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“My Prince, don’t you think we should get going?”Olaedo said. And only then did the Prince realize he has been staring at Ebere for long.

“Uhmm…..what’s your name again?”He asked Olaedo who was by now really furious. How could the Prince forget her name so soon? However, she kept her cool.

“It’s Olaedo”She said

“Okay, Olaedo can u go back to whatever you were doing?? We’ll talk some other time”He said discharging her with a wave of hand.

Words couldn’t describe how Olaedo felt at that moment. She stared daggers at Ulumma who was still smiling devilishly.. She knew Ulumma was behind the Prince losing his attention to Ebere.

She looked at Ulumma from head to toe before walking away from the Stream in severe anger.

Afam focused his attention on Ebere.

“Am sorry for the delay… Please can we talk for a while?”

Ebere who was oblivious of everything that was happening nodded and handed her water pot to her sister who urged her to go with smiles.


Olaedo paced to and fro her compound in deep thoughts.. One could see that she was fuming in deep anger…

“How could Nwaala do this to me? How dare her?? Has she forgotten who I am? Ajonwa, daughter of the forest.. The only evil on earth..How can she keep disrupting all my plans?? How?!” She screamed in anger..

“Oh Nwaala! I will deal with you.. I will spend deal with you.. I will pinch you were it hurts the most.. I can see you now have the mind of mortals..Nwaala, I will deal with you!!”She laughed wickedly.. Turned left and right, stamped her left foot thrice on the ground and disappeared.

She reappeared inside Asa’s room who was sleeping peacefully with her baby beside her..

Olaedo tiptoed and carried the baby, smiled and disappeared.


Ulumma was fetching water while waiting for her sister to be done talking with the Prince.. She suddenly started feeling uneasy. Her heart was beating so fast she had to hold her chest for support.

“What could be the problem?”She asked herself.

She slowly filled her water pot and that of her sister.. By then, Ebere arrived having finished talking to the Prince.

“Ebere pls we have to rush home fast.. I’m not feeling very fine”

Ebere looked at her “But you were okay when we arrived here”

“Plz let’s just go home”Ulumma started walking away.. Her heartbeat was too fast now and she prayed silently as she almost ran home..


“Mother, I think I’ve found someone I want to marry”Afam told his mother as soon as he arrived the Palace and went straight to her chamber..

This news brightened Lolo Akunna’s mood.

“Who’s she?? Who are her parents? Is she from this village?”She was inquisitive

Afam laughed “Calm down Nne, one question at a time.. OK, her name is Ebere, daughter of Okoro and Asa and yes she is from this villlage”

“Oh! Okoro the one who just had a new child”

“Yes, she made mention of that”

Akunna smiled “I don’t know much about them though but I think they’re a reputable family although I’ll still conduct more investigations on them”

“Nne, she’s so beautiful”Afam said

“MY son, you shouldn’t always go after beauty.. The heart of a woman matters more. You should chase the heart and not the face because beauty fades but character is like a solid rock, it never breaks..A good woman would stand by you but a bad one will lead you to ruins..and you too, marry a woman whom you know has only good intentions for you, not only to take on your name and bear you kids.. You must marry a woman you can confide in and take her advice to heart.. Because only a good woman can sustain your marriage”

Afam listened attentively to the words of his mother

“Thank you so much for this piece of advice Nne. I won’t take it for granted”

Tears welled up Akunna’s eyes..

“If only your Father had listened to me..”

“Nne, you kept repeating this statement since Father’s death.. What exactly is the problem?”

Akunna shook her head from left to right.

“The time hasn’t come yet.. When the time comes, the truth will reveal itself.. But I see the clouds have gathered, a mighty storm is about to hit Umuozara… Get ur umbrella ready! Afamefuna nwam, get your umbrella ready..”

Afam looked at his mother in confusion..

“Truth? Clouds? Storm?? Umbrella?? Mother am confused.. What is all these? What umbrellas are u talking about?”

Akunna looked at him and smiled hard..

“Your wife..”


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