Sexx Ville

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Written by: Phoenix Flash and Sadiq Ace Infinity


My name’s Peter, Son of a Mason Roland! My dad is a very wealthy business man! He deals in mineral resources which in turn he sells them at the highest bidder, You may all think since he’s wealthy, life is good! No it isn’t.

When I was little, My mom was the only one there for me, she spent more time with me than my dad, He always talks about work, time and money! He never gave me his attention as a father sometimes I even wonder if he’s really my dad! Even my mother would talk to him but he wouldn’t listen to her, Then one day, he crossed the line, He came back late at work, staggering as if he wanted to fall, He was drunk, He went into the room and jumped on my mom! He wanted to have sex with her but she refused, He beat her, slapping and punching her wherever he wanted, I came into the room to stop them but he slapped me hard across the face sending me flying !

He injured my mom, her beautiful face was ruined by his cruelty, I was so angry I wanted to kill him, The next day after, I came back from school, I went into the house, as I entered, I heard moans inside moms bedroom, I quietly crept to see what was going on? As I arrived there, the door was slightly open! Then I was what would change my life forever, Dad was having sex with a strange lady, By the time, I didn’t know what it was so I quickly ran down to the parlor, Mom also had came back from the hospital ad she went to check on herself, I immediately told her what I was, Her face showed anger and rage, She was furious, She quickly went to their room, and saw what happened, I later heard she and dad shouting at each other, The lady that my father was f-----g quickly ran out of the house half naked, Soon after that, I heard a loud scream that pierced my heart, It was moms!

I quickly ran upstairs to check what happened, as I arrived, I saw her on the fall, her head covered in blood, Dad stood with his eyes widened in fear! He just stood there motionless, naked! I went close to mom, her body was hot, her eyes looked weak, She smiled when she saw me, touching my face with her bloodstained hands, she pulled me close to her and whispered in my ears!

” I’m sorry, Pete, I really am”

After, She said those words, she died, I tried to wake her up but she was already a corpse, I cried and cried begging her to wake up but she didn’t, I looked at my father, I knew he was responsible for her death and so was I, if I hadn’t told her, this wouldn’t have happened!

A few days later, My mom was buried! Since then, my fathers attitude towards me changed, but I didn’t care, I hated him! And I swore I was going to make his life miserable!



Sexx Ville - S01

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