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The wind howled, piling up snow in drifts, blinding the evening with ice-white dust. Dominic stood at the Grenville private cemetery’s gate, dressed up in his winter outfit, a grey coat, black Jean pants and a black winter scarf around his neck.

Dominic scanned himself, completely clueless on how he arrived at the place. He moved closer to read an inscribed wordings on a wall, he brushed off the ice white dust covering the words.

“EST. 1940” The inscribed word on the wall read. He shot a glance at the gate and noticed it was open, he crept carefully and slid past the partially opened gate. He walked bend over against the cold, protecting his eyes with his arms as as the cold gust of wind smacked his face.

Dominic had gotten past the gate, all that stood in front of his view were graveyards and brown denuded trees to his left and right. He could see footsteps and paw prints as they crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of the paths.

He blew out ice smoke and rubbed his hands together, he scanned the place looking for anyone and there he could see a girl standing by a graveyard with flowers in her hands. He reckoned the footprints must belong to her, he walked closer to her to see the girl much clearer.

“Rose?” He whispered as he approached the girl.

“You’re late. You’re 15 minutes late.” Rose said turning to him, she was dressed up in a black coat, a black winter scarf, a pair of black gloves and black boots. Her blonde hair was thrown in high ponytail.

“I’m-I’m sorry” Dominic stuttered as the chills began to get the better of him.

“It’s okay.” Rose responded and smiled.

“I’m sorry but what are we doing here?” Dominic enquired looking completely lost.

“Are you f-----g kidding me?” Rose responded and shot him a glance.

“No I’m not. I’m serious, what the hell are we doing here?”

“Dominic, It’s a month since June passed away.” Rose responded and placed the bouquet of flowers on the graveyard.

“What? June?” Dominic asked in confusion.

“Yeah. I miss her so much. I know you’re still trying so hard to believe that our best friend is actually gone.” Rose said as tears trickled down her cheek.

Dominic squat to the grave headstone to read the name of the deceased on it.

June Madison Sinclair

Dec 11th, 1974. – Dec 4th, 1991.

They can no longer die; for they are like the angels.

The wordings on the grave headstone read, taking Dominic aback in shock as he fell to the ground.

“No! This is impossible!” Dominic said crawling backwards.

“I wish it was.” Rose said and sniffle, blowing her nose in a tissue.

“No! It can’t be! Get the hell out of my head!” Dominic screamed and burst out a great amount of red flames, catching the trees around, the ground began to crack and Rose look worried.

“Dominic stop it!” Rose said trying to calm his tension down.

“No! This isn’t real!” Dominic screamed as June’s grave crack open, Green worm-like creatures began crawling towards him in multitudes as he crawled back in fear panting.


“No! This isn’t real!” Dominic screamed on the hospital bed, shaking vigorously as the fluid attached to him dropped from the hanger.

“Somebody help!” Rose screamed and ran outside the ward to alert the nurses of Dominic’s situation.

The nurses rushed in and held him together.

“Stay calm.” A nurse said holding Dominic hands to the bed to keep him stable, The shaking stopped and Dominic opened his eyes slowly, realising he just had to the worst nightmare of his life.

“Where is June?” He asked and shot a glance everyone that surrounded him, present were Rose, June and his entire family except Scott. June was bodied by the crowd in the ward so she was somewhere at the back of everyone, a position Dominic could not see her from.

“I’m over here” she said raising hands in the air as everyone made way for her to walk closer to Dominic’s bed.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” She said softly and moved closer to Dominic’s bed.

“Thank goodness!” Dominic muttered and pulled her into a hug. Everyone in the ward shot a glance of confusion at themselves except Jacob. Josie noticed Jacob was rather not confused like everyone else, instead he was all smiles. Josie hit his arm playful and furrowed her eyebrows.

“What?” Jacob whispered as Josie raised a brow at her husband’s humorous attitude.

“I’m so glad you’re okay.” Dominic said and broke free of the hug.

“I am, we all are and we owe it to you.” June said and smiled.

“What happened Dom?” Rose asked from behind, in a way that sounded as though she was reminding them she was still around.

“I had this uh- I uh-” Dominic stuttered.

