Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E08

9 months ago

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Gentle Side of the Story

oh God will this girl accept me? By the way i

no even love her na her waist matters, but

baba God you no how we the roll abeg clear

this road for me make this formula 243 i

wan use work for me, amen. (did sign of the


Me: Hello Nkechi

Nkechi: oga sorry am still busy with the

order, am sorry for the delay

Me: no problem dear how are you


Nkechi: am fine sir

Me: forget about the sir, am just only few

years ahead of you

Nkechi but you are my customer sir

Me: but i insist you don’t call me sir just call

me Gentle

Nkechi: ok sir oh sorry Gentle

Me: that’s good, you are beautiful i must


Nkechi: thank you

Me: can i be your friend

Nkechi: what kind of friend

Me: I mean intimate friendship

Nkechi: no o, i don’t want any distractions

Me: but i like you don’t you like me

Nkechi: i can’t date you, you are a flirt

Me: ok no problem

i said to her and walked out because i was

very angry how can she say am a flirt, well

truth be told i am but that doesnt mean she

should say that to my face well e concern am


Nkechi Side of the story

i was busy looking at Gentle walking out, i

know his angry that i called him a flirt but

that’s the truth, he made my classmate

parents to remove the roof of their house

giving them fake promise, just wish it was

this Ambrose that approached me, well let

me go and serve them now


Ambrose side of the Story

As me and my cousin were busy watching

the drama all of a sudden Gentle started

walking back to our table with a sad look

Cousin: guy wetin happen why you face dey

like this?

Me: guy talk nah

Gentle: she declined it saying am a flirt

Me: eyaa, shey you the go the same school

with her?

Gentle: Yes

Me: problem solved

Cousin: How?

Gentle: Tell us

Me: make una chill am an event planner

as we were busy talking Nkechi served us

the food and was smiling at me, well who


she later left us and i now started telling

them my plans

Me: Gentle

Gentle: Yes

Me: Don’t worry i will speak to her on your

behave but not today

Gentle: That’s my man

Samuel: but hope say you Love her?

Me: That’s true, do you truly Love her?

Gentle: why not i Love her with all my Heart

Me: no break her heart o cause na me go

carry the blame

Gentle: Yes sir

Samuel: abeg Ambrose gist us a little

Me: #1500 is involve

Gentle: IJIOT, you the post am free for

Coolval but you wan collect money from us

Samuel: chai Ambrose na Everything you go


Ambrose: clear Road, una wan hear the gist

of make i freeystyle am?

Gentle/Samuel: Please gist us

Me: When u are dating a God fearing’

educated & civilized woman who has class &

ambition’ u get texts such as these:-

6:00am. Good Morning my dear. Hope u had

a wonderful night. Hw r u today? Wake up’

say ur prayers & get ready 4 work. Don’t

4get to apply 4that vacancy I showed u

yesterday. Love u! 12pm – Yes darling. hope

u ve taken ur lunch? am heading out 4

lunch’ now. Talk later. Take care of urself.

Love u:- 6pm Hello Prince ‘ I’m at Crunchies

Fast food now’ what shld I buy 4 u?!! ……………

……………………. But when u are dating any of

this Slay Queen Gold diggers whose asset is

her looks as well as crazy with fashion’ u get

texts such as these:- 6am Hello Boo! How far

naa! Was Fun yesterday at d club. Hope u are

not still having d hang over. Lol PLS

remember to send me Credit. See u later.

12pm Im broke! Can u just help me out with

some money if u can. I want to change my

wardrobe. Muah! 6pm Hi Boo’ looks like u ve

forgotten d shoes u promised me. Anyways’

I’m at d shop where they sell Human hair &

Clothes. Just eyeing this beautiful make – up

kit. U will like it! Muah! ………………………………………

………. But when u don’t date at all u get texts

like:- Airtel:- Enjoy 6 times d value of every

recharge on d Airtel network when u

recharge with 555PIN#. MTN:- Dear

customer’ do u know that u can confirm ur

BVN from ur phone? Simply dial 5650#

this service costs N20!!!# ETISALET Dear

Customer send 2 to 3340 to download pino

pino by phyno as ur caller tune….. If you

don’t have phone you will be hearing

something like.. E dey kill mosquito well well,

E dey kill kocroach, E dey kill belbox, E dey kill

rat E dey kill ant, oya come test am see E dey

work well well..

Samuel: E don do oo

Gentle: My belle o

Me: Oya make we the go joor

we both left the Restaurant to our various

homes and i later met Nkechi that same day

and i spoke to her about Gentle, she wasn’t

that comfortable with the topic i can see

how she was uncomfortable with it shaaa,

who she epp?

She later agree to accept him because of me,

nawa oooohhhh who cares, me na the free

food i go the get na im the move me self no

be even useless friendship, winks

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