The Ruthless Alexandra

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The Ruthless Alexandra


This story is about a lady named Alexandra whose parents were brutally murdered by the Faceless Gangs who were sent by the Famous Twelve to eradicate the governmental mayor lineage of kutana city which was ruled by Desmond Elliott (Alexandra’s father). Being a veracious man, he had enemies as friends and friends as enemy who were vying for his post to overthrow him.

He was annihilated alongside with his wife when his glory was at its peak but Alexandra was spared to witness the disaster that befell her parents but the famous twelve never knew she would be a pain in the ass.

In the taste for revenge, Alexandra travelled to japan and went to martial arts school where she learned the taekwondo style and the ninjutsu Japanese martial arts

She’s part of the Arashikage ninja clan that trained Snake Eyes, she rose quickly and rapidly through the ninjutsu ranks and became the Storm Shadow.

She was specifically trained by the Blind Master, meaning she can fight equally well in the dark or blindfolded and thus became a fierce ruthless ‘kunoichi’ meaning the female ninja.

She returned back to nigeria to avenge the deaths of her parents and it led her to the faceless gangs who declared war on her and a fight duel ensued.

she became fierce and ruthless having no compassion for others but unfortunately, she fell in love with a young police cop who was bent on nabbing the perpetrator in which caused a dramatic twist in the action thriller.

Authors note: Hello Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, new and old coolvalers. How do you do?

Prince Jude greets y’all.

Recently out of my boredom, I decided to pen this, just the way I got the inspiration though, am not done with it yet but am gonna get done as the story progresses.

Am still a learner, so all criticisms are welcomed.

I will be posting twice a week.

Stay stunned.


The Ruthless Alexandra - S01

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