“Disgusting green worm-like shits. Uhm never mind, it’s nothing serious.” He concluded and forced a smile.

“Are you sure??” June asked sternly.

“Definitely.” Dominic assured.

“Please let’s all excuse him, he needs time to rest.” A nurse said to everyone as they all nodded in agreement to her instruction.

“I’m glad you’re okay son.” Jacob said and held Dominic’s hands.

“Get well soon.” Alexa chirped in.

“Thanks a lot. You all have no idea how much it means to see everyone of you again.” Dominic said as tears trickled down his cheek.

“Rest well Dominic. I’ll have your favourite ready upon your arrival at home.” Josie said smiling.

“That’ll be great. Thanks mom” Dominic responded thankfully.

“Come on. He needs all the rest he can get.” Jacob said and playfully pushed Josie and Alexa by the shoulder. Just as they had concluded, Josie, Jacob and Alexa left the ward as Rose and June followed behind.

“June!” Dominic called out, as they both stood at the door and turned back to face Dom.

“Please be safe.” Dominic said.

“Sure.” June responded.

“Rose and you too. Please you both be safe.” Dominic said again.

“We will. Please get some rest.” Rose said and closed the door. Dominic fixed his gaze at the hospital’s ceiling and sighed, he then turned to face the sunrise beaming from his window.


“The end of Patrick Sinclair? Sinclair facility sinks to the ground.” The Grenville times headline for the morning read.

“This is bullshit!” Patrick cursed in disgust and squeezed the newspaper.

“You know the media. They’d do anything to attract attention.” Doris said.

“Doris, I watched a 300 million dollars facility sink to the ground. The research facility, the Octagon telecoms satellites all gone! It was all Thomas’s fault and maybe mine too! I should never have sent him to the hole for a research. I should never have accepted the glowing worm from Mr Andrews. I thought we could use such a rare organism to create an iconic medicine for humans. I made a very big mistake and it’s about to cost me everything!” Patrick said regretfully and rubbed his forehead in frustration.

“No one knew it would turn out this way honey. Everything will be alright. The most important thing is, you and June got out of there alive. None of this would matter if i lost any of you.” Doris said and placed her hand on Patrick’s cheek, trying to console him.

“You’re right Doris. Life is all that matters.” Patrick responded. Just then, June walked in.

“Hey dad, Hey mom.” She greeted and loosed her ponytail to reveal her long brown silky smooth hair.

“Hey honey.” Doris greeted back.

“How is Dominic now?” Patrick asked.

“He is fine. He had some sort of nightmare but he’s totally fine now.” June said as Millie ran down the stairs wagging her tail to where June stood. She picked Millie up and held her close to her chest.

“I’m so happy for him. He’s a really great kid.” Patrick said as June let out a wide smile. Just then, Patrick’s cellphone ringed from a stool nearby. He reached for it and pick up.

“What’s up Dylan?” Patrick said to the caller.

“Great sir. Uhm the board meeting starts in five minutes.” Dylan responded over the phone.

“Oh shit! I’ll be right there.” Patrick said and hung up.

“Is there a problem dad?” June asked noticing the disturbing look on Patrick’s face.

“Absolutely sweetheart. I just have a very urgent meeting with the board and I’m late.”

“Oh.. Sorry about that. You should get going.” June responded as Patrick took his coat from the couch and put it on.

“I’ll be back.” He said and gave Doris a peck before rushing out of the living room.

“I’m late for school as well.” June said and let out a dry laugh.

“Get going honey. I’ll have your favourite prepared when you get back.” Doris said smiling.

“Thanks mom.”

“I can’t play with you now baby, but i promise i will when i get back.” June said to Millie and caressed her fur.

“You’re late June.” Doris reminded June of the time she’s wasting.

“I know mom. I’ll get changed and do some few touch ups.” June said as her cellphone rang. She flipped open her keypad cover and pushed the answer button.

“Hello June” Alex’s soothing voice greeted.

“Hey Ba-”

“Hey Alex” June said changing her intended words immediately.

“Mom please excuse me.” June whispered to Doris and head upstairs, still holding Millie to her chest. Doris watched June speak to Alex distinctively and smiled.

