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( A new dawn)


Officer Monday:”even if i should promise you

now that i will do it,what makes you think i

will be loyal to you when you are forcing me

against my will?.

Sky: (with a serious expression)”me!,force

you,God forbid.less i forget i know about

your first son who has kidney disease,you

need two hundred and fifty thousand for

the transplant.

Officer Monday:”how did you know

that?”.he said admist shocked.

Sky:thus the name sky ring any bell in your


Officer Monday:wait a minute,so you are the

notorious sky that everybody is talking

about?”.he exclaimed in a surprise


Sky:let just say,i am sky and i know

everything.if i am notorious you wouldn’t

have been alive by now.ken i think you

should give him some chewing gum let him

be going before he will get late for work.

Ken open a drawer under the dining

table,brought out two bundles of money

from it,and he hand the money to officer


Sky:that is the sum total of three hundred

thousand take it and do the transplant,if you

need more Holla me.

Officer Monday:”wow!!!,all this for me?”.he

said with his eyes wide open and a broad

smile on his face.

Sky:nope am giving it to your ancestors,idiot


Officer Monday:”thank you so much sir,i will

give you all you want even the d.p.o private

life if you want,call me anytime you need sir!!”.he saluted sky and left the

house while the others started laughing


Ken:see as he dey walk like turkey chai

money really has a spirit.

Ezra:boss can we go and get ready for the

other mission now?.

Sky:yes you can,use the white dragon

uniform and the white lexus jeep.

Pelumi:”yes boss”.and they stood up to



They were walking toward the other duplex

discussing and laughing except Brenda who

seems lost thinking about something. pelumi

noticed it and called her name but she was

too lost to hear until Ezra hit her on her


Brenda:what!!why did you hit me and why

are you guyz staring at me like am space


Pelumi:i have called your name for good

three times now which you never

answered,what are you thinking about?.

Ezra:is it about derick?.

Brenda:why will i think about that idiot?why

on earth did you even suggest that self?.

Ezra:because you loved him and you killed

him,is that not enough reason why you

should think about him?.

Brenda:when you get to were your wife

is,will you spare her?

Ezra:that will depend on her corporation.

Brenda:so why reminding me of

derick?,anyway,i was not thinking about

anything”she said with mixed affection

which was visibly showed on her face.

Boluwatife:you sure so?.me never see you

like this before o.

Brenda:yeah am fine.

They shook their head and continue their


Brenda:ezra please said that you

know sky right from school right?.

Ezra:lol,i said it that this girl is thinking

about something.yes so what about that?.

Brenda:do you know whether he has any

girl in his life,i mean is he in any


Pelumi:wait,hope is not what my mind is

trying to tell me o.”he said flinging one of

his finger to and fro.

Ezra: pelumi you too corrupt

mtcheew.brenda he has but i dont know if

they are still together now coz he has not

tell me anything concerning her.tell me the

truth do you like him?.

Brenda:i think i do.

Patrick:you do or you think you do?.

Brenda: ok,fine i do,i just can’t stop thinking

about him.

Ezra: mmmmm,dont worry i will ask him

about the girl,anything he say will be deliver

to you.

Brenda:”thank you so much”.she said

smiling and folding her nails.

Segun:i just dey watch una since so na love

make the almighty Brenda dey behave like


Pelumi:lol…love is wicked but wait o as this

girl deadly reach so,if she come go marry

sky them go born anini and osama bin laden

again o.

Ezra:their children go create eh.

Pelumi:and also destroy.

They said and started running inside saying

mocking words which provoked Brenda

and she started running after them with a


Pelumi:”sky spirit don enter her,abeg i no be

Derick no butcher me i take God beg you”.he

exclaimed and ran inside.

Brenda: (stopped running as she approach

the step)”i just pray that he is not together

with the girl anymore,i love him so much

more than i ever loved derick”.she said and

went into the house.

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