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‘the gate keeper is what!!!? I asked in

form of an exclamation as i followed

him to see for myself.

I searched the whole place for the

gatekeeper but i couldn’t found him.

There was only one place that

nobody is authorised to search and

that is the gatekeeper’s personal


Iris and the great wizard also helped

in the search but it was all to no

avail. According to the great wizard.

He saw the gatekeeper some few

hours ago at one thing was unusual.

The gatekeeper never leaves his

castle without prior replacement.

We were all drained as we stand

outside hoping that the gatekeeper

will appear when pla drag her feet

and came to us. She was looking a

little weak but her wounds had

completely healed leaving no traces.

‘Good morning ownet, i am very

grateful for what you did for me’, pla

said almost kneeling down but i

stopped her from doing so.

‘Please dont commend me for that, i

did what i had to do and i believe

you owe your thanks to the

gatekeeper and not me’ i riposted as

i released her hand from mine.

‘alright but in all, even if you were

just a liability i need To still thank

you since it couldn’t be done

without your ability. So i owe you my

thanks also and speaking of the

gatekeeper i have not seen him

since i woke up today’, pla said.

‘yea we are also looking for him also.

He disappeared when you woke up

and up till now we dont have any

idea on where he is or what

happened to him’, i replied facing


‘are you guys trying to say i am the

one responsible for his

disappearance?’ i know have been

doing the wrong things before but

after what everies had did to me i

have changed. I dont know why you

guys are still trying to accuse me of

something i know not of “, pla said

admist tears.

I couldn’t bear seeing her cry. I knew

how it felt but god of wisdom knows

the feeling better. He excused

himself as he moved away with pla

to calm her down.

Iris looked at me but i turn my face

away. I was no longer in the mood to

continue what we have started. I

believed the relationship of a thing

can come when we have defeated

everies. I motioned to the great

wizard to follow me as went to the


After series of discussion with the

great wizard we concluded that we

can only tag the gatekeeper missing

if we dont see him before the next


I also speak with the god of wisdom

and he told me that he have handled

matters with pla. He said he was able

to convince her that we are not

discriminating or suspecting her.

‘ i cross check her soul while talking

to her and i only saw righteousness

on it. So that means we can trust her’

the god of wisdom told me.

I had an encounter with iris when i

was going to my room. i told her to

make sure she doesn’t say anythin

that will trigger pla into crying

henceforth. I made her see reasons

why we should trust her. Though i

knew iris was not totally convinced.

She just nodded and held my hands.

‘ ownet, why are you trying to avoid

our issue. Are you saying that you

dont want to have anything to do

with me?’ iris asked. I couldnt

answer her questions because the

only answer i will give her was to

initiate a kiss and i know it was not

the right choice so all i did was to

sigh and i told her to go to sleep

then i proceeded to my room.

‘i thought about everything that

happened for the day and i covered

myself with a blanket. Just when i

was about to close my eyes my door


At first i thought it was iris but after i

keep asking who it was and no

answer was coming forth i began

having mixed thought as i quickly

stand up and on the lamp beside my


What i saw almost made me scream.

Pla was right in front of me unclad. I

was totally dumbfounded as i

watched her come closer to me.




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