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“Holy Shit!” Dominic said in shock as he watched hundreds of the zombies stand up gradually from the bed and cut off the fluid infusion set attached to their body.

Patrick pulled out his cellphone and punched Vivian’s digits. A couple of rings after, Vivian picked up.

“Hello Vivian, I want you to activate emergency lock down protocol for block 2A basement now!” Patrick said as he gestured his hands for the kids to leave the basement which they all obliged and left one after another.

“Is there a problem sir?” Vivian asked over the phone.

“Yes there is! Those beasts are about to let loose. Activate the d--n protocol now!” Patrick barked as he watched the zombies make their stance.

Vivian initiated the lock down protocol as instructed, the zombies began walking en masse towards the entrance where Patrick still stood to watch their activity.

“I’d be damned!” He said to himself on seeing the zombies move in their Super sonic speed towards him, luckily for him, the lock down protocol became effective right on time. Steel walls began enclosing within the basement leaving the zombies stuck inside and Patrick outside. Patrick dashed out of the basement and ran up the underground staircase to meet with June, Rose and Dominic who were waiting outside.

“Dad are you okay?” June asked as she embraced her father, Patrick was panting and sweating profusely.

“Y-yes.” Patrick stuttered trying to catch his breath.

“Dad, what happened down there?”

“They were coming for us, the lock down protocol has been initiated and i got really lucky it got initiated right on time else I’d be dead meat.”

“Dad what are we going to do?” June asked worryingly.

“Sweetheart, the lock down protocol is made of Ultra-High Hardness armor steel and its capable of withstanding explosives and bullets, it should keep a hundreds of those zombies at bay while we figure something out. okay?” Patrick said.

“Sure.” June responded.

“Y’all don’t panic, okay? I’ll put a call through to Larry Forbes and inform him of our discovery. Meanwhile, let me get y’all home.” Patrick said as the trio nodded and followed him behind to the car. They all took their seats while Patrick started the car and made a reverse to exit the facility’s main gate.

“Wait a minute.” Patrick said as he tilted the steering.

“is something wrong dad?” June asked.

“What happened to your leg? Where’s your crutch?” Patrick enquired and shot a glance at June’s left leg.

“Dominic helped me.”



“Would you mind telling me how?” Patrick responded and raised a brow, not convinced at June’s answer.

“Uhm he gave me this medicine, it’s a weird herbal drug for bones and it worked perfectly, I was skeptical at first.” June said as Dominic cleared his throat from the back seat. June turned to him and gestured her fingers across her lips telling him to keep his mouth shut.

Patrick scoffed before responding” “Herbal drug huh?” he said.

“Yeah” June responded as Rose tried to contain her laughter from the backseat.

“Hm okay.” Patrick responded and kept his eyes on the road. The rest of the journey to their respective homes was a silent one.



Grenville, Tennessee – 4th July, 1990. 07:02PM

“Dad, I still don’t get why we’re leaving phoenix for this shit hole.” Scott said as he scanned the streets of Grenville from the car window while Jacob tilted the steering, paying more attention to the road than Scott’s question.

“Honey, Grenville is a nice place. I’m sure you’ll get to like better than phoenix.” Josie responded.

“I hope so mom, it appears to be a weird place. Its so different to phoenix. It’s a downgrade if you ask me.”

“Scott honey, your dad made the best decision for us. Let’s keep it that way.” Josie responded.

“Right! The best!” Scott responded sarcastically.

Dominic sat next to the opposite rear window, while Alexa sat in between Scott and Dominic. Dominic had been moody throughout the trip. He rested his head on the window and counted the streetlights, he hummed to himself while doing so until he noticed a couple of girls riding a bicycle across the sidewalk. He erected his head to have a better view of the girls, the streetlights beamed its light on the girls revealing one with a blonde hair and the other with a brunette. Both cycling next to each other.

“Which of them caught your attention?” Alexa asked all smiles, startling Dominic with the question.


