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Ocean’s Bay Hotel, Grenville, Tennessee. – 08:30 PM

The cold wind of the evening blew past Brandon, ruffling his dark curly hair in the process as he stood at the balcony designed with tinted glass rails watching the pool party happening downstairs. He blew out smoke from his half burnt cigarette and rubbed his palm together, hoping the warmth from the friction would shield him from the chills of the night. He shot a glance at the people diving into the pool and tossing the big beach ball at each other. The music was loud, thrilling guests at the pool as ladies in their respective swimsuits danced to the rhythm.

“Hey Bran! Get your ass down here now!” a guy in yellow shorts holding a glass of champagne yelled at Bran.

“In a minute a-----e!” Bran yelled back and blew out the remnant of smoke left from the now finished cigarette. He threw the cigarette on the floor and squashed it with his feet and made his way downstairs.

“This place is so cool man! Finally we’ve got a five star hotel in Grenville!” Bran’s friend said to him as Bran arrived at the pool side.

“Well, it’s pretty cool.” He responded and scanned the environment. A fountain stood at the side of the pool thrusting water up in various directions. The pool water was ocean blue and warm, smoke from the heated pool escaped from the pool side. The scenery was beautiful. People gathered round the fountain chattering, some where in the pool splashing the heated water at themselves.

“Are you guys having some fun?” the DJ said to the microphone as the crowd screamed “Yeah!” in response.

“Let’s do this!” The DJ scratched the vinyl record and changed the music as everyone jumped in excitement.

“Come on man, Cheer up.” Bran’s friend in yellow shorts said.

“I’m worried about her” Bran responded.

“Scarlett McCarthy? She’ll be fine. While she’s away, you’ve got an opportunity to pick any hoe of your choice. Lots of fishes in the sea.” Bran’s friend said as bran shot him a murderous look.

“Look man, I understand you ain’t happy your girl is sick or something. Its not the end of the world, Have some fun.”

“Take a look at the girl at the pool side, that’s one hell of a meaty ass. what’d you think?” He said as bran shot a glance at the girl.

“Dude stop!” Bran said taking his eyes off the girl in a pink swimsuit.

“Here, take a sip. You’ll feel much better.” Bran’s friend said offering him a glass of wine. Bran took the wine and gulped down the entire quantity at a go.

“How’d you feel?”

“Excellent!” Bran responded.

“Now let’s go have some real fun!” His friend sad and smirked as Bran nodded and smirked back.


“F-----g piece of shit! Die you motherfucker! ” Larry Forbes said to himself and grinned his teeth as he fired bullets from his machine gun at the zombies.

“Fall back! Fall back!” He screamed as the team took few steps backward still firing at the beasts. A zombies moved in it’s supersonic speed and grabbed one of Larry’s men and held him up in the air.

“Oh shit!”

“Sniper! 10 O’clock! 10 O’clock!!” Larry Forbes barked an order at his Walkie Talkie. The sniper at the rooftop repositioned his gun to his left direction like Larry Forbes had instructed.

“Holy shit!” The sniper said to himself on noticing how high one of his colleagues was held up in the air by the zombie. He moved the pointer with precision at the zombie’s hands.

“Here we go!” He said to himself and pulled the trigger. Down at the base, the zombie sensed the incoming bullet with it’s psychic ability. The zombie let out a screeching sound and threw the man at the snipers direction. The sniper had fired already, the incoming man took the bullet intended for the zombie and crashed into the sniper officer at the rooftop leaving both of them dead as they both fell from the rooftop and smashed themselves to the ground.

“F--k!” Larry Forbes cursed as he watched the zombies tore his men apart.

“Mr Sinclair you need to leave now!” Larry Forbes barked.

“I’ll figure something out, maybe a chemical weapon, anything. I’ll be back!” Patrick said as sweat soaked his shirt. He hopped into his car and kicked the engine to life. He made a reverse and tilted the steering to speed out but got distracted by a bright red flames burning in circles.

“What the hell? “He said and protected his eyes with his arms from the extremely bright red flames. Larry Forbes’ men ceased fire and so did the zombies halt, everyone fixed their gaze at the circle of red flames.

