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¤Mr Johnson was a man who would

probably be in is late 30th,he base on selling

electronics at ringroad and other market in

Benin city,he was not poor neither was he

rich he can be best fitted into the few

people that have the privilege of being

neutral in Benin city.he was sitting in a

cushion chair in his sitting room with a

glass filled with drink on the table while the

tv was displaying,though he showed less

concern on what was displaying on it.he

seems lost,smiling to his self occasionally.


2 month ago*

He was driving from the market on a hot

afternoon,the sun was radiating so bright

that he wonder if the last person that went

to hell forget to lock the door. he saw a

beautiful girl she seems lost and was

walking in the middle of the road,he look

the girl plainly from his car and notice that

the girl was crying but that never stopped

her from being exceedingly beautiful and

for the first time he actually come to term

with what john legend meant in his song

“all of you”,her skin was like a mirror which

makes the sun to be shinning very bright on

her. he drived toward her but she never

noticed until he horned his car which seems

to bring her out of her thought and she

murmured some words which he did not

hear but he can dispel that it was a “i am

sorry” from the movement of her lips. he

stopped his car and came down then he

walked up to her in a bid to to talk to her

which she never answered till he touch her

shoulder which she disengaged,”dont touch

me,you guyz are all the same”she bark at

him and busted into a huge cry. he was

surprised at her reaction but something

keep on telling him to help her which he

did,though it was not easy convincing her to

come with him.

They went to a restaurant were they both

eat then she narrated all that transpired

between her and her husband and how she

was charmed by him for 5 years. she told

him bluntly that she dont have a place to go

that she rather die than to go to her

husband house. then he convinced her to

move in with him which she did after so

many plead.they stayed together for about a

month till they started developing feelings

for eachother,then he popped the big

question which she accepted and a new era

was opened.


he was still smiling to himself when he was

opted back by a knock on the door.

Johnson:yes,am coming please**he said and

stood up to open the door.he was shocked

when he open the door and saw some men

standing there with gun in their hands and

one pointed a gun at his fore head.”Jesus!,pl

ease dont kill me take whatever you

want”**he exclaimed with shock moving

backward and sweating previously even

though there was an air condition working

in a fast rate.

Esynachi:honey!,who is there,why are you

shouting?**she said and walked into the

sitting room.she frozed and was shocked

when she saw Ezra pointing a gun at her

husband.”Ezra!,how did you get ou..out of..

Ezra: (interrupting her)how did i get out of

jailed right?.you actually thought that i

would die there right?.anyway we will talk

more when we get home,i came to take you


Esynachi:you charmed me Ezra,i never

agreed to marry you from my own free will,i

never loved you please leave me and my

husband alone i beg of you.

Ezra was visibly mad and it can be seen

written on his face he pulled the trigger and

shoot Johnson on his left leg.

Johnson:Ahh!!(he used his hand to hold the


Ezra:that is for turning my wife against

me,next bullet will go straight to ur skull.

Esynachi: i will follow you please dont hurt


Johnson:what!,please dont do this,my life is

meaningless without you.

Esynachi:if i dont do this you will be killed,i

can’t allow you to die when i can do

something to avert it.**she said and wanted

to follow Ezra when Johnson did something

unimaginable.he stood up with his full

strength and rushed Ezra to the wall and

punched him in his jaw then he started

dragging the gun in his hands.seeing

that,pelumi released a bullet on his

shoulder,he shouted and used the other

hand to hold were he was shot.without

wasting time Ezra pulled the trigger and

release two bullet to his head and he died


Esynachi:nooo!!**she shouted and ran

toward Johnson lifeless body.

Ezra:lets go before you meet the same fate

as him.

Esynachi;am not following you again.

Ezra:what did you just say?

Esynachi;you heard me well,you have killed

the reason for my being alive when you

vouch to destroy my life he saved me.this is

not the Ezra that i know,you are a cold

blooded killer and a beast.kill me too coz i

rather die than to live in bondage with you

again.**she shouted with blood thirsty eyes.

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