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The Ambitious Xie Xie

The instant Xie Xie’s feet touched the ground, he shot toward his opponent; with both Light and Shadow Dragon Clones now active, he had no time to dally. His opponent was a power-type soul master who also had frightening ranged options, these two traits placing him in a league of his own. Without his clones, Xie Xie would have found it difficult to endure his opponent’s onslaught, but with them out, his soul power was quickly running out.

The three visible clones, now much faster than before, charged at the solitary figure in the center of the arena.

Xie Xie rushed in, this time without employing his Light Dragon Blade.

Student number two simply stood there, his grim face and titanic figure lending him the impression of an immovable mountain.

As Xie Xie’s second soul ring lit up, his three Light Dragon Clones burst into action to unleash a Light Dragon Storm.

Xie Xie was an agility-type soul master, which meant he had exceptionally high attack power. His current opponent, however, possessed equally impressive defensive capabilities, to the point where he could simply shrug off the Light Dragon Blade.

However, Light Dragon Storm was on a completely different level. Xie Xie was confident the attack would injure his opponent as long as it landed.

Student number two responded to the attack, the motion of his burly arms all too familiar for Xie Xie.

If Tang Wulin weren’t currently meditating, his eyes would definitely go wide. Student number two was using a Tang Sect secret art, Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon!

Xie Xie felt an aura expand outwards violently from student number two’s position. Upon impact, his clones were knocked out of Light Dragon Storm. He then saw his opponent make a pressing motion with his hands, his second soul ring lighting up as he did so.

There air in the arena suddenly changed. As it began to rumble like thunder, Xie Xie’s three Light Dragon Clones and his three Shadow Dragon Clones were sent flying backwards.

The thundering roars roused Tang Wulin from his meditation. He opened his eyes, only to see Xie Xie’s clones being sent flying, and then converging in the air to reform into one.

Student number two stomped off the ground, launching himself into the air like an artillery shell. His first soul ring lit up and he threw a punch.

A shockwave propagated outwards. This time, Xie Xie was in no position to use his clones to dodge. Repeated usage of his soul skills had left his soul power and mind in chaos, not to mention the damage he had received from being sent flying.

A green light flashed over, dragging Xie Xie toward the ground and out of the shockwave’s path.

Student number two ceased his advance. He bowed to Shen Yi and returned to the side of his fellow Shrek Academy students.

The match was over. It was Xie Xie’s defeat.

From start to finish, only five minutes had passed. Xie Xie was suppressed the entire time, and without Shen Yi’s timely intervention, he would have even been gravely injured.

This was the strength of a Shrek Academy student.

In the face of true strength, twin martial souls or soul master type compatibility meant nothing.

Tang Wulin was stunned. What if I had been the one to pick him? Would I have been able to last that long? Could I defeat him?

He had no answer to these questions! He simply couldn’t fathom the depths of student number two’s strength.

Student number two had already returned to his original form, his clothes back to fitting tightly around his slender figure by the time he reached his classmates. Tang Wulin gulped. This guy is really powerful!

Xie Xie’s defeat wasn’t disgraceful. He was able to display his full strength, but his opponent was simply overwhelming.

Xie Xie returned to his teammates with his shoulders hanging low. Not only did he receive a measly three points on this trial, he would also have more points deducted at the end for failing a trial. Shrek Academy didn’t care how overwhelmingly powerful his opponent was since he had chosen his opponent by himself.

Tang Wulin cast a solemn look at him. “Why didn’t you just keep running away from him? You knew how strong he is.”

Xie Xie bitterly laughed. “My clones use up too much soul power, but without them, I had no way of resisting his ranged attacks. I never stood a chance in this tiny arena! If the arena was larger, then I might have had a chance.”

Tang Wulin furrowed his brows. “You! Reflect on your battle! Yes, your clones do use a lot of soul power, but have you forgotten? Your opponent was only that strong because he was also using his thousand-year soul skill! How could his rate of consumption be any lower than yours? You have twin martial souls and the Mysterious Heaven Method. Soul power consumption is the last thing you should lose in. Why couldn’t you at least last ten minutes? There’s no way his attacks can cover the entire arena. You have three clones, so if you had sent them in different directions, he wouldn’t have been able to do anything. You just had to control the distance between you and your clones. Instead of acting first, you should have just fought a battle of attrition. It might take more soul power to maintain your clones the further they are from each other, but that’s still better than being defeated in one hit! Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

After listening to Tang Wulin’s lecture, Xie Xie slapped his thigh. “You’re right! I can’t believe I forgot that guy was also using his thousand-year soul skill. I’ve been fighting too many soul beasts lately so I even treated him like a soul beast!”

Xie Xie’s voice had carried all the way to the other end of the room. Having just finished putting his jacket back on, student number two went stiff for a moment before raising his head to scowl at Xie Xie.

Sensing his opponent’s gaze, Xie Xie turned to meet it. His expression was haughty, as if to declare he would win the next time they fought.

Tang Wulin couldn’t help but chuckle. He had pointed out Xie Xie’s mistakes not only to help him, but also to raise his morale.

Isn’t this guy a bit too resilient though? He was all depressed just a minute ago!

When they finished talking, Gu Yue had already entered the arena. She looked at student number two, a strange light flickering in her eyes.

Her opponent entered the arena. It was student number one.

This student was ordinary beyond belief, practically indistinguishable from any random person found on the street. He calmly walked over to stand opposite of Gu Yue.


With Shen Yi’s declaration, the third match started. This was a crucial match for Gu Yue. If she scoring badly, would essentially mean that she wouldn’t pass the exam. Winning was her only option.

Soul rings rose up beneath both of them, but to everyone’s shock, student number one’s three soul rings were all purple.

He had three thousand-year soul rings!

Student number two had been terrifying powerful, but he only had two yellow and one purple soul rings. Gu Yue could only begin to guess how strong her own opponent was.

Generally, only range-type soul masters would immediately release their soul rings the moment a battle started. From the actions of both parties, it was clear this would be ranged battle.

In reality, it really did play out this way.

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