Dominic stepped out of the red flames in style as Rose and June followed behind.

“What in the devil’s name!” Patrick said in shock as he watched his daughter step out of the big circle of red flames.

“How-How the hell did you do that?” Larry Forbes stuttered.

“I’m here to help sir.” Dominic responded calmly as Larry nodded in affirmation nervously.

“Sure, we need all the help we can get now.” he responded. The distraction was over, the zombies charged at Dominic ignoring all the bullets being fired by Forbes’s men.

“Rose, June, take cover!” Dominic said and made a circular motion with his hands, his iris turned red as he leaped from the floor with immense force and flew 10 ft high, he released a large energy of red flames at the zombies charging towards him. They flew backwards in their numbers as the immense energy Dominic released was way too powerful for them. The glasses at the facility shattered as the zombies crashed into the building.

“Oh my God!” Larry Forbes said to himself, shocked at what he was witnessing. Everyone had stop firing, they all fixed their gaze at Dominic who kept rolling his hands in circular motion producing a fresh round of flames.


“I just received reports from Forbes. Sinclair’s facility is under an attack. The monsters wrecking havoc have let loose.” Mr Clinton said to his wife and paced up and down the large living room. Alex sat down staring at the chandelier that hung down from the ceiling.

“Sinclair facility?” Alex said realising his father had mentioned Sinclair facility.

“Yes Alex. Those bastards will ruin my tenure! I have to keep the peace at the city for Christ sake!” His father responded.

“I’m sure Larry and his team will contain it honey.” Lilian Clinton responded trying to console her husband. Shortly Alex’s baby sister Isabella joined them at the living room wearing a pink Minnie Mouse sleepwear, she held a grey coloured teddy bear in her arms as she ran excitedly to Lillian Clinton.

“That’s my princess looking radiant” Mrs Clinton said as Isabella chuckled and ran straight into her open arms. Mrs Clinton threw her up in the air and caught her as Isabella laughed at the excitement of what her mom had just did.

Alex pulled out his cell phone from his pocket in a rush and punched in June’s digits. It rang for a while but ended up not getting answered.

“Shit!” He cursed as sweat began to pour out of his face, he dialed Doris’s number “Please pick up!” He said to himself as Doris picked the call at the other end.

“Thank goodness!” He said.

“Who’s this?” Doris enquired.

“Hello Mrs Sinclair, it’s Alex. I called June earlier but she wasn’t picking up. I just heard about the incident at the facility. Is she alright?”

“She isn’t home.” Doris said and sighed. Alex could hear the sigh over the phone. “She’s at the facility” Doris added.

“What? She’s at the center of the attack?!” Alex said.

“Yes Alex.”

“Thank you Mrs Sinclair.” Alex said and hung up. He stood up in a rush and began panting.

“Are you okay son?” Mr Clinton asked noticing the distress on his son’s face.

“Are you okay Alex?” Isabella also chirped in her tiny adorable voice.

“Yeah I’m fine. I’m heading to the facility.”

“You’ve lost your mind Alex! That’s suicide!” Mr Clinton barked.

“I have to help June dad.”

“You’re insane! That puppy love you’ve got for Sinclair’s daughter is driving you insane!” Mr Clinton Growled.

“I’m going with or without your permission.” Alex said and dashed out of the house.

“You’ll kill yourself!!!” Mr Clinton screamed as Alex ran out of the house. He hopped into his car and sped out of the Clinton’s mansion.


The zombies divided themselves into groups, a tactics to break down Dominic’s force field of flames. Half the group charged towards Larry Forbes men who had lowered their weapons already while the other half took Dominic one on one.

“Open fire! Open fire!” Larry Forbes ordered as his team opened fire at the zombies charging towards them.

June and Rose stood behind watching all that was happening, not knowing what to do to help the situation.

“What the hell is happening!?” Patrick asked and pulled June into a hug.

“Why in the devil’s name are you here?” He asked scanning June from head to toe for any injury of any sort.

“We came with Dominic. We could be of help”

“Help? You should be far away from here as possible! And how is he able to do the things he’s doing?” Patrick asked pointing at Dominic who kept firing his ball of red flames at the zombies.

