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11 months ago

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I woke up the Next morning at 8:07am

feeling healthy and full of energy i started

searching for my phone immediately while

am still on the bed, i found it and saw 12

notifications from Whatsapp and Facebook, i

logged on to Facebook and open my

notification and saw something that almost

spoilt my mood


Abeg facebook is turning into

a battle ground

the way people are tagging

someone ehn

You will see tags like “feeling

cold with Emmanuel and 32


Today’s tagging in my

notification see what I saw

Emmanuel said he was with you

at kaduna eating dog meat

See me see trouble o I have

never been to kaduna before o

One day someone will tag and

say “robbing CBN with 5



With Anger i dropped my phone and went

to brush my teeth, i brushed my teeth and

went in to my Dad room to greet him

Goodmorning unfortunately i discovered he

had already left for village meeting, then i

went outside and Remembered one of my

neighbors I usually disturb by pressing deir


bell and run away.

Till it got faulty nd I touched it,

and it shocked me.

I decide it won’t be only me Dat

will get d shock,

So I called my other short female neighbor

To press d bell

She was not able to reach so i

carried her up

Pals Wat happened changed my


Since then I ve never touched

anything bell again.

Cowbell, door bell, church bell,

house bell, school bell, even jingle

bell, jingle bell. I don’t sing it


I don’t even like d name Abel,

Annabel, Mabel, Mirabel ND

christabel again…

Cos d fear of bell is d beginning

of long life.


I was alone at home when my Cousin

showed up.

Cousin: bia ijiot, wetin you the do outside

Me: Just thinking when to kidnap your

whole Family

Cousin: be serious for once in your life time

Oga Ambrose

Me: but guy seriously, i just the pity your


Cousin: how? And why?

Me: For im mind im get better pikin, not

knowing who im get as a pikin, our next


he choke hand with me and said

Cousin: Make we go smoke

Me: For were?

Cousin: Chai see person wey the insult me

say i no dey responsible wan go high! Your

God don punish you nah

Me: You no say i no the smoke nah

Cousin: Abeg wey that your K-leg father

Me: Im don go village meeting with your

imbecile father

we both burst out into Laughter

i looked at one particular building around

and asked my cousin

Me: guy wetin happen to that Gideon

Girlfriend’s house?

Cousin: guy na long story o

Me: Just brief me about it

Cousin: abeg make we first enter house i the


Me: Goat i know say you the fear all those

girls you don sample for this village

Cousin: Fowl, abeg make we go in joor.

He started going in and i followed behind

immediately and mistakenly i stumbled and

fell on the floor


When you fall down while your iPhone 7 is

in your pocket and you hear a crack, your

first prayer is “Lord, please let that be my



Omor, that was the prayer i was praying o

because my phone dey my pocket,

unfortunately for me, the screen of my

phone don damage, chai,

i now acquired from my cousin were i will

change the screen and touch pad of the

phone and he promised to accompany me

there, thank God i brought my second

phone with me. And when we settled down,

i then asked him to tell me what happened

to the roof of that our guy babe house, he

laughed for a while and looked at me and

laughed again until he continued rolling on

the flour, omor me come join am for the

flour follow am the laugh, when he found

out i was also laughing with him without

even knowing what was making him laugh

he then started laughing the more and also

shedding tears, even me also started

shedding real tears not even knowing what

was wrong, but no blame me o, i couldn’t

beer it seeing him laughing like a mad man

all alone so i just came to help share the

experience. He then got up and arranged his

self and said


Gentle promised to renovate his girlfriends

family house. .he made them remove the

roof up Till now the guy is no where to be

found. What can this be called?


I laughed my eyes, small and big intestine

out, chai, so Gentle is this wicked hahaha,

well that serves them right shaaa, shey you

remember when im go the go there

everyday the fetch water for them and there

still did’t like him, and now im don do this

one come disappear, hahaha, if i see him i

will shake hand with him and congrate him

for small little sense


Me and my Cousin was flowing in high spirit

when he remembered something and he

said that i will accompany him to a wedding

ceremony next sunday which is tomorrow, i

relented at first but saw it as outing, and i

also was bored at home, how will i even

spend 2 good solid months here without

even having fun, chai i don die, so this man

(DAD) was given 2 months free break at

work and he decides to keep me with him

to suffer like this in this village well thanks

to my Cousin

dnt laugh alone also do a roll call 4 others

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