“Uhm how are you today? You must be really devastated and tired from last night.” Alex said over the phone as June walked into her room.

“Yes i am but I’m about leaving for school now. How about you?”

“I’m preparing for college classes today. I just thought i should see how you’re doing.” Alex responded.

“Thanks ba- Thanks Alex” June stuttered again as Alex laughed out loud from the other end of the phone.

“You want to say something June? You can tell me anything. This is like the second time you’re changing your unfinished words.”

“No i can’t” she responded as a blush crept around her pale white cheek.

“We both know you want to say something, please go on June.” Alex said amidst laughter making June feel more uncomfortable.

“No!” June snapped.

“June please, say it.”

“Okay! Fine! I uhm i wanted to call you babe but it was a slip of tongue, kinda.” June muttered.

“Slip of tongue?” Alex asked in a stern voice.

“No no I’m sorry.” June apologised quickly, knowing she had hurt Alex with her words.

“I just mean, I felt embarrassed to say that.” She muttered.

“You shouldn’t be. Couples say that all the time.” Alex said laughing.

“We’re a couple right?” He asked.

“Yea-yeah sure we are.” June muttered and smiled.

“I’ll let you leave for school. Call me when you get back.”

“Sure. Thank you. Have fun in college today.” June responded.

“I sure will babe. Sending loads of love and please extend my greetings to Dominic. I hope to see him back on his feet pretty soon.” Alex responded.

“Talk to you later Babe.” June whispered as Alex Burst into laughter at the other end of the call making June feel more embarrassed.

“It feels good hearing you say it. Have fun, love you.” Alex said and hung up. June sighed and smiled to herself.


Sinclair Pharmaceutical HQ, Grenville, Tennessee.

Dylan sat in the board room, alongside 6 members of the Sinclair Pharmaceutical board. He was not a board member himself but he was standing in for Patrick which seems to be the tradition at the company.

The board room was well decorated, A chandelier hung from the ceiling, beaming Amber lights to give the room a glowing golden effect, behind Dylan’s sitting position at the head of table was a projection screen mounted to the wall. The members of the board all sat around the table with the exception of Patrick’s seat which was located at the head of the table currently occupied by Dylan pending his arrival. Each board member had their respective name tags placed around the table, facing their seating positions.

“There he is.” A member of the board known as Winston Miller said, spotting Patrick coming into the board room from the transparent glass door.

“You’re welcome Mr Sinclair.” Winston Miller greeted. Dylan stood up immediately and stood behind the chair for Patrick to have his seat.

“Thank you Winston. I apologise for coming late.” Patrick said.

“It’s okay Mr Sinclair. Shall we get down to business?” Another board member known as Eva Gomez said.

“Sure. Uhm-” Patrick was saying as a board member cut in.

“So Mr Sinclair, would you like to tell us what happened at the facility last night? That’s a multimillion dollar investment and it seems to be nonexistent as we speak.” Board member, Joseph O’Toole said to Patrick.

“Well, about that -” Patrick was saying as another board member cut in again.

“We knew this would happen! We should never have trusted you.” Eva Gomez said.

“Please, allow him speak.” Winston chirped in to calm the tension and give Patrick a chance to clear himself.

“Thank you Winston.”

“As y’all know, we had an attack at the facility last night. Apparently, they all were failed experiments from a rare organism we got from the hole. The initial plan was to use an extraction from the organism we discovered to recreate a drug that will change humanity forever. We thought we were on the right path to success after several tests were done on the organism. We turned blind eye to the side effects of this strange organism.” Patrick explained.

“Mr Sinclair. We trusted you with our money. We invested into this because you assured us you knew what you were doing. It appears we’ve been played.” Board member, Charles Taylor said, feeling disappointed. Patrick kept mute and sighed.

“Our investments not only cuts across the facility but the Octagon telecom as well.” Eva Gomez added to Charles’s statement.

“I am deeply sorry about that and i promise to repay every faith you’ve shown in our company. As it stands, our value is still worth about half a billion dollars even with this major setback.” Patrick said.

