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Ambrose side of the story

i woke up the next day, i jumped down from

my bed and headed straight to the toilet

because i almost wet myself with Urine, i

came out from the toilet and brushed my

teeth, took my bath and relaxed alot and

logged in to my Facebook and chatted with

my Queen like 1 hour 30 minutes, i quietly

stood up heading to the parlour when i

instantly sighted my Dad in the couch, i

quickly dodged my dad,

Dad: Bia Ambrose stop hiding, i don forgive


Me: am not hiding o, na big python i saw.

Dad: big what?

Before i could say Jack Robinson, my dad

has ready lifted the heavy couch he was

sitting on with only one hand, chai so this

man still get this kind power, chai how will i

now tell him i was only joking nah, oh God

give me sense o if not na die i dey

Bia this Boy were is the Python my dad said,

oh maybe e don escape i said to him, but

when did i even carry this heavy couch? My

dad asked, na me you throw that question

give? I replied, no na my God father abeg

come help me carry this chair to the parlour

joor my dad said.

We carried the chair together back to the


Me: daddy, na Movie you the watch?

Dad: i don reach to watch movie, you no see

me for football field nah ball i dey play

nonsense boy

Me: okay o

i sat down on another couch


I was watching one American film with my

Dad, as we were watching the film, a young

boy of my age started romancing his

girlfriend, they kissed each other and when

the guy’s hand crossed the girl’s private

part, I looked straight at my dad and noticed

that his eyes had changed, then I focused

my eyes more on the film even though I

knew my dad wanted me to leave the

parlour at once, I did not care. They were

still kissing, this time hotter, then they both

fell on the bed and the guy was about to

open the girl’s bra. My Dad looked at me

with his red eyes and shouted “have you

ironed the car?”



I was like.. Yes sir. Infact I put starch and even polished the tires,


Dad: you don comot here

Me: sorry sir, i said to him and walked

outside, i quickly brought out my phone and

called my cousin to know how far

Cousin: hello na who be this?

Me: idiot so you don delete my number

Cousin: i never delete anything

Me: why you no know who the speak?

Cousin: i was just trying to be sure o

because you no the call person for your

entire life

Me: that one na your business

Cousin: ehee guy that my babe friend dey

here with me o

Me: ok nah the enjoy

Cousin: no o, she been the ask me your


Me: no give am anything

Cousin: she said she love you o, abeg sample

am nah master Virgin boy

Me: abeg forget about anything Sample

Cousin: better come over to my house and

see her now or else

(the call ended)

which kind temptation is this one this

morning eeh? Abi she no the do anything

for house at all? Mtcheew, na who i the even

ask self.

I walked back into the house

Me: dad i will be going to Samuel’s house


Dad: ok you can go

Me: just like that?

Dad: oya come close let me kiss you idiot,

what else you want make i talk give you?

Me: oga no vex, i never chop o fit collect

small money from you?

Dad: like how much?

Me: #1000

Dad: Unless you wash that blue car outside

Me: So dad you now work in a car wash?

Dad: your father now work in the car wash

Me: that’s what am talking about nah

Dad: your mother, that’s the guy from your

elder brother

Me: ok when i come back i will wash it

my dad gave me the money, and i went

Straight to my cousin’s house and didt

bother to knock on the door i sabi my way,

my cousin greeted me i didt even reply i

asked of Cynthia and he told me she’s

waiting for me in his room,

i didt bother to ask further questions i went

into the room and met her lying with her


Cynthia: good morning baby

Me: (who is a baby? Eeh) fine morning, how

are you

Cynthia: am fine, please come and sit

i sat down near to her


*Cynthia Baby ,Can you speak Italian,




Because you Like watching their games so


*Me Yeah I understand Everything…

Cynthia :Mmmmh,can you speak a little so





Me : Neymar Totti Messi Ancelotti Del Piero

Gonzalo Dybala

Arbeloa Maldini Di Natale Konte Atletico…

*Cynthia Waoooow….what does it


Me : In all days of my life,You will Remain


in ma


*Cynthia Babe….Thank you …I love you so


Me : Ngolo Kante…

*Cynthia Mmhh…And what does it


Me :Means I love you too.


We chatted for a while and she started

making a funny move around my chest, i got

the signal and faked all call,

Me: what!!!!!

Cynthia: baby what’s wrong

Me: my dad wants me at home now

Cynthia: but why?

Me: i don’t know, let me be going

Cynthia: what? Not now am about to………

Well forget

Me: ok bye

i said to her and started heading to my

Grandparents house



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