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Thor hardly knew what to say; he fell in beside the redhead, grateful to him.

“Thank you,” Thor said.

The redhead turned and smiled at him.

“Name is O’Connor. I’d shake your hand, but they’d smack me if I did. So take this as an invisible handshake.”

He smiled wider, and Thor instantly liked him.

“Don’t mind them,” he added. “They’re just scared. Like the rest of us. None of us quite knew what we were signing up for.”

Soon their group reached the end of the field, and Thor counted six horses prancing about.

“Take up the reins!” Kolk commanded. “Hold them steady, and walk them around the arena until they break. Do it now!”

Thor stepped forward to take the reins of one of the horses, and as he did, the horse stepped back and pranced, nearly kicking him. Thor, startled, stumbled back, and the others in the group laughed at him. Kolk smacked him hard in the back of the head, and he felt like turning and hitting back.

“You are a member of the Legion now. You never retreat. From anybody. No man, no beast. Now take those reins!”

Thor steeled himself, stepped forward, and grabbed the reins from the prancing horse. He managed to hang on while the horse yanked and pulled, and began to lead him around the wide dirt field, getting in line with the others. His horse tugged at him, resisting, but Thor tugged back, not giving up so easily.

“It gets better, I hear.”

Thor turned to see O’Connor coming up beside him, smiling. “They want to break us, you know?”

Suddenly, Thor’s horse stopped. No matter how much he pulled on the reins, it would not budge. Then Thor smelled something awful; there was more waste coming from the horse than he ever imagined possible. It did not seem to end.

Thor felt a small shovel pressed into his palm, and looked over to see Kolk beside him, smiling down.

“Clean it up!” he snapped.

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