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Okoro’s compound was a beehive of activities. Pots of soup, abacha, yam pottage and ngwogwo was flowing as women cooked. The older men sat at the end of the compound laughing and discussing over calabashes of palmwine, Young men were seen roasting a goat under the ube tree while the young girls and children made endless trips to thee stream to get water for the numerous cooking.

It was in preparation for the naming ceremony of Okoro and Asa’s beautiful baby boy who arrived 7days ago.

The family was overjoyed especially Okoro who atlast now has a heir! And in this spirit, he threw a big party to name his child.

Ebere and Ulumma were not left out as they dotted around their mother like bees over honey answering her every need like a Queen.

The arrival of the baby has indeed brought undiluted Joy to the family.



Adaugo hastenly fed her children (a boy and 2 girls). She needed to be at Ndulue’s compound to help with the cooking as failure to do so would attract a fine from the “Umunne society” of the village.

Her co-wife Omasili was among the women to prepare pots of soup in the morning and she was already back while Mama Nnukwu was exempted from the whole exercise because she reported sick and needed to get treatment.

When she was done, she tied her youngest child to her back and ordered the other two to play inside the compound and not move out till she returned then she made her way to Omasili’s Hut.

“Omasili..”She called gently

No answer

She called twice more before Omasili emerged from the Hut with an angry face.

“Ogini biko? What is it again??”Omasili asked

“Please, I just want to inform you that am on my way to Asa’s place. Am amongst the set of women to prepare the ngwongwo. So please help me keep an eye on my children..I’ll be back early to prepare Nnanyi’s evening meal” Adaugo said slowly.

Omasili nodded and headed back to her hut while Adaugo left..



The Ndi Ichie had conveyed again to put finishing touches to the preparation for the grand burial of the king.

The date has been slated for the next two market weeks. It’d be a 7 days event as custom demanded and everything was going as planned.

Onu-agbala had kept his distance as he said and wasn’t included in any of the preparations but these Ichies cared less.

The Prince was invited.

“Ndi Ichie I greet u”Prince Afam greeted

“Nno (welcome)” they said

Onowu cleared his throat “Afamefuna, as u know, the preparations for the burial of your Father, our late Eze is on full gear. The date has been communicated to other villages and as his heir apperant and future king of this Land, I am sure you know the custom and traditions so well. You’ll be crowned King 21 days after the burial of the Eze but you must have a woman by your side as your Lolo. You cannot ascend the great throne of Umuozara without a wife”

Other Ichies nodded in agreement.

“Ndi Ichie, I thank you for this information and I want to tell you that am fully aware of it and I promise to get a wife before I ascend the throne”


Olaedo was in her Hut eating roasted yam and palm oil with her friends Dimma and Agbomma.

“I’ll be heading to Ulumma’s house after I finish from here” Agbomma announced

Olaedo eyed her

“Me too”Dimma said stuffing yam into her mouth

“And why? What’s the event?”Olaedo asked

“ahahn! Are u a stranger in this village? Don’t you know Ulumma’s mother put to birth 7days ago and today is their naming ceremony?”Agbomma said

“ohh”Olaedo sighed

“Well, I won’t be attending”

“Why?”Dimma asked

“Because.. Well.. Because I don’t want to.. I have something to do today. You girls can go if u wish to..”She said standing up.

Agbomma and Dimma looked at themselves in surprise.



the ceremony was now in full gear. The child has been named “Lotanna” and there was eating and drinking everywhere.

Ulumma went into the bush nearby to pee. As she bent down, she felt a presence around her and she jumped up looking everywhere.

“Who are you? Show yourself!!”She screamed looking around.

Suddenly, Olaedo appeared laughing.

“I thought you claimed to be a tough nut but you were fidgeting moments ago”

Ulumma sighed

“Ajonwa, what do u want?”

“I just came to say hello.. I heard your mother put to birth successfully”Olaedo said with a tone of mockery.

“Ajonwa, I am warning you..

Stop poking your nose into my family affairs. You know me, I will so deal with you.. I’ve beat you once and I’ll do it again.. Stay away from my family!!”

Olaedo laughed long and hard.

“Nwaala, you’ve become so soft.. Is this what having a family could turn one into? That is why I never want to have a family.. I’ll just complete my mission and leave.. Am getting bored of this whole place, I miss my home”

“I don’t care about your feelings, and as for your mission, count it as one of your numerous failures because it can never work.. I, Nwaala daughter of the earth is here to stop you!”

Olaedo looked at her with fierce anger

“Umuozara must suffer! Not even you.. Or your mother..can stop me!”

Ulumma smiled

“No need to banter words with you. I’ll cross my legs and watch how you’ll succeed” She started walking around

“Nwaala, we shall see..”Olaedo said

Ulumma turned and face her

“Yes, let’s watch and see..”

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