“He’s a wizard.” Rose answered.

“Wizard? Do they even exist?” Patrick said in disbelief.

“You have one right in front of you dad, he used his powers to heal my leg and also my asthmatic ailment.” June said.

“Now i know why you’ve not been using your inhalers! This is unbelievable!” Patrick said as a zombie threw a dead police officer towards their direction.

“Get down!” Patrick screamed as the girls lay flat while the dead police smashed into a block behind them.

A zombie stood right in front of the trio and let out it’s screeching sound.

“Not my girls you son of a b---h!” Patrick Growled as the zombie moved in it’s supersonic speed and hurled Patrick away, smashing him on to the windshield of his car.

“Dad!!!” June screamed and ran to help Patrick as the zombie grabbed her and moved in it’s supersonic speed into the building.

“June!!” Rose screamed running after the zombie.

“Dominic the zombie has June!” Rose said as Dominic turned to her direction.

“What?” He asked as his eyes widened.

“The zombie grabbed her into the building, he must have been so fast you couldn’t notice.” Rose said as tears began to roll down her cheek.

“D--n it!” Dominic said and turned back to face the group of zombies he was battling, the zombies moved a large plank of wood with their psychic ability and smashed it on Dominic’s face. Rose had distracted him, and that was the price to pay for it. Dominic fell to the ground and collapsed.

“Dominic! Oh no!” Rose said and went to the aid of Dominic.

“Stay with me!” she said shaking his head to jolt him back to consciousness.

A large number of Larry Forbes men lay lifeless on the facility grounds, their vans had been smashed to pieces and only a few of the team was left fighting a battle they seem to be loosing.

Dominic regained consciousness and coughed out blood. “Thank Goodness you’re okay!” Rose said and pulled him into a hug.

“Where did he take her?” Dominic asked panting as blood dripped down his mouth.

“There!” Rose said pointing at the entrance to the facility building where the zombie had taken June to.

“I’m going in!” He said and furrowed his eyebrows, his iris turned red again as his stood up and regained Balance. His entire body glowed of red flames as the zombies moved in their numbers to block him from entering the building.

Dominic crunched his knuckles and closed his eyes, he uprooted two gigantic satellite dish mounted on the facility’s grounds using his telekinesis powers.

He kept closing his eyes as the gigantic dishes moved closer to him, hung in the air during the entire process of it’s movement.

“Woah!” The team of Larry’s renaming men said in Unison, marveled at what Dominic was performing.

Dominic brought the dishes lower and smashed the pair of satellite dishes at the zombies standing in his way, the dishes crushed the zombies and smashed them into the facility building creating a big entrance for him. He opted to take the big entrance into the building rather than the normal route. Sinclair facility was in total disaster. What was an architectural masterpiece was in total shambles.

Dominic rubbed off a dripping blood from his mouth and rushed into the building to save June, leaving Larry’s men to battle with the rest of the zombies outside.


Bran stood at the pool side locking lips with the random girl in pink swimsuit.

“You know it’s cold outside, maybe we could go inside?” Bran Cooed.

“To do what?” The girl Cooed back, biting her lower lip.

“You know-” Bran was saying as a girl from afar screamed in pain. Bran and the girl in swimsuit turned to the direction the girl was screaming from.

“It’s okay! She cut herself with a glass, she’ll be fine!” A guy next to the girl who appears to be her boyfriend said to calm the fright building up. Two drops of blood fell to the ground as the girl was escorted out of the pool party to receive first aid.

“Drunk people!” Bran said and laughed, he resumed his kissing session with the girl as they both fell into the heated swimming pool, kissing romantically.


Dominic crept through the debris on the floor of the facility grounds, hoping to find June as soon as possible before something bad happens to her, if it hasn’t already.

Outside the building, Larry’s men kept firing at the zombies, each of Larry’s men kept dropping dead as the minute passed by. A zombie grabbed one of his men and threw him to the power station of the facility, causing a large electric spark. A trio of Larry’s men standing close to the power station were burnt beyond recognition as a result of the massive electrocution. The power station exploded as Larry Forbes watched in horror. The lights in the facility began to shutdown.

