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pla was still on with what she was

doing. I noticed some steps coming

through the but it seemed pla was

too busy to notice.

She had already positioned her body

on me ready to initiate the sex when

the door opened an alas, iris came


Pla stopped what she was doing and

with the last might i had i pushed

her from my body. But i was suprised

as the chained dissapeared

immediately. I could see iris burning

with anger as she came towards me.

She gave me a slap and went out


I just kept looking towards the door

when she left. Pla stood up and

moved closer to me but this time i

gave her my own slap too and i

stood up to wear my clothes. It looks

like i wont sleep today.

I instructed pla to leave my room

and she concured. I was bemused.

‘ so this gal knew what she was

doing. She just wanted to screw me

and now she had succeeded’ i

thought a i went outside.

I saw iris sitting down alone. She was

not crying neither was she looking


“dont come closer to me, just leave

me alone” iris said with no emotions.

I nodded in dismay and left her as

she had said. I went to the parlour

and i was suprised to also see the

god of wisdom reading some books.

“wow, the ownet is awake

today,come, sit here’ the god of

wisdom said dropping the books.

I sat down with him and looked at

the book he was reading. The book

was titled “A wrong step”.

‘so even the gods read story books?’

i asked looking suprised.

” thats what you humans fail to

understand. Nobody is beyond

learning. If you want to keep thriving

in life you have to keep learning and

the best way to keep learning is true

reading. I read a lot of books in fact

reading was my hobby during my

young days” the god of wisdom said .

‘thats great. My own hobby is

writing.i know how to write a lot. But

there is just one thing i dont get.

Between the writer and the reader

who learns most from the story?’I

asked again.

‘alright i will just give you a straight

answer. In most cases writers learn

most but the reader applies the

knowledge from the written books,’

the god of wisdom said.

“ok noted sir. So what about the

gatekeeper what are we going to do

since we cant find him?’ i asked.

‘i have spoken with the great wizard.

We wont abort our mission. We will

start our planning by tommorow.

And have i told you this. I always feel

some kinds of connection with that

gal called pla,’The god of wisdom


“Are you talking about the everies

former captain we rescued.’I asked.

‘Yea,I dont know why i have those

kinds of feelings. Something just

keep telling me that the gal is very


‘the god of wisdom said.

I was baffled with this his statement,

i mean how can the god of wisdom

believe this when i am not longer

feeling comfortable around the gal.

Look at what she just did tonight but

i dont think i should tell the god of

wisdom. He will probably mistake it

for a joke.

I changed the topic, me and the god

of wisdom discussed till morning

came. To say i learnt a lot was just an

understatement. I gained a lot from


I was the only one that brushes

teeth here. Non of them brushed

their teeth. We all had our bath in

our different rooms and we all went

to the parlour to start setting our


The god of wisdom was our master

planner. Since his is more wise i saw

it deemed fit for him to give a nice


Pla was yet to come.

I signalled to the god of wisdom to

begin since we cant wait for pla.

‘alright guys this is how the plans

will be, we would be using a phrase

in executing our missions. In all we

do we must remember that it “TAKES

TWO TO TANGO”. We will attack in

two’s this time around. Iris you are

with ownet. I got a message from

the mother confessor that she will

be here today. I will fight along with

her. And so the great wizard will

fight along with pla,’ the god of

wisdom concluded and adjusted his


Speaking of the devil, iris whispered

and we saw pla smiling sheepishly

as she walked inside.




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