Ambrose Goes to Village - S01 E03

10 months ago

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I was still discussing with my cousin when

my father came back with his brother being

my cousin father

good morning sir’s both of us greeted them.

Only my Cousin father answered, but my dad

looked at me and asked me

Dad: bia oga have you greeted me?

Me: (chai see this one i said in my mind) but

dad we greeted you both together

dad: that’s for my brother alone what of


Me: thank God i added S in the sir’s so take

your own greeting from there nah

dad: haha i knew that’s what you will say

me: Thank you sir, abeg give me your

walking stick make i go keep for you

Dad: Na only my walking stick you see say i

the carry?

Me: but…. Well give me your shoe and belt

make i go keep for you

Dad: Ambrose na only walking stick and

shoe and belt you are seeing?

Don’t you also see the heavy bag am


me: oh no vex, ok give me the heavy bag

make i go keep

my cousin and her father was busy smiling

at the drama, my dad handed over the bag

and i kept it on his room and went to the

kitchen and fetched drinking water for both

of them, after there finished drinking, both

of them went to my dad’s room to continue

their discussion, when i returned the cup of

which there used in drinking water, i saw

my cousin stirring at my Darling Queen

picture on my phone.

Cousin: Ambrose na who be this bush meat?

Me: chai see this guy the call my babe bush

meat. You wey the use both rabbit cockroch

pig and so on,

cousin: na your papa the cordinate the pigs

and so on to me nah foolish fool, abeg

wetin i mean be say she too fine and i…

Me: I interrupted immediately, you what

never think rubbish for her side cause na

death sentence

cousin: oga o, well no problem i don back


me: better

cousin: abeg gist me

me: you go pay nah

cousin: those people wey you the post am

for social media and them the read am them

don pay you finish? Poor boy

me: point of correction rich man, because

with them being my fans is enough for me

for now

cousin: thank God you said for now

me: i will gist you on one condition

cousin: which is?

Me: you will take me to a good place to eat


Cousin: hungry man

me: deal?

Cousin: deal

me: i will gist you on an experience i had

when i was going to work one day

cousin: funny guy, start am fast fast

me: na 3 plate of nkwobi o! And with


cousin: anu uhia, ole, abeg nah


Me: I Woke up Early in the

morning to

go to Work After

dressing And

eating i went to the bus

stop And

entered a Bus I was

sitting In

between a woman and

a Fat man

As the Journey Started


discovered that This

fat man Was

relaxing on My Body

despite all

my effort To Make Him


Then Out of anger I

Shouted at

him”Oga Shift Na Let

me get

fresh Air”He Shouted


up you brat I paid for


Journey so Allow me to

enjoy it

I Was boiling with anger

Then i

thought of what to do

so That he

would Shift then I

Shouted”People in this

Bus Hear

me Out I Know That I

Have Ebola

Sickness For Two

months Now

But i am Not wicked

ThAts Why I

am Pleading on This

Man To Shift


The Next Thing i Heared

was The

Screech Of the Tire And

before i

Could say Jack

Robbinson The

Driver Opened the Door

and ran

as Fast as His Legs

Could Carry

Him The Other

passengers dived

Through the Window

even the

Conductor through the



But The Woman And

the Fat Man

was Laughing Loudly

Then The

Fat Man Said”My Bro

Don’t Worry

Na How Them dey Do


People”The Woman

With a Broad

smile Said”Abeg Bros


EBOLA medicine you Dey

Use Eh

The one i dey use no de

Work at





My People i don’t know i


that small window with

speed, I

Cross three express, I


Overtake 3 Tankers.

I Hope I no Get That



Unknowily for me and my cousin that both

our parents are also listening to hear the


Both of them came out of my dad room

laughing like mad people i looked at my

cousin and found out he was also laughing i

just smiled and said, that means all of you

will take me out today.

That evening we went to a cool place and i

ordered as much i can eat because the bills

were on my father’s head and his brother, i

ate like vampire, i need to show this man

say make next time make im no carry me

come this village alone, i was busy

devouring the food when i looked up and

saw how my dad was looking at me, i

laughed in my mind i said in my mind make

this man no swallow me this one im take

this red eye the look me well who cares, we

later went back home and i was very tired

because of too much eating my dad walked

into my room and said you have done your

mind nah abi? I didn’t reply rather i slept off

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