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Title Douluo

Gu Yue suddenly reached out and grabbed the air, then slowly opened her hand to reveal sparkling specks of blue light. They began to multiply and merge together until a spherical blue light levitated above her palm

She’s using the water element?

Just like the earth element, Gu Yue fashioned azure water-element petals from the light ball and floated them above the yellow earth petals. There was one less water petal than earth petals, the two layers occasionally overlapping as they rotated in sync.

Gu Yue’s three soul rings lit up in turn, each aiding her in a specific manner.

Dual element control! What a remarkable martial soul! The two middle-aged examiners nodded in approval.

But it didn’t end there.

Gu Yue grabbed at the air again. Strands of green light winked into existence and flew in her hand.

Wind element?

The two middle-aged examiners leaned forward in anticipation. Dual element soul masters existed in Shrek Academy, but a soul master that wielded three elements was unprecedented!

More elements was not necessarily better; soul rings usually only affected one element at a time, and it was difficult to control multiple elements as they exerted a greater influence on the body In fact, it was impossible in theory for soul masters to wield so many.

The green light transformed into a whirlpool in Gu Yue’s hand, condensing into a ball of the same color. It flew above the water petals before separating into seven petals.


She can actually manipulate three elements, and with such precision and harmony! What skillful control! Her spiritual power and comprehension of the elements must be deep!

But this was still not the end.

When Gu Yue clutched at the air once more, the examiner on the right couldn’t help but shoot out of his seat. Even Shen Yi’s eyes widened in disbelief.

She had witnessed Gu Yue use multiple elements simultaneously before, but not to this degree!

The air came alive as embers of red light gathered in Gu Yue’s palm. A blink later, a fireball stood in its place. Despite the telltale beads of sweat rolling down her forehead, her eyes were never lost their calm.

The old lady leaned over slightly, cracks forming in her mask of indifference.

Four elements? She’s actually controlling four elements!

The difference between wielding three and four elements was an uncrossable canyon.

The Douluo Continent’s soul masters all understood that everything was composed of elements. Moreover, earth, wind, water, and fire were the four fundamental elements that made up the world.

For her to be capable of wielding these four elements, it meant she also possessed the power of creation! . Shrek Academy had records of a three-element soul master, but that person only reached the Soul Sage level before he was overwhelmed by the difficulty of balancing all three elements..

Legends had it that should the four basic elements ever come into harmony, harnessing their immense power would become possible.

And she was to wield all four elements in the entirety of Doulou Continent history!

Gu Yue’s performance won over all the examiners.

The fire in her hand trembled as all three of her soul rings lit up.

Not much of each element was used, but in order to give them each a concrete form, she needed to split her mind into four parts, paying attention to the equilibrium between elements.

The relationships between earth and water, water and wind, and wind and fire strained her mental faculties, with each additional one increasing the burden exponentially!

Yet, she managed to maintain this fragile balancing act!

The fire congealed into six blazing petals, blossoming above the previous ones.

The quad-colored flower slowly spun, a peculiar sight to behold.

Not to mention the examiners, even the three people most familiar with Gu Yue, the other students of class zero, gaped at her display. Now that her elemental control was so great, she could unleash a four-element fusion attack in battle! Of course, whether she’d have enough time to prepare one in battle was questionable, but the fact that it was possible was a testimony to her skill.

The examiners knew that Gu Yue had reached the Spirit Sea realm; otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to accomplish such a feat.

Still, she was not finished. Gu Yue clawed and grasped at the air for the fifth time.

This time, even the old lady couldn’t help but stand up. There’s still more?

The light beaming in through the windows became tiny golden specks, all converging in Gu Yue’s hand. However, she did not force them into petals, but instead, spun them around the four-colored flower.

“I present this to you!” She raised her head, shooting her gaze at the elderly lady like a laser beam. Suddenly, the flower vanished from her palm in a flash of silver light, reappearing before her target.

“Careful.” Shen Yi cried out in alarm.

No longer controlled by a soul master, the four elements composing the flower descended into chaos and could explode at any moment!

Gu Yue was fully aware of this fact, but chose to do so through a grudge. She did not like that the woman had harmed Tang Wulin.

The old lady’s surprise quickly dissipated and she bent her lips into a smile, waving her arm, billowing sleeves trailing behind. A crescent moon appeared behind her, shining down upon the flower.

Nine soul rings rose from beneath her.

This time, the four students of class zero could make out their levels.

Four purple, four black, and one red. Power rolled off her body as the soul rings surrounded her.

The moment the moonlight engulfed it, the flower froze in place, as if caught in a trance. Then, ever so slowly, it melted away. The elements returned to their origin. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Nine rings! She’s a Title Douluo!

It was class zero’s turn to shoot out of their seats.

All of the children trembled with shock.

Nine rings! She’s a nine-ringed Title Douluo! I-is that a legendary hundred-thousand-year soul ring? Heavens! She has a hundred-thousand-year soul ring!

She’s a Title Douluo… This Shrek Academy examiner is a Title Douluo!

Their hearts were all thrown into pandemonium. Even the calm Gu Yue had a lifeless look in her eyes.

To annihilate a four-element explosive flower in an instant, the same flower that took Gu Yue five minutes and over sixty percent of her power to create, spoke volumes of the old lady’s strength. She hadn’t even used her full power!

“Good, good, good!” A grin was plastered on the old lady’s face as she turned to Shen Yi. “Zhuo Shi did quite well to have me extend the exam period for these kids. This girl doesn’t need to take the following trials. Let’s have her directly enter the inner court. Even I can’t help myself at the thought of a six-element soul master. This has to be a first in the entire history of the continent!” The old lady walked over to Gu Yue and looked her up and down.

“Girl, do you want to become my disciple?” she asked with a smile.

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