Ownet's Adventures - S01 E27

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could it be that both of us were

choosen for the transfusion?’ the god

of wisdom said still lying down as we

watched blood flow from our body.

It got to a time were me and him

couldn’t speak anymore because its

almost 2hrs and our bloods were


The god of wisdom blood stopped

first, i looked at him and saw him

grasping for breath. He watched me

as blood kept flowing. He struggled

and stood up to go and alert the


‘i tried fighting the irresisting force

keeping me down. My blood stopped

flowing after some minutes and they

all dried up. I looked at the god of

wisdom’s own and i saw it

connecting to a line drawn on the


To my amazement i was able to

stand up. I was not weak anymore

and it will be had for an external soul

to decipher that something happen

to me

the god of wisdom, iris, the

gatekeeper and the great wizard all

marched towards me. They were

suprised that i was already standing.

‘ with what i see here, ownet was

the choosen one for the transfusion.

Ownet, i dont know your

connections with this gal called pla

and i strictly believe that there is

something we are yet to discover

but that doesn’t changes the fact.

Your blood was the one choosen and

for what happened to the god of

wisdom. I cant explain it either.

Some certain things are derived

from nature i dont have any

explanations for that. And two

people can never donate blood for a

soul. So that means your blood was

used for something else’ the

gatekeeper concluded facing the

god of wisdom.

‘i was suprised at this new discovery.

Was this the reason why i am

suspecting pla. What if i was just

hallucinating. But no it cant be so, i

saw it clear’, i was lost in my own

thoughts when iris approached me

and gave me a long deep kiss.

‘what is the meaning of this?’, i asked

looking at her.

” she is your wife ownet. History has

it that the youngest confessor must

be married to ownet’ the

gatekeeper spoke instead of iris.

‘ why are wearing such looks. Dont

tell us that you dont love ies’, the

god of wisdom said in a mocking


The truth was that i never looked at

iris well. I have never acknowledged

her beauty but i heard that she is the

most beautiful in bliss. But i cant

seem to fathom the beauty. Maybe i

was not observant. But i dont think i

am ready to marry her.

I didn’t answer them as i ran straight

to my room and locked my door. I

believe i needed some rest.

“i heard a knock on my door after

some hours. At first i wanted to turn

deaf ears to the person but i decided

to see who it is. I opened the door

and i was suprised to what i saw.

Her hairs were flying around her

right shoulders and they were

brown colours. Her eyeballs were

brown in nature also. She weared a

dress that made her magnificent

unresisted shape to come out. Her

beauty was glooming in nature i

could compare her with the little gal

i saw in the river when i was about

to begin my mission.

In normal circumstances i would

have asked her to come inside but

my last ordeal had thought me a

great lesson afterall i have never

even seen her my entire life.

She smiled and i saw her plain white

teeth it seems it was made of gold

because it was shining.

‘who are you?’, i asked as a kept

stealing looks at her well endowed


‘i knew you wont recognise me. It

was the torture i received that made

me look so ugly. Everies made it

clear to me that he never wanted

anybody to be attracted to me. She

thought i will never escape from her.

Now that you have seen my real

image. Are you still going to stick

with your words?,’ the lady asked

me. I couldn’t be mistaken. Her looks

might have changed but her voice is

still the same. It was iris.

I was very suprised when i realised

this. I never knew that a person look

could change so fast completely.

I fell in love with her that moment. I

couldn’t resist her. I believe she can

be ascribed as “The god of beauty”.

I went close to her and just as i was

about replying her with a kiss. The

great wizard spoiled it.

He told us that pla has woken up and

the gatekeeper was missing.

‘the gate keeper is what!!!? I asked in

form of an exclamation as i followed

him to see for myself.




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