Ownet's Adventures - S01 E33

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I looked at iris,great wizard,god of

wisdom,mother confessor,and the

two witches and i lit up with hope.

We must defeat everies this time.,’I

thought within myself.

We alighted when we were about

3km away from everies dormitory.

We covered pla’s face with

something. The tracked we found is

still with us but mother confessor

has disabled it.

The two witches moved forward and

i was suprised to see them create

something that looked like a

skateboard in the air. Mother

confessor signalled to the rest of us

and we climbed the skateboard. The

two witches didn’t climb with

us.they controlled the board and it

moved towards the door. The god of

wisdom was in charge of holding pla

so that she wont try something


We were stunned when we saw no

guards outside.

‘shift back let me decipher

something,’ mother confessor said.

We came down from the skateboard.

It was then i realised why the

witches constructed a skateboard. Its

because everies always ambush

people with some traps and most of

them are connected to the ground

so its better we walked on top of the


mother confessor placed her left ear

on the door to get something.

‘oh my God leave the way,’ mother

confessor warned and i could see her

open the door and she knelt down

making sure her back touch the

ground. A big fireball came out

immediately the door was opened.

Mother confessor dodged it. I was

the one at her back.

I did a summersault and kicked the

fireball back inside the gate and

mother confessor locked it back. We

heard a boom sound before we

finally opened the door again.

This time around the entrance was

all burned up. The 8 of us including

pla walked inside hand in hands.

Mother confessor said it will enable

power circulation.

The witches were at our front. They

killed the everies men that came our


We continued walking through a

pathway leading to everies

celebration room.

I sighted a guy with arrow at the top

of the building.

I released my hand from iris own and

i climbed the walls. I ran through the

walls and directed my movement

towards the guy. I gave him a kick

that sent him flying down.

He died immediately so we

continued walking.

We were about to finally enter when

we saw the place blocked with some


They were red swords which means

they were very hot.

The two witches wanted to do

something but the great wizard tap

them at the back and told them he

can handle it.

He shifted back. And pointed his

finger at it. He ran towards it and

pushed everything with his two


All the swords blocking us were

disassociated immediately.

We walked in to the big large room

know at the celebration center.

Everies was sitting on a throne. The

deceiver was sitting in a small

throne too.

13witches were sitting in a small

stool positioned at the front of the


About 70 of everies men were

standing face to face with us.

‘now its my turn’ iris said and moved


She faced the 70men.

She charged towards them with her

sword. She was a very good fighter

with lots of experience. She fights

with her legs also and she was using

the air to her advantage.

At a time when she saw that everies

were still plenty she divided her

sword into two and used it with full


Within 7minutes she was done with

all of them.

But i could see sweats tripping down

her face. She joined her swords back

and came to stand with us.

Everies started clapping. She

laughed and stood up and then she

made a speech: you guys are really

impressive. You defeated all my men

but you that one is just a welcome

visit its time you guys face the pro’s.

But first before things gets ugly. I

will love to make a confession to the

god of wisdom. Dear sweet god of

wisdom dont hold pla so tight and

stop threatening her because only a

fool will threatene his only


” you are trying to confuse us right.

What do you mean by that everies.

Whose daughter?,” the god of

wisdom said releasing his grips on

pla a little.

‘hahahaha, i hate to say this but The

evil pla is your daughter,’ everies

said putting shocks on our faces.




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