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speaking of the devil, iris whispered

and we saw pla smiling sheepishly

as she walked inside.

I became uncomfortable as she

walked in and sat down in the same

chair with me.

Iris stood up and in a flah she gave

pla a dirty slap. The god of wisdom

quickly stood up to intervene.

‘whats wrong with you,’ the god of

wisdom asked iris whom evade the

question and went to sit down back.

He could see pla smiling so he

concluded that its a topic for


He gave a glossary on the plan once

more so that pla will be aware. She

was happy with the plan though.

I could see iris smiling. One could

tell she misses her mother.

I went to the great wizard and i

asked him to teach me some spells

and to also enlighten me more on

my powers. He told me things i can

do and he showed me the ways i will

do it.

We had lunch and waited patiently

for the arrival of mother confessor.

Pla was giving me signs but i looked

away. I cant explain why am not

telling the great wizard what

happened earlier. I just believed i

should keep it secret.

We all sat down busy doing one

thing or the other. We all engrossed

ourselves in reading while the god

of wisdom was performing some

practicals. One could mistake him as

a scientist with the way he lives.

I heard some sounds and so i went

out to check who it was. Just as i

expected it was mother confessor

and two other ladies that i assumed

were witches.

She was very suprised to see how i

have grown so big.she dragged me

inside and the other witches

followed suite.

“what are you guys feeding the

ownet. I mean how comes he had

grown so much or is this some kind

of magic,” mother confessor said

immediately she sighted the great

wizard. It seems they were familiar.

“the god of wisdom gave him a

water hibernation?’ he answered.

‘are you kidding me, that is

dangerous how could he?what if

something bad happened to him…

Where is he self,’mother confessor

asked looking angry.

Iris pointed at him and i could see

the shock in mother confessor’s

eyes. She cant believe that the god

of wisdom had been released from

his spell.

‘who broke the spell,’ mother

confessor asked.

‘its the gatekeeper himself,’ i replied

in other to calm the situation.

She sighed angrily but i was baffled

to as why she didn’t ask about the

gatekeepers whereabout.

‘is it a big deal self. What so bad if

the spell was broken’ pla intervened

and i could see mother confessor

moving to her side.

I was suprised to see pla standing

up. They were about to fight.

‘Dont came nears us this gal is a

traitor’ mother confessor riposted

and faced pla.

Pla wanted to use magic but she

frozed. I didn’t know what mother

confessor did but i could see her

veins powering up.

She ran towards pla and gave her in

knockout blow in her forehead with

the elbows.

‘ownet carry her and follow me.

Something is not right about this gal

i need to check her myself,’mother

confessor instructed and i obeyed

immediately. I really enjoyed the

way she fought. I pictured the moves

and store it in my brain instantly.

After i dropped her on a bed. Mother

confessor told me to wait outside

because she needs to perform a

powerful magic to confirm her


I came out and saw iris smiling. Both

the god of wisdom and the great

wizard were as confused as me.

Though i dont trust pla i cant believe

that she is a traitor. I mean, after

helping her and saving her from the

punishment imposed on her by

everies. Why should she betray us.

Anyways we cant conclude yet.

We waited patiently for mother

confessor to come out.

After about an hour, she came

outside with a green circled

substance. She placed it on the table

and shook her head in dismay. We

went closer to hear what she has to

say. We were stunned when she

asked us, ‘Do you know that the girl

is been controlled by everies? And

we all chorused. Whaaaaaaaat




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