“Oh my God!” Rose said burying her mouth in her palm. Larry Forbes shake his head in Sorrow, panting as the entire facility was thrown into darkness.

The entire place was dark, Dominic couldn’t see anymore. He used his Telepathic ability to listen for the heartbeat of the zombie, he followed the heart beat’s direction slowly. Suddenly, an idea struck his mind. He rolled his hands creating a big ball of red fire, he shot the ball of fire up in the air breaking the ceiling of the facility, to serve as a temporary source of light. The entire facility was red, as a result of Dominic’s magical light.

Outside the building, Larry could see again, but this time, all his men laid dead. Their body parts were scattered everywhere. The zombies had finished the rest of them while the place was plunged in total darkness. The rest of the zombie walked towards Larry and Rose as they both took their steps backwards. The zombies didn’t put in any effort to use their supersonic speed as they believe they both were dead meat already.

Just as the zombies walked majestically towards Larry and Rose, Alex crashed through the facility’s gate and smashed the zombies walking towards them.

Dominic followed the heart beat and got to a laboratory, June was tied up on the floor by the zombie. The zombie took out a surgical tool from one of the shelves in the lab to cut her open.

“No!” Dominic screamed and made an attempt to blast the zombie, but was taken aback when the zombie stood up and faced the sky. The zombie jumped out of the window like it was running from something.

Alex got down from his car and ran to Rose and Larry.

“You guys okay?” He asked as Rose pointed at his back. The zombies had stood up and gathered to finish them off. Just then, the zombies also looked up in the sky and ran off in the same direction. They all ran out of the facility leaving everyone surprised. Patrick had regained consciousness to witness the runaway zombies.

“What just happened?” Alex asked curiously.

“I have no idea.” Rose responded.

Dominic came down with June.

“June!” Rose screamed and pulled her into a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” She added and planted a kiss on June’s forehead. June broke free and ran into Alex’s arms.

“I’m so happy you’re alright.” Alex said and kissed her hair.

“They were running from something..” Dominic said as Patrick joined the gathering.

“Not from something but rather to something.” June responded taking everyone by surprise.

“What do you mean?” Larry asked.

“While the zombie abducted me, i noticed they could sense blood. It’s their weakness and their strength at the same time. They crave for blood and i was able to use a couple of syringes containing my blood to fool the zombie around while help came for me. I bought myself time before Dominic found me.” She said.

“that means they’ve sensed blood elsewhere and they’re going for it.” Patrick said as June nodded in affirmation.


Bran kept locking lips with the girl in pink swimsuit as he heard a whoosh sound.

“Did you hear that?” He said breaking free from the kiss.

“Hear what?” the girl asked.

“Like something moved very fast, like a fast wind.”

“I heard nothing. Come on!” The girl responded and made an attempt to continue the kissing session until someone in the pool screamed.

“Something grabbed him!” She screamed pointing at a section of the pool. In few seconds, the pool was covered in blood.

“Everyone out now!” Bran screamed as he jumped out of the pool. Everyone screamed for their lives, the DJ had stopped the music.

“Oh my God!” He said on noticing the large numbers of zombies charging towards the pool side.

“Run!!!!” Bran screamed as the zombies moved in their supersonic speed and tore almost everyone at the scene to pieces in seconds. Leaving body parts and a large pool of blood littered all over the floor.

“Come on! Let’s get the f--k outta here!” Bran said as the girl in pink swimsuit and his friend joined him to run. They dashed up the stairs as fast as they could, but they weren’t fast enough. A zombie grabbed Bran’s friend and burst open his neck with it’s long fangs, decapitating his head in the process, blood splashed on the faces of Bran and the girl in swimsuit as they watched in horror. The zombie drop their friend’s lifeless body to the floor and squat to finish off the remains.

“Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ!” The girl in swimsuit screamed as bran dragged her up the stairs to run for their lives.


“We’re f-----g screwed!” Larry Forbes cursed and ran his fingers through his partially bald hair.

“I have an idea. I don’t know where they went to but i know how we could get them back.” June said.

“How?” Dominic asked.

