Ownet's Adventures - S01 E29

2 years ago

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What i saw almost made me scream.

Pla was right in front of me unclad. I

was totally dumbfounded as i

watched her come closer to me.

‘What are you doing here like this?’ i

asked as i shift back a little.

“nothing much,i just want to feel you

inside me. I crushed on you back

then when everies held you as a

hostage. I was there when the

deceiver slept with you. I witnessed

everything and ever since then i

have been looking for the right

opportunity for this. I believe now is

the right time,’ pla said as she gave

me the most seductive looks i ever


‘why does most gal want to have sex

with me. I mean whats so special

about me. Am not in the mood for

those craps so please excuse me,’ i

said as i turned my face to the wall

not wanting to succumb to the

temptations she was giving me.

” well i dont know why others want

you but all i care about is that you

give me what i want, you dont think i

came to your room so that you will

ask me to go back. You say nothing is

special well its not true. Other guys

will be ready for this kind of stuff but

you always seemed not to care. I am

not leaving here till you give me

what i came for,” pla said with an

angry tone. With the way things is

going i solemnly believe that i have

to fight my way out of this. I dont

know what have possessed her. Too

bad i dont have a staff anymore. I

positioned myself ready to initiate

the attack because pla’s eyes were

turning to something else.

‘ Dont dare me ownet, you forgot

you did the blood transfusion and

that means you will be partially

active for today because some of

your powers are drained so you cant

match me right now. I will gladly be

happy if you want me to force you

right now,” pla said as she gripped

her fist ready to cast some magics.

i was stunned with what she said, if

at all what she said is true then am

doomed, i would have screamed to

alert the rest members but i decided

against it. How will they hear that

the great ownet cant even defend

himself against an ordinary captain.

‘i dont need my powers for things

like this. I will defeat you myself

without external help’ i said trying

to sound brave.

I was expecting her to do some sort

of magic but no she didn’t do it. She

accepted the challenge as she

initiated the attack first. She rushed

towards me with her fist. I watched

her closely and calculated her steps

as i was taught by the god of

wisdom. I got the clue that she was

aiming for my head. Immediately

she was inches away i turned to the

opposite side and struck her in her

spinal cord with my elbow.

She screamed in pains and faced me

again. I knew i hit her hard as i could

see her spitting some bloods.

She turned to the wall and i was

suprised to see her running on it just

the way the Chinese do it. She

walked on the walls and did a back

tumble. She was about to use her

feet to hit my head again when i did

a slide dive and gave her a blow on

her stomache instead.

She groaned and winced in pains.

She raised her hands up and a sword

appeared on it.

She pointed the sword at me and ran

towards my direction aiming for my

stomach but i was wise. I dodged it

and send off the floor.

‘so you are still powerful right? Its

seems i underestimated you ability’,

pla spat out and gave me that kind of

look that states’Target initiated’.

Th didn’t know what she was

planning this time but i was ready

for her this time i intend of punching

her in her weak spots so i targeted

her well.

She yelled and spin her hands. I

thought she was about to attack me

not till i saw was lifted from the

ground by her magics. She directed

me to the walls and i hit my head on

it and i groaned in pains.

I saw her smiling as she walked to

me and unclothed me. I couldn’t do

anything because its seemed i was

chained by something. I watched her

as she initiated a kiss. I closed my

eyes and allowed her have her ways

after all she didn’t say she will kill

me so i could still fight her later or so

i thought.




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