“You like one of them don’t you? Or maybe both?” Alexa said and chuckled.

“Oh Alexa, don’t be ridiculous. I don’t even know them.”

“I know, but you seem to be so interested in them yet you don’t know them huh?”

“Alex please.” Dominic responded and turned back to the cycling girls, the blonde girl had overtaken the brunette, he fixed his gaze on the brunette and smiled. Jacob sped past the girls leaving Dominic with a sight of just the streetlights he had been counting. Suddenly, Dominic began to shake uncontrollably.

“Dad, it’s happening again!” Alexa screamed at Patrick who panicked and swerved the steering to the far left, he got a hold of the steering and returned it to it’s rightful position before the car could loose it’s balance. Scott watched on laughing at Dominic’s situation.

“Son, calm down. Breathe out.” Jacob said and watched Dominic’s situation from the rear-view mirror.

“Dad he’s glowing!” Alexa said again as red fire sparkles began surrounding Dominic while he kept shaking uncontrollably. Jacob pulled the car to halt and rushed down to Dominic’s aid. He brought him out of the car and lay him on the ground.

“You can do this, just calm down.” Jacob said holding Dominic still.

“Jacob, please be careful.” Josie said worryingly as Dominic’s glow became more intense. She held onto Alexa tight while Scott smiled at all that was happening, offering no help whatsoever.

“Dad please stay back, I don’t wanna hurt you!” Dominic warned as he kept shaking uncontrollably.

“I’m not leaving you son.”

“You have to!” Dominic barked and tossed Jacob aside, he stood up and ran into the woods covered in the red sparkles.

“Oh no!” Jacob said and stood up, he ran after Dominic into the woods.

“Jacob!” Josie called out as her husband ran into the woods after Dominic. Alexa followed behind leaving her mother’s grasp.

“Alexa!” Josie called out as Alexa ran as fast as she could behind her father. Josie sighed and shot a glance at Scott who seem to be enjoying the show.

“Your brother is in distress and all you could do is laugh?”

“What may i do to be of help mom?” Scott asked as Josie walked out on him and returned to the car.

Dominic arrived at the end of the woods panting, the glow emitting from him lit up the woods, he knelt and cried as tears rolled down his cheek. Jacob and Alexa caught up with him and noticed how much red flames had surrounded Dominic. They kept their distance. The weather changed immediately, the wind began rolling the dried leaves on the ground forming what seem to be a tornado.

“Dominic, I love you very much. You can get past this! You are my son!” Jacob screamed from afar to the hearing of Dominic. Dominic screamed as the earth began to crack, the tornado had formed completely. Jacob and Alexa held a tree for support as the fast wind blew harder.

Dominic kept screaming as the earth continued to crack, he let out a loud scream as the red flames around him exploded burning the trees closest to him. He felt a deep relief and sighed, the cracking continued.

“Come on son!” Jacob cried out as Dominic stood up, he rushed to them.

“You’re creating an earthquake. Make it stop.” Alexa said.

“I can’t.” Dominic replied panting. They stood watching the crack continue as it formed a big circle. The circle was complete and the earth within the circle collapsed creating a big hole as thick red flames began to burn in the hole.

“Son, let’s get out of here!” Jacob said as they all ran back to the car panting.

“Dominic!” Josie said excitingly and pulled him into a hug.

“We gotta go now!” Jacob said as everyone returned to their seats except Scott, he never got down after the conversation he had with his mom. Jacob Kick start the car engine and sped off.



June arrived at the Griffith’s residence and knocked on the door softly. Shortly, Alexa opened up.

“Hello” June greeted all smiles.

“Hi” Alexa greeted back.

“I’m June, is Dominic home?”

“Yeah i know who you are. Come in.” Alexa said all smiles and led June into the house. The family were having dinner and Dominic looked surprised to see June. He stood up and left his meal.

“Hey, what’s up?” He said to June.

“Hi” June responded and bit her lower lip seductively.

“Dad, mom, this is June Sinclair.” Dominic said introducing June to his family.