“Dad, we need blood bags, lots of it.” June said.

“Why?” Patrick asked.

“We’ll use the blood bags as bait and keep them in the building till we figure something out.”

“And then what? They finish the blood bags and then return to us. Sounds like a brilliant idea!” Larry Forbes said sarcastically.

“She’s right. We lure them back here and i finish them off once and for all!” Dominic said with a straight face. Patrick brought out his cellphone and put a call through to Vivian.

“Vivian, Send a truck of blood bags over to the facility immediately.”

“Right away sir. I’m glad to hear your voice again sir.” She said.

“Please, be quick.” Patrick said and hung up. Minutes after, a truck drove into the facility loaded with blood bags. Everyone took as many blood bags as they could into the facility building and laid it on the floor until the truck was empty.

“We have to puncture the bags.” June suggested.

“It’ll be too dangerous if anyone does it with bare hands, those things are the fastest I’ve sever seen. They’ll be here in a second.” Dominic protested.

“So what do we do?” Rose asked.

“Y’all evacuate the building, stay outside! Take cover! I’ll puncture the bags with my powers.” Dominic said as they all obliged and left the building, leaving Dominic inside. He closed his eyes as the bags began to burst open, in few seconds the floor became a pool of blood. Dominic ran out of the building to join them outside.

“Lay low!” Larry Forbes whispered to the hearing of everyone. The zombies were on their way and their screeching sound could be heard from afar. Everyone lay flat on the ground as the zombies stormed the facility in their numbers.

The zombies rushed into the building, taking the blood bait set by June and Dominic. Dominic grinned his teeth and stood up.

“What are you doing?” June whispered laying on the ground.

“Lay low!” Dominic responded authoritatively and stepped to the front of the building. His iris turned red as a fast wind began to build up.

“Dominic no!” June screamed as the wind became more intense, forming a tornado. Objects began to move into the tornado wave as everyone laying on the floor grabbed themselves by the hand to form a unified weight against the force of the wind.

Dominic squat and placed his hands on the floor. An energy of red electric charge left his body and dumped into the floor as though he was giving the ground an electric charge. He stood up and raised his hands at the facility building, the zombies were still inside having the feast of their lives.

Blood began dropping from Dominic’s nose as he raised his hands to the building, the floor began to crack while the nosebleed he was suffering kept dripping.

“He’ll kill himself, we have to stop him!” Rose yelled and made an attempt to stand on her feet but got dragged back by June.

“Let’s trust him on this!” June said as they kept their eyes on Dominic.

A deep crack began to surround the facility building as Dominic yelled in pain with his hands still facing the building as the building began to sink to the ground. He channeled more of his power at the building as the cracks got deeper, the building sank to the ground at once as Dominic paused to catch his breath.

“Oh My God!” Rose exclaimed as everyone watched the building sink to the ground. Dominic had created an earthquake around the building, powerful enough to sink the Sinclair facility to the ground completely.

Dominic sighed in relief and gestured his hands in a circular motion as the ground began to enclose, sealing the facility beneath the ground permanently like nothing ever existed there. He fell to the ground in exhaustion as the wind stopped. All that was left of the facility were debris and lifeless bodies scattered everywhere.

“Dominic!” June screamed and rushed to help him.

“Hey June.” he muttered as tears rolled down June’s cheek. Dominic’s nosebleed dripped down to his mouth as he struggled to speak. It was one he had never experienced before.

“You saved us all! Thank you so much!” June said thankfully and entwined her fingers with his.

“I opened the hole June, I’m sorry.” Dominic muttered to the hearing of everyone standing by.

“I’m sure you never meant for it to happen.”

“Stay with me please!” June said crying as Dominic coughed out blood.

“I will!” He muttered and forced a smile.

“You’ll be okay dom. I believe so!” Rose said as tears trickled down her cheek.

“We need to get him to the hospital immediately!” Patrick said as Larry Forbes joined hands with him to carry Dominic to Patrick’s car. Patrick and Larry hopped into the car and drove Dominic to the hospital.

“We made it!” Alex said as June buried her face in his chest, Rose joined in as the trio engaged in a triple hug.


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