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Ndulue arrived from the Ichie’s meeting to get set for Okoro’s son naming ceremony.

He hurriedly took his bath and dressed up awaiting his meal before he leaves. No matter the occasion he was going to, Ndulue never left his home without eating and his wives were aware of this and didn’t take him going for am occasion as an excuse of not making his meal.

He went out of the Hut and called “Adaugo!! Omasili!!”

Omasili jumped up


“Where’s my food ehh? Must I always shout before I get my food?”

“Nnanyi am sorry but it’s not my turn to cook your good”Omasili said

“Then who’s turn is it?”


“And where is she?”

Omasili murmured “I don’t know Nnanyi, she left without saying anything”

Ndulue shook his head and sighed

“Nsogbu adiro (No problems)…Now go and get me something to eat fast! Am running late”

Omasili grumbled inaudibly and left.


“anwuolam o!!! Chim oo!!!”Adaugo rushed out of Ndulue’s Hut in tears with soup all over her face as she struggled to see.

Even sick Ekemma ran out to know what the problem is.

“what is it?”Ekemma asked but before Adaugo could manage an answer, hot whip landed on them both and Ekemma had to run back.

It was Ndulue.

Adaugo cried and scrambled to her feet trying hard to run into her Hut but the pepper in her eyes wouldn’t let her.

Ndulue held her down and continued whipping her all over.

Ekemma couldn’t even dare intervene or plead because she knew the tables would turn to her if she tries it. She only pitied Adaugo and wondered what she must have done to deserve their Husband’s rot.

Meanwhile, Omasili was in front of her Hut laughing secretly.

Adaugo’s saving grace was “Okeke”, Ndulue’s friend who came visiting.

“Ndulue it’s okay! Ozugo biko(please it’s okay)..”He managed to drag Ndulue from Adaugo who was on the ground crying.

“Hopeless and foolish woman! All u know how to do is to move around the village and gossip.. Prepare my meal is all I ask for but it’s now a burden to you. You’ll walk around the village and come back anytime you like and then serve me food whenever you like.. This is just a tip of the iceberg.. Try this next time and see..”

Turning to face the other wives, he said “Any of u should try this again and see..bunch of useless fools”

He finally followed Okeke to his Obi.

Adaugo sat in front of her Hut sobbing silently with her children who joined her in crying also.

Ekemma seeing that Ndulue was out of ear shots went over to Adaugo.

“Ada what really happened?”

Adaugo explained to her how she went to Ndulue’s Hut to serve his food and he baptized her with it saying she left the house without informing anyone.

“But where went you?”Ekemma asked

“To okoro’s compound..am among the women to prepare ngwongwo”

“You should have at least told either I or Omasili so we’d explain to Nnanyi”

Adaugo said she did tell Omasili before leaving.

Ekemma faced Omasili who sat in front of her Hut still laughing.

“Omasili but you told Nnanyi that u know nothing about Adaugo’s whereabouts”

“biko Mama Nnukwu I am nobody’s maid. Does she expect me to protect her when she made me face Nnanyi’s wrath days ago? Mbanu.. It’s 1-1″She laughed wickedly and this infuriated Adaugo who charged towards her and a fight ensued.

Ndulue and Okeke rushed to the scene as the noise attracted them.

“Oya both of you go into your huts, carry your things and go back to your Father’s house osiso!!”Ndulue shouted and the women separated.

“Are u both deaf? into your huts and out of my compound immediately!! Tell your mothers to teach u manners before you return!”

The women went into their huts in tears.

“enough of these nonsense”Ndulue hissed.



Prince Afamefuna went to the stream in company of his 2 guards.. He had started his quest for the search of a wife because he had no one in mind and wasn’t bethrothed to any one.

As he got there, the maidens greeted him as each struggled for him to be noticed..

“Morning handsome Prince of UMUOZARA”Olaedo said courtseying before the Prince.

She was truly a beauty to behold and the prince immediately liked her.

“what is your name?”he asked

“Olaedo”She said charmingly

“WHO are your parents??”He asked further

Her eyes fell as tears filled them

“My Prince am an orphan”She said as the tears dropped

Afam pitied her “am sorry about that..”

“No problems.. It’s been a long time now”She said smiling

Afam was captivated.. “Can we talk for a while outside here?”

“Yes..yes..sure”She said

The other maidens were envious that Olaedo had gotten the prince’s attention but none dare speak a word.

Just as Afam and Olaedo were about to leave the stream, Ulumma and Ebere came to the stream with their water pots..

“Greetings my prince..”They chorused

Afam looked up and his eyes caught Ebere, Ulumma’s older sister.

He stared at her lost in her beauty with all her beautiful physical endowment..

He momentarily forgot that he was about to leave with Olaedo.

Olaedo noticed this and became angry..

She looked at Ulumma who’s eyes was already on her.

Ulumma smiled wickedly at Olaedo while she stared back in extreme anger..

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