10 months ago


I have looked forward to getting a decent job in a long time after quiting from the Cole’s but none was favorable until Julie my best friend told me about this one and without wasting time I applied via email and in no time I was invited for interview which I looked forward to.

As I was checking for what to wear, I hard the door opened. I knew my Dad and brother have returned from the shop.

They came in rather early today, I have not even started dinner yet.

I came out to welcome them and just a mare look on their faces I can tell the day has not been pleasant.

My brother Jon dumped a bag on the ground before sitting hard on our half torn cushion.

I went to pick up the bag so that I can put it at the right place.

Jon yawn tiredly before saying.

“Hey Kat… have you made dinner because I’m famished…

He said while relaxing back.



10 months ago