her head..

“I am as shocked as you mama nnukwu..may the gods forbid”Omasili said

The three of them were present at Okoro’s compound when that tragedy struck and they had just gotten home.

“This cannot be ordinary” Ekemma said

“Yes nau! I heard that.. that..”Adaugo paused looking around to see if anyone was in sight..

“I heard her mother Asa is a witch and her daughter’s death is her handiwork”She whispered

“Chim ooooo! Ekwutos! Ashiri gbakute(big gossip)…cho cho cho.. Mama ashiri(mother of gossip)..Who told u? How can a mother kill her own daughter?”Omasili shouted

“I said I heard! I wasn’t the one that said it.. And you mustn’t always shout like a fool”Adaugo retorted

“That’s how you go about spreading baseless rumours.. You are wicked I must say! Haaaa”Omasili shouted

“Please ozugo(its okay) Adaugo, stop spreading false rumours about people. Even if what you said is true, it is not in your place to judge.. Leave that to the gods”Ekemma said

Adaugo stood up

“I’ve heard..Ka chi fo(Goodnight)”She went into her Hut.

“Mama ndi ashiri”Omasili screamed..


Quick questionWhere do u think Ulumma is taking Ebere’s corpse to??


To Be Continued..

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