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“no..no..no..no..my bracelet..how did i

misplace it..”

ivan walked into the kitchen..he heard things

falling and scattering..he feared something

might have happened

“sarah…what is going on..why the noise..?”

“my bracelet..i lost my bracelet..”

“mttcchhheeww..is that why you’re like

this..disturbing the house..?..just go and get a

new one..”

“(shaky voice)…you don’t get it..its the only

thing i have left of my sister..”

ivan could sense that she was not happy and

was at the point of crying…he walked close to

her and held her..

“sarah..calm down..”

“(sobbing)….i can’t loose that bracelet…i


“shhhhh..you haven’t lost it…it has to be here

somewhere…come…come lets go sit in the


they walked to the parlour and they sat

down…ivan made her lay her head on his


“recall all the places you’ve been today..”

they sat still in silence with sandra trying to

recall but was distracted…distracted by

ivan…he was slowly caressing her..her

hair…nose..cheeks..lips….ivan was having the

irresistable urge to kiss her again…he was

fighting hard..he couldnt anymore..he brought

his lips to hers….he was about kissing her


ring ring

sandra’s phone rang..

“oh thank God” she muttered…there was no

way she could have resisted ivan..she quickly

stood up to answer the phone..it was nancy.

“hello..baby girl…hw u de..?”

“hmmm..pidgin…i’ll tell mom..”

“(smiling)…ok..sorry..let me correct

myself…how are you..” she asked with an


“(laughing)…i’m fine and you..?”

“i’m not ooh..”

“why..what happened..i misplaced my


“really..?..since when..??..” she asked…she was

going to try and find out what was not right..

“i don’t know ooh..i just noticed it but i think

it should be yesterday…cos i know i had it

with me..”

“hmmm…ok..ok…that’s the reason i called…i

found it at ivan’s place..i was wondering how it

got there..”

sandra was shocked…she searched her brain

quickly for what to say so as not to give

herself away..

“ooohhh…umm..eerr…maybe..maybe i left it

there the time we went and i just realised it

now..yes..i think so..”

“hmmmm….ok..how will you get it back


“i’ll come over to get it..”

“come over..??…but you’re not in town..”

“oh..yes..i forgot..ok..keep it..when i come

back i’ll get it..”

they talked for a while before nancy ended the

call…she didnt know what was going on but

she is sure of one thing…sandra was in town

and lied about going out of town…the reason

she doesnt know but she will find out



its been two months now….the connection

between sandra and ivan grew but they each

tried to fight it…they both denied it ..no one

wanted to admit the feelings they had for each

other….sandra served ivan breakfast…

“see now…you overslept…we’ll be late to the

hospital today…you and sleep..”

“its not my fault na..”

“(smiling)…let me go get water..”

she came back only to find ivan eating with his

hands..again..she sighed…she walked close to

him and flicked his neck like she always does…

” how many times have i told you to stop

eating noodles with your hand?”

“ooohhh…sarah..that thing is painful ooh..i

told you…some habits never dies..” he said

scratching the spot of his neck she flicked.

they got ready and left for the hospital..

“hmmm…mr ivan..i can see you’re doing


“yes doc..all thanks to sarah here…she’s the


“she definitely is…you’re lucky to have a

fiancee like her…some would have abandoned

you but she didnt..”

ivan was confused..why did the doctor say

sarah was his fiancee…he wanted to ask but

decided against it…he would ask her when

they get to the house..

“so doctor…what’s the latest news..” sandra


“well…we noticed minor improvement but its

not impressive..he should be able to see a

little bit by now….its not a problem

though…the surgery should do the trick..to

that end..i’ve arranged everything…the surgery

will happen in a month”








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