“I’m pleased to meet you sir, ma’am. Dom has told me a lot about you both.” June said.

“You’re welcome June, you look really beautiful.” Josie complimented.

“Thank you ma’am.”

“Miss Sinclair, Dominic has told me a lot about you too.” Jacob said and chuckled as Dominic shot him a glance and raised a brow.

“To what do we owe this visit?” Jacob asked.

“Actually, I’m here to see Dominic.” June responded.

“Oh of course. Would you mind having a seat? Join us for dinner.”

“No sir, I’m good.”

“Dom, can we see on private please?” June asked.

“Private?” Dominic eyes widened.

“yeah, your room maybe?” June said as Jacob chuckled.

“Sure, why not.” Dominic said and lead the way to his room.

June slammed the door shut to Dominic’s surprise as they got into the room.

“Why?” Dominic asked curiously.

“I wanna make a confession.” June said walking closer to Dominic who walked backwards to the end of the room until he hit the wall.

“Confess what?” Dominic asked sweating.

“I’ve been having these butterflies in my stomach Dominic. You’re the butterflies in my stomach and i cannot keep pretending i don’t love you.” June said and touched Dominic’s lips.

“What-What do you mean?” Dominic stuttered.

“I love you Dominic Griffith.” June said and made an attempt to kiss Dominic as he blocked the attempt with the palm of his hand.

“Uhm and Alex?” Dominic asked.

“Oh f--k him. I wanna be with you not that a-----e I’m breaking up with him tonight.” She responded and made another attempt to kiss Doninic but he resist.

“I love you too very much. From the onset, I just didn’t know how to tell you. Ever since i bumped into you at the school cafeteria and even before that, I saw you the first day we moved down to Grenville and I’ve always loved you ever since.” Dominic responded.

“So are we official now?” June asked licking her lips.

“Yeah. Sure, absolutely.” Dominic said and smiled.

“Why don’t you go home, we’ll see at school tomorrow?” Dominic suggested.

“Sure babe. I hope you dream of me tonight.” June said and catwalk her way to the door.

“I hope so too.” Dominic responded and grinned. She opened the door and winked at him before heading back to say goodbye to the rest of his family at the dinning. Dominic slammed the door shut and sighed. He placed his hands on his head in confusion, confused at all that just happened. He gave himself a slap to be sure he wasn’t dreaming or hallucinating.

“D--n! It’s not a dream!” He said to himself and paced up and down the room in mixed feelings, a part of him was excited about June confessing her love for him and the other part of him felt something strange about it.

“I gotta call her to be sure.” He said to himself and reached out to his cellphone.


“Thomas has been the thief all along! He has been creating those monsters. I trusted him!” Patrick said and buried his face in his palm as Doris pat his back to comfort him.

“He wasn’t himself dad. He made mention of completing his assignment before stabbing himself.” June said as Patrick lifted his head.

“That’s right! He seem possessed. What could have possessed him?” Patrick asked as no one could give an answer to his question.

“Honey, your leg is all healed up already?” Doris enquired taking a look at June’s left leg.

“Yeah, my friend Dom helped-”

“With herbal drugs” Patrick finished her statement.

“Oh do such things exist?” Doris asked her husband who shrugged.

“We’ll have to ask Dominic, maybe he’ll work with us. This drug that has the ability to heal a broken bone within a day, that is special.” Patrick said and laughed as June rolled her eyes. Shortly, her new cellphone rang.

“Hello?” She answered.

“Hey babe.” Dominic responded over the phone.

“Babe?” June said as Doris and Patrick both shot a glance at themselves.

“Oh I’m sorry. You stopped by over tonight, remember?”

“Did I?”

“Yes you did. We had a pretty interesting conversation.”

“I’ve been home all evening Dominic. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” June responded.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!”

“What’s the problem Dom?” June asked curiously.

“You were at my house few minutes ago, like five minutes ago. You met my parents, we talked.” Dominic said.

“Dom have you been drinking?” June asked.

