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The next two weeks went by really fast,

Farid and I tried our best to avoid each

other as much as possible. Both of us

knew about each other’s timings so we

hardly had an encounter. Whenever he

was here, I stayed in my room or went

outside and he did the same thing. We

had nothing left to talk about since our

last conversation.

Today was Sobia’s birthday and Rafay

asked me to invite Farid which meant

that I’ll have to talk to him today. I was

walking outside of his bedroom

debating if I should ask him or leave it.

It’s not like he would come with me in

the first place. I was about to knock on

his door when the door flew open and

Farid looked stunned.

‘What are you doing here?’ He asked


‘It’s Sobia’s birthday today…’Before I

could finish my sentence he jumped in

as usual. He never let me speak.

‘Yeah okay, tell the driver he’ll pick you

up from the party if it gets late’ He was

about to close the door when I stepped

inside his room for the first time.

‘Hey…’ He protested.

‘Would you please just listen…I wanted

to ask if you want to come to the

birthday party with me’. I snapped at


He looked confused.

‘You want me to go with you?’ Why is he

asking me this?

‘Yeah I guess if you want to’ I shrugged.

‘Okay’ He calmly replied.

‘Cool’ I took a step back and literally ran

out of his room. Why is my mind keep

on going back to him?

By 4 pm, I was all ready. I wore a plain

red flowy dress and left my straight hair

open and for makeup, I did a brown

smokey eye and nude lipstick. When I

walked downstairs, I saw Farid and he

didn’t fail to get my attention. He was

wearing a black suit and a red tie. His

hair was pulled back which made him

look a little older than his age but this

look suited him. I walked up to him and

he took my hand in his hand and my

eyes popped up.

He took out a red velvet box from his

jacket’s pocket and inside of it was a

beautiful rose gold diamond ring. It was

simple and elegant. He took the ring out

of the box and slipped it on my ring

finger. It was a perfect fit.

‘Farid…’ I looked at him and then back to

the ring.

‘Do you like it? I can get something else

if you don’t…’

‘I love it’ I squeezed his hands.

My eyes filled up with tears, I was feeling

so many different emotions. Even

though it was all fake. It still meant


‘Why are you crying stupid girl?’ He took

my face in his hands and wiped the

tears away from my face.

‘Thank you’ My voice was still shaking.

This ring was a proof of our marriage

even though it was temporary…

‘Lets go’ He didn’t let go of my hand

until we reached his car.

I kept looking at my hands, I didn’t

understand his gesture…without making

false assumptions I decided to ask him.

‘Farid…why did you give me this ring?’

‘Hmm?’ He was clearly lost in his own


‘I said, why did you give me this ring?’

‘I thought you liked it.’

‘I do, I just don’t understand why…’

‘Because every bride needs her diamond

ring …now let me enjoy the music’

He went back to humming some soft

rock lyrics and my eyes went back to the

rock that was shining brightly in my


The party was small and intimate,

everyone there was a close family

relative or a friend. I practically knew

everyone at the party. After greeting the

birthday girl, I took Farid with me to

introduce him to the families I knew.

Everything seemed to like Farid.

‘How come you know all these people?’

He asked when we sat down at one of


‘Sobia and I are pretty close, we know

everyone in each other’s families’ I

explained to him.

‘Your mother just walked in’ He

informed me and I looked around until I

saw her in the crowd.

‘We should go’ I told him.


‘I don’t think she wants to talk to me’ I

was having an anxiety attack.

‘You’re okay?’ He was worried.

‘I just need some air’ I walked outside

the hall, leaving him behind.

I was walking outside in the lawn when

I heard my mother.

‘Laila’ I turned around and walked right

towards my mother.

‘Ammi’ I didn’t realize I was crying.

She opened her arms and embraced me.

‘Ammi’ I held her tightly and she patted

my head.

‘Shhh Laila…dont cry. I am here’

‘I missed you, I thought I lost you


She and I sat down on the grass and she

wiped away the tears from her eyes as

well as mine.

‘Ammi, Farid and I…’

‘I know’ She answered.


‘How?’ I asked.

‘Farid spoke to me, he said he is the one

to blame. He told me how he

manipulated you into marrying him for

money’ She sighed.

‘Ammi, listen what happened was…’

‘Laila, you don’t have to explain

anything, I can understand why you fell

for his trap. I am sorry I couldn’t protect

you’ She was having a breakdown.

‘I am happy with him’ I told her


She looked confused.

‘He is a nice guy Ammi, I know he comes

out very cold and harsh but he is a

caring person, he’s just been through a

lot’ I explained it to her.

‘I just don’t want you to suffer because

of us’ She weakly said.

‘I am not, I know it was a fast decision,

but it was meant to be’

My mother and I talked for a while

before walking inside, when Rafay and

Sobia saw me and my mother together,

she winked at me and nudged Rafay

who gave me a thumps up. My mother

got busy with other guests and I went

out to look for Farid because he was

nowhere in sight.

I walked back outside when I saw a

dark figure in a distance. When I walked

closer, I realized it was Farid, and he was

smoking a cigarette.

‘Cigarette is injurious to health’ I said

from behind.

‘Yet people die in all different ways,

other than smoking as well’ He fought


I rolled my eyes.

He pulled a cigarette out of his mouth

and crushed it under his shoes.

‘Better?’ He asked.

I shook my head.

‘Lets go inside Sobia is about to cut the

cake’ I smiled at him and started

walking back inside, hoping he would

follow and thankfully he did.

‘Are you happy with me?’ He asked from

behind. Maybe he heard the

conversation I had with my mother a

while ago.

I kept walking, not sure how to answer

it. Was I happy with him?

‘Answer me’ He demanded, he was a lot

closer to me this time.

‘Are you?’ I turned around and asked

the same question, I wanted to know

this as much as he did.

‘What do you think?’ He tucked my hair

behind my ear and walked inside.

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