“Mr Sinclair. That is no concern of ours. Our investment into the facility and its subsidiary is the topic of discussion here.” Charles Taylor said again, irritating Dylan from behind as he made an attempt to speak but held himself back.

“One way or another, we are getting our money back Mr Sinclair.” Charles Taylor said again.

“I need not to remind you all Mr Sinclair saved the city. You wouldn’t even be alive to speak of this if he hadn’t contain the attack.” Dylan said from behind, coming to Patrick’s aide.

“You shut your hole boy!” Charles Taylor barked.

“You both calm down.” Winston Miller said calming the growing tension between both men.

“Mr Sinclair, how do you reckon we’ll get our money back?” Winston asked.

“I need time Winston. All i beg of you all is a little patience and we’ll get this fixed up. I promise.” Patrick pleaded.

“Very well then. The board will give you 7 days to come up with something to reassure us our money is safe or-” Winston said and paused.

“Or?” Patrick asked and raised a brow.

“You will be forced to vacate your position as chief executive officer of Sinclair Pharmaceuticals.” Winston added and sipped a glass of water.

“You can’t be serious? You will take my company away from me?” Patrick said growing annoyed.

“I honestly hope it doesn’t come to that Mr Sinclair, I wish you come up with something to help the situation. In the absence of nothing, that will be the last resort.” Winston added as the members of the board all nodded in affirmation.

“The next meeting will be at the end of the time of grace you’ve been given Mr Sinclair. If you will excuse us.” Eva Gomez said and stood up to take her leave and was soon followed by all the members of the board except Winston.

“I hope you figure this out Mr Sinclair.” Winston said to Patrick before taking his leave.

The board members had left the board room leaving Patrick and Dylan alone. Patrick sighed and buried his face in his palm as Dylan watched from behind, feeling sorry for his boss.


“Lillian have you seen my car key? I can’t seem to find it anywhere.” Alex asked Lillian Clinton who was busy spoon-feeding Isabella.

“Your dad took it i guess.” Lillian responded.

“Where is he?” Alex asked furiously.

“Outside, maybe.” She responded as Alex stormed out of the living room to meet his dad outside.

“Dad, where the hell is my car key?” Alex barked interrupting his father’s discussion with some executives from Grenville times.

“Excuse me.” Mr Clinton said to those he was discussing with and walked away to have a word with Alex.

“And how do you know i took it?” Mr Clinton asked his son as they both took their steps forward gently.

“Lillian told me you did.” Alex barked.

“Watch it son! I’ve told you she’s your mom and you will accord her the respect she deserves.” Mr Clinton warned.

“Dad I’m late for college, where the f--k is my car key?”

“I took it. I warned you not to leave the house. You could have gotten yourself killed.” Mr Clinton said feeling less concerned.

“What? I need it now!”

“You’re not getting it until i think otherwise.” Mr Clinton said.

“F--k you! I know Lilian put you up to this! It’s sad she has your head in her c--t” Alex said as his father Scowled, furious at what Alex had just said. He clenched his fist to him but contained it.

“How dare you! get out of my sight.” Mr Clinton growled.

“I hate you. Mom deserved better than this. I f-----g hate you so much.” Alex barked to the hearing of the executives and the guards standing around. He stormed out of the mansion’s gates on foot.


Grenville Central High School.[/I]

“I can totally understand if this came from Rose, but i am absolutely disappointed in you June.” Principal Franklin said to June and Rose as they both sat in his office, facing his table.

“We’re both sincerely sorry sir.” June apologised.

“Oh i know, but you both have to be punished for this.” Principal Franklin said as Rose eyed him.

“What will our punishment be sir?” June asked.

“Mrs Harper will be here in a minute. She’ll supervise your detention.” Principal Franklin said.

“You see, you all litter the lawns with coffee cups and all sort of junks from the cafeteria. It’s time for a cleanup.” He added as Mrs Harper walked in.

“Right on time. Please follow her.” Principal Franklin said gesturing his hand at Mrs Harper.

“Hi girls! Follow me.” Mrs harper said and let out a wicked smile. Rose and June stood up sluggishly and followed her behind.


June and Rose had begin their detention, they both were dressed up in orange overalls and a pair of red leather gloves to their hands as they both pick up dirt into their black polythene bags.