“Holy shit! Forgive me June, I think i know what happened.”


“I can’t tell you now. Maybe later? Just be careful. Don’t allow anyone into your house. Regardless of who it might be. Promise me?” Dominic said.

“Sure. Be careful” June said and hung up. Shortly, Patrick’s cellphone rang.

“Hello Mr Sinclair, we have a security breach from the facility basement. I think the steel walls have fallen.” Vivian announced over the phone.

“Shit! Call the securities and get out of the complex immediately.” Patrick said and hung up.

“What’s the problem honey?” Doris asked looking worried.

“Those bastards torn down the steel walls! The f-----g steel walls!” Patrick said and put a call through to Larry Forbes.

“Hello Mr Forbes.”

“Hello Sir, what’s the latest?”

“I need the best team you can send to the facility now. Those monsters have breached the walls.”

“We’ll be right there sir.” Larry Forbes responded and hang up.

“Oh no. They’re out?” June asked.

“Yes.” Patrick nodded and stood up immediately.

“Dad where are you going?” June asked worryingly.

“I need you both to stay back honey!” he said and grabbed his coat from the couch and stormed out.

“Mom, I’ve seen those monsters. If the impenetrable steel walls can’t stop them, nothing can.” June said as Doris shivered in fear. June picked up her cellphone and called Dominic back.

“Hey Dom!”

“What’s up?”

“The facility is under attack. The zombies broke down the walls.”

“Just stay right there.” Dominic said and hang up. June paced up and down the room as red sparkles began to form a circle.

“June what is that?!” Doris asked in fear as she took a few steps back.

“It’s fine mom!” June assured and smiled as Dominic appeared at the middle of the circle alongside Rose.

“What the hell just happened?” Doris screamed as Dominic and Rose stepped out of the circle.

“Hello Mrs Sinclair.” Dominic greeted.

“Stay away from me! Get out!” Doris screamed.

“Mom it’s okay. Trust me.” June said calming the fright in her mom.

“Rose?” June said.

“Hi June. Hi Mrs Sinclair.”

“The team isn’t complete without her, so i brought her over.” Dominic said to June.

“Roseline?? You just stepped out of a circle of flames!” Doris screamed.

“Mrs Sinclair, please calm down. June will explain things to you.”

“Shut your hole! I’m calling the security if you don’t leave my house.” Doris threatened.

“Mom please calm down.”

“You need to tell me what the hell is going on June. Is your friend some wizard or something?” Doris asked.

“Yes he is mom and he is here to help us. Dad and Larry’s men won’t stand a chance against the zombies. Dominic is the best weapon we have to fight this battle.” June said as Doris sighed.

“I-I’m sorry Dominic. I’ve never seen anything like it.” Doris apologised to Dominic.

“It’s okay Mrs Sinclair.”

“Take my hand.” Dominic said to June and Rose as the held his hands, the red sparkles circled the trio as they teleported out of the house to the facility.

“Oh my God!” Doris said panting after they had left.


Larry Forbes and his team arrived in five police vans at the facility, they could hear a loud sound coming from the basement as the zombies hit the steel walls hard.

They all got down and positioned their weapons as they faced the entrance to the basement.

The zombies hit the steel walls hard creating a loud deep bass sound.

Patrick arrived at the scene in his car, the facility securities joined Larry’s men as they all surrounded the facility with their weapons ready to fire.

The zombies broke down the wall and rushed out in multitude.

“Mary mother of Jesus!” Larry Forbes said to himself as he watched the zombies storm out of the basement.

Author’s Note: There you have it, the first part of the invasion chapter. This should have been the longest chapter I’ve ever written if i were to merge it as one. It’s a total of over 7000 words and i believe it won’t be convenient for some of you to read as a whole.

Furthermore, I have a special airtime reward for anyone who can explain the theory behind the fake June that appeared to Dominic. You have until the next chapter to get the theory correct.

THE INVASION 2 Coming up this Sunday. 18/10/2020.

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