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(Ambrose side of the story)

i was heading to my Grandpa house when i

was busy talking to myself, abeg o wetin i

wan go do for there self, na who send me

self? What if them start the ask me one kind

question wey i no fit answer? Well no

shaking, i full ground

i arrived at my Grandpa house and found

out the door was locked from inside, abeg

wetin this old people still the do inside this

locked house self?

Grandpa come and open for me o am


( i inherited my funny things from my

Grandpa so am always happy staying

around him) my Grandpa came and open

the door for me after 3minutes time, he was

tying a wrapper, when i went inside the

house and i also saw my Grandma Tying a

wrapper also, (hmm i need no body to

explain things for me shaa) i went straight

to the kitchen to devour any food there

because i was very hungry and have been

hungry since morning i left my house

without eating, i finished eating and i went

back to the Parlour and met my Grandma

and ma watching a program of a pastor on


hey Ambrose Mbah come let me tell you a

story my Grandpa said,

i was happy because it has been long i

listened to his funny stories

i went and sat on the long couch with him

and he began


There was once a hat seller who passed

through the forest.

The weather was very hot and he decided to

take a nap under one of the trees, so he left

his whole basket of hats by the side.

A few hours later, he woke up and realised

that all his hats were gone. Then he heard

some monkeys on top of the tree and

looked up. To his surprise, the tree was full

of monkeys. They had taken all his hats! The

hat seller sits down and try to think on how

he could get the hats down.

He started to think and scratched his head.

The next moment, he realised that the

monkeys were doing the same thing.

Next, he took down his own hat and fanned

himself. The monkeys did exactly the same.

Then an idea struck him, he took his hat and

threw it on the floor, the monkeys did the

same too. Happily, he picked all his hats


** Fifty years later, one of his grandson also

became a hat seller and also got to hear the

monkey story from his grandfather.

One day, just like his grandfather, he passed

through the same forest. Feeling very hot, he

took a nap under the same tree and left the

hats on the floor.

Again like his grandfather, when he woke

up, he realised that all his hats were gone.

He looked up and found that the monkeys

had taken all his hats.

Remembering what his grandfather told

him, he started scratching his head and the

monkeys followed.

He took down his hat and fanned himself

and again the monkeys followed.

Now, very convinced of his grandfather’s

idea, he threw his hat on the floor, but to his

greatest surprise, the monkeys still held

onto all the hats..

Then one bold monkey climbed down the

tree, grabbed the hat on the floor and


“You think say Na only you get GRAND-



Before he even finish i was busy laughing

on the floor with my Grandma,

do you know who the Grandson is? My

grandpa asked,

No i don’t o. I answered

that person is me, he answered

i resumed laughing this time i was shedding

tears, i managed and went back into my dad

room, i later came back to the Parlour and

joined them in listening to the program

which was boring to me self, then the

pastor said


Put your right hand on your TV screen and

put the Left Hand on the place you want to

receive healing.

My Grandma placed her right hand on the TV

screen and the left one on her pride(you

know what i mean joor)

My Grandpa placed his right hand on the TV

screen and the left one on his own weapon,

na im my Grandma suddenly said, bia Honey

this program is to heal the sick and not to

raise the dead


Chai see pin, i said to myself, i smiled and

announced my leaving, and there bald me

Goodbye not after promising to be visiting


when i was going home i saw group of

guys and also saw that masquerade guy(the

one we ambushed and removed his mask

and took a picture) shey you don remember

the guy?????

Before there even call my attention i don

take to my heels running like a mad man

omor i looked back and saw them chasing

after me like say i thief Goat, my spirit even

overtake me and my shadow even speed up,

na only my body come the run o, no be joke,

i run enter my cousin house and locked the

gate and ran inside the building and locked

the main door, and i met my cousin with his

Girlfriend, i ignored them and went into my

cousin’s room and on his laptop


(Samuel Side of the Story)

i was busy having a romantic time with my

babe when Ambrose rushed into the house

sweating like a Goat making my babe

uncomfortable, i instantly followed him into

my room to know how far

i asked him what was wrong and he

narrated everything to me and i became

serious instantly, that Uche Guy don buy

market, just relax oga Ambrose

To Be Continued..

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