Ownet's Adventures - S01 E32

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we were stunned when she

asked us, ‘Do you know that the girl

is been controlled by everies? And

we all chorused. Whaaaaaaaat.

‘So you mean to you guys were not

observant right…….. Even you the

great wizard,’ mother confessor said.

‘i was observant but something is

very wrong. I mean how come i was

blinded all this while. Must have

probably used a spell on me but if so

then when did she do it?,’ the great

wizard replied in astonishment.

‘I observed it, she even went ahead

to have sex with ownet and i was

suprised when i met the ownet

enjoying it. They were all blinded

who knows she tricked all of them

with sex,’ iris riposted.

“you wont believe me iris but i didn’t

do anything with her. She forced me

and though you might say why didn’t

i fight her but i did.. . . She was just

too powerful.” i replied.

‘iris you should stop this. What do

you take us for. We wont do such a

thing with pla and besides you didn’t

tell us about this till now.,’ the god of

wisdom defended.

‘alright lets leave the past and talk

about the future afterall now we

know that she is a traitor and now

that she is still with us what do you

think we should do to her because i

cant unfold the hypnosis given to

her by everies. Only the person that

casts the spell will unfold it,’ mother

confessor said.

‘if so why dont we used her as a

blackmail or should we just kill her

since everies will not unfold the

spell,’ i said.

‘i think i prefer the blackmail, if

everies doesn’t fall for it then we

will kill her instantly. But first tell us

why you came with this two

witches,’ the god of wisdom asked

looking at the two witches that came

with mother confessor.

‘thats exactly why i had to come so

soon. Everies is regrouping witches.

She wants to join force with other

witches so that they will connive

together. There two witches i came

with are my blood relatives. They

informed me when they recieved

there own letter. So i had to bring

them here so that we can prepare

together and we have to act fast if

we really want to defeat them,”

mother confessor concluded and just

then somebody came inside.

It was the gatekeeper. He came with

one of his clones that looked exactly

like him.

We had a lot of questions for him but

with his looks we knew it was not

time for the answers and question

scenes. Though we were very happy

that nothing have happened to him.

Mother confessor doesn’t seems


‘Good afternoon everybody, i am

sorry for have been away without

informing you guys but you have to

know that am not working with you

people. I dont interfere with your

issues till it gets to my castle. So far

everies have not attacked me am not

allowed to fight with her except the

king gives me permission. But here

is my clone he will help you guys.

Everies will be suprised to see me

there not knowing that its not the

real me. So you guys can use it to

your advantage. Am off to my castle,’

the gatekeeper finalised and went

out leaving his clone with us.

“when are we going?,” i asked.

‘today and as a matter of fact right

now, the gatekeepers clone can only

survive for one days and they can

only fight for 1hrs so we have to be

fast…….. .mother confessor said.

She told iris to go and bring pla,. She

toldt he great wizard to get a horse

ready a horse and a dragon for us.

She gave the God of wisdom a sword

and she gave me a new staff but this

time it was just an ordinary staff that

she created with magic.

The great wizard alerted us that the

horse and dragon were ready so we

all marched outside to begin our


I looked at iris,great wizard,god of

wisdom,mother confessor,and the

two witches and i lit up with hope.

We must defeat everies this time.,’I

thought within myself.




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