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Pastor was taken aback, the wife came close to hold my hands, I didn’t catch the expression on Sister Hamet’s face.

Pastor’s wife was already holding my hands to start another round of preaching. It occurred to me that if I don’t agree, they won’t let me be.

I remembered sister Hamet said Pastor was on her case for two years. Ahhh I can’t allow this people to keep following me sounding like broken records for two years.

I also don’t know where I will be staying after this night, I might need to lodge at their place for a while, that monster husband has chased my family away.

So, I did the smart thing, I said.

LIKE I SAID SIR, I DON’T WANT TO JOIN BECAUSE I AM ALREADY A PART OF YOUR DISCIPLESHIP CLASS…. What have you been doing in the hospital since sir, you’ve successfully enrolled me in the marital discipleship class.

Every one of them started jubilating and rejoicing. I was looking at them with one kind eye, what type of people are these? They are rejoicing on a matter that has nothing to do with their families. What will be their gain if my marriage works, how does my marriage help theirs? Who my marriage help?

Within that hour, I was discharged from the hospital and driven straight back to my husband’s house. I didn’t talk, if I talk now and on getting home, he behaves like a nice man, people will say I am lying. I was really praying we meet the man at home so that he can display and show them his real color.

He was at home alone when we arrived, but from the way he was dressed I know he was on his way to one of those numerous meetings with his concubines. That means his temper would be very short. I smiled within myself.

He will show them pepper today.

As soon as he saw me, he started screaming, take that b---h out my house, I have told you before I don’t want to see any shrink, Pastor or your pitiful self in this house again. Now you think coming with a Pastor shrink and his pig-like wife would make me change my mind, you think I am a fool who will swallow his words, you are in for a phantom experience Mrs. ex….

And then he went into the huge grammatical blasting, I can’t remember half of what he said especially in big grammar.

I replied in anger, Oga Monster, Mr. know it all, Mr. woman wrapper, who wants to come into your useless house, who wants to come and beg you….. I wanted to say more but Pastor’s wife pulled me back and told me to shut up.

Pastor did as if he didn’t hear all that was said, he went straight to my husband to give him a handshake. The confidence with which he went I guess, disarmed my husband. He was still whining but not that loud.

Pastor’s wife led me out of the house.

She said, sister Joy, one of the rules of the discipleship class is that whatever we ask you to do is what you will do. Didn’t I tell you in the car that when you get to the house, you should not say a word? Was that not what we agreed?

I replied, Yes ma, I didn’t plan to talk, he provoked me, he called me a b---h.

Pastor wife sighed and asked, are you a b---h?

No ma.

She asked me, if a man pass now and screamed Paul you are mad, will you get angry?

No ma, I am not Paul.

Will you respond to the person calling you Paul even if he is looking at your side?

No ma, I said I am not Paul and I am not mad, so why would I reply hi

Will you get angry if the same man starts raining curses on Paul?

I replied; no ma, I won’t get angry because I am not Paul.

So why are you angry when he said he didn’t want to see the b---h again.

Mummy I know he is talking to me that’s why I responded.

But are you a b---h? She asked.

No mummy it’s not the way you are seeing it.

Ok, tell me the way to see it, because he abused me too but I was not hurt because it was not me he was talking to, I am not a pig and no matter how many times a person calls me a pig, that does not make me a pig, she replied.

Her approach and view to it made me feel guilty, I am not the one that should feel guilty, it is my husband that should feel that way and I know that within few minutes he would chase Pastor out.

So, I replied her,

Ma! You are presenting this issue as if I’m the problem, I don’t have a problem, I was everything a wife should be for that bastard till he started dating girls and misbehaving, then he slapped me. Me!!!!! A useless husband slapped me as if I was the one begging to marry him…..

Pastor’s wife quietly said, my sister, judge this yourself. Three people came to the house together, the three of us were abused together. Two didn’t get angry, one got angry and just look behind you, Pastor and your husband are out of the house and they are shaking hands, so tell me who has issues to deal with?

The question hanged in the air like a thick smoke,

I turned and see my husband walking down with Pastor. Like a zombie, he went to the car, picked my bags and took them inside.

Pastor’s wife looked at me intently. I was ashamed because they seem to be able to get things done and this makes me look like a fool or as if I was telling lies. I am sure the person reading this have started doubting me as well, you’re thinking I’m the problem and not my husband.

Pastor’s wife simply said; Sister joy, Classes starts on Monday evening. So, for the next twenty four hours in that house, you shall be deaf, dumb and blind. OK?

Yes ma.

They got into their car and drove off.

I turned to meet my husband at the door with my luggage that he carried inside some few minutes ago in his hands bringing them out again.


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