“Uhm June” Rose said breaking the lengthy silence between them.


“Doesn’t it bother you? Dominic was a bit weird this morning. He look frightened and i figured it’s got something to do with you. He looked so scared, never seen that look in his eyes.” Rose said and dumped her garbage into the bag.

“You’re absolutely right Rose. You can recall he made mention of disgusting green wormlike shits” June responded.

“Precisely June! It’s almost the same shits i saw in my nightmares too. Remember when i still see those flashing episodes after the cinema attack?” Rose responded.

“Yes i do. Dominic opened the hole by accident and ever since, it’s never stopped burning. I have a strong feeling we need to go check what’s at the hole. June suggested.

“Bloody hell June! Have you lost your mind? Remember how Dominic saved our assets? He’s at the hospital now!”

“Rose, we keep asking these questions and yet no one seems to have an answer except we look ourselves. We never really got the opportunity to have a closer look at the hole.” June responded.

“We didn’t have the opportunity because we blacked out before we could even get closer.” Rose responded.

“We went unprepared. We’ll guard our noses with oxygen masks. We wouldn’t go in too deep, we just need to observe the surroundings if we could find anything.”

“I don’t have a good feeling about this June.” Rose saying worryingly.

“We’ll both be alright Rose. I promise.” June assured.

“When do we go?” Rose asked.

“Tomorrow, after school. We’ll be going during the day this time.”

“Okay. Don’t you dare forget the masks!” Rose warned as June smiled at her friend’s funny facial expression.

“I won’t.” June responded.

“You both quit chattering and focus on the task at hand or you’ll be getting a couple of days extra!” Mrs Harper barked from afar.


Grenville Medical Center – 07:55PM

Bran sat next to Scarlett’s bed holding her hands as the life monitor let out its beep sound.

“I should have been here when you needed me the most. I hope you find a place in your heart to forgive me.” He said to an unconscious Scarlett as tears trickled down his cheek on seeing Scarlett’s condition.

“I hope you get better real soon. I miss you so much. I need you, your family needs you. We all need you back.”

“Those bastards who put you into this are all gone. They murdered Blake and they almost got you killed. I can’t wait to see the spark from your Googly blue eyes once again. Get well soon Scarlett.” Bran said and stood up to give her a kiss on her forehead. He placed a bouquet of flowers he had purchased earlier on a table and wiped the tears trickling down his cheek.

“I’ll see you soon.” He said to her and made his way to leave Scarlett’s ward.

He head to the hospital’s parking lot and hopped into his car. He ignites the engine and sped out. He sang along to Michael Jackson’s Beat it and nodded his head to the rhythm as he titled the steering steady. Suddenly, a bird struck his windshield causing him to loose control. His car swerved off the road and tumbled down a cliff.

He got out of the car unharmed, surprised he didn’t suffer any bruise or injury. He shot a glance at the cliff he had rolled down from and wondered how on earth he wasn’t hurt. He shrugged and dust himself off.

“Brandon Michael Clark, Son of Neil and Jodie Clerk” A voice echoed from the woods.

“What the hell?” Bran said to himself and turn around to find the source of the voice. Everywhere went darker than the night actually was.

“Who are you?” Brand screamed.

“A friend with a proposition.” The voice echoed back as a circle of red flames surrounded Bran.

“What the hell is going on!” Bran said in panic as the flames begin to consume him without actually setting him ablaze. The flames entered into every opening in his body until there was none left.

He fell to the ground holding his head, he groaned in pain and raised his head to look around again. His iris turned bright red as he stood up feeling very good and strong.

“How are you feeling?” The voice echoed.

“Excellent!” Bran responded.

“You can feel it. You know what must be done. It is inside of you. Do this and die with honour.” The voice said again as Bran smirked.

“June Sinclair? I’ll bring you her blood.” Bran said as the circle of red flames surrounded him again and his broken car. Bran teleported back to the road in his car, everything looked completely fine like he never had an accident. His car was okay and he was on the road again.

“Weird.” He said to himself as he sat in the car comfortably, He restart the car and sped off not having a clue of what just happened to him.

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