Web Of Confusion - S01 E02

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Ulumma rushed into her mother’s Hut hurriedly without knocking. She just had a nightmare, not just a nightmare..”a vision”.

She met her mother rolling around her raffia bed in pains with her wrapper soaked in blood.

“No No No!!! You can’t succeed! Ugeli the witch of the forest has never conquered the earth goddess before and it cannot start now! Mbanu.. Oma nmee!!(it can’t happen)”She screamed and ran out to wake her sister Ebere..

“Please go and call Nwanyi Udu”she said and ran back to her mother’s Hut.

“Nne, hold on.. I promise nothing would happen to you or my brother.. Just keep being strong inugo?”

Asa nodded weakly.

She was already bleeding heavily and her eyes was closing slightly but she was determined to hold on for her baby.

Ulumma rushed to the kitchen and Came back with a clay pot filled with water..she rushed back and came in with Aziza(broom).

She put the broom inside the water and started sprinkling it around the Hut..

“Out… Out I say! Back to whoever sent you!! Tell them the daughter of the earth goddess is here.. Oya out!!”She kept muttering as she sprinkled water all over the Hut.

Suddenly, Asa screamed in pains.

Ulumma dropped the pot and ran to her..

“Nne ogini? (Mother what is it?)”

“The bleeding has stopped”Asa said weakly..

Ulumma smiled..

Just then, Nwanyi Udu came in with Ebere and told them to leave the Hut while she prepared to help Asa.


Confusion filled the palace as the ndi ichies argued and debated on the issue at hand. Each brought a contrary decision on how to curb the problem of the burial of the Eze.

“Let us go ahead and bury our Eze in the rightful traditional way”Ofor said

“but are we going to ignore the warning of onu-agbala?”Ndulue asked

“Okay.. What do u suggest we do? Throw our king into the evil forest?”Dike fired

“We could still look for another alternative!!”Ndulue said

“What other alternative? Where u sleeping when Onu-agbala said there was no other option?”Ofor fired angrily

“Don’t dare insult me!!”Ndulue flared

“Please calm down everyone”Onowu said

“We are here to protect solution not to argue unending pleaseeee”

Everyone was calm..

“We should make a decision fast. I mean now..”

There was silence everywhere as each of them thought hard and long.

Finally, they decided to d--n the warnings of the gods and bury their Eze in the right traditional way.



Lolo Akunna sat scrumpled at one side of her Hut. She looked pale and sorrowful like someone who just finished crying.

She was in a pure black wrapper with no beads on her neck, head or ankle.

She looked sore and forlorn as she soliloquized slowly.

“I warned him.. I warned Omekannaya but he wouldn’t listen.. now see, am a widow all of a sudden! And now.. The whole village would have to suffer for what they know nothing about..

Omekannaya!!!”She busted into tears.

Prince Afam came in at this time.

“Nne what is it? Are u still crying?? I have told u, Nnam is gone and gone forever, there’s nothing to do about it. Please stop tearing yourself up pleaseeee”

Lolo Akunna sniffed repeatedly as her son consoled her.


Olaedo was seen sitting down in the bush amidst fallen trees and shrubs. Her crossed her legs with her left hand on her chin lost in deep thoughts.

A hand tapped her shoulder and she jumped up in fear.

It was Ulumma.

“You! What are u doing here? How did u find me??”Olaedo asked in anger

Ulumma walked slowly towards her.

“Ajonwa, this is the last time I’d warn you to stay clear off my family! What was it with the stupid stunt you tried to play with my mother early this morning?”

“That is none of your business!”Olaedo screamed

Ulumma smiled

“I thought it was wise for me to warn you first before I dish out my full venom against you.. Ajonwa don’t ever come near my family.. You will hate me even more if u try it”She said and started walking away..

“I am not afraid of you Nwaala!! I am not!!”Olaedo screamed but Ulumma was already gone..

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