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As soon as our lips touched, I lost senses

of everything. He was too intense. It felt

like I was going to hell. It felt like a sin

and I didn’t care. His hands around me

become loose and he brought his hands

to my cheeks. The rough sensation

quickly turned into a sweet paradise. He

brought his lips down my throat and I

felt a sharp pain on my skin when he

s----d into my neck. That’s when I

recollected my sense.

‘Farid’ He didn’t recognize my voice at

first, he ignored me and continued

having his way.

‘Farid’ I said again and I made sure my

voice was loud enough for him to hear.

This time, he listened to me and let go

of me immediately. I looked at him and

saw his dark aura, I never noticed earlier

but he was intoxicated. His eyes were

gentle yet heavy and his lips were

swollen from kissing me. I looked away

from him right away and pulled my

shirt’s collar up to hide the marks that

he left of my shoulders.

‘Please leave Farid’ I wanted him to leave

before I changed my mind. I was scared

that if he stayed behind, we might do

something that we’ll both regret later.

We need to stay far away from each

other as possible. I can’t let this go on

any further.

The gentleness in Farid’s eyes washed

away from right after I told him to leave.

‘Yeah it’s not like this was anything

special anyways’ He stormed right out of

Sobia’s house and smacked the door

shut as loud as possible. I ran towards

the window and saw him smashing his

hands to the hood of his car before

driving off.

I wanted him to go, but his last

comment did hurt me. For him, it might

have been nothing special, but for me, it

was a memory that I’ll never forget. I

just had my first kiss.

After a while, I walked upstairs to

Sobia’s room and I knew she was

awake but she pretended to be asleep

and I was very thankful for it. It would

have been really hard to explain

everything to her. What if she heard us?

Did she know that we …? I guess I’ll

never know. I was so embarrassed.

Never in a million years I would have

imagined that one day I’ll have my first

ever kiss with a guy like Farid. I guess

we really can’t tell what’s written in our


When I woke up, there was so sign of

Sobia, turned out she went out to me my

favorite cream cheese and bagel from a

bakery near her house. When she

returned and we started eating our food

she popped up the question.

‘So last night…’She chuckled. Ya Allah she


‘Let’s not make a huge deal about this

okay?’ I was feeling so shy.

‘Oh no my best friend, we are not done.

Not even close. You said you don’t like

him and yesterday you were all moaning

and stuff. It was so annoying, I bet the

entire neighbourhood heard you’ She

laughed and I dropped my bagel on the

plate. I was horrified.


‘Don’t play dumb now’ She winked.

‘Everything happened so quickly’ My

mind went back to thinking about

yesterday night. Yes, everything did

happen quickly. His one move changed

everything. I should have stopped him, I

know I could have if I tried, but I didn’t

and I knew why…because I wanted it as

much as he did and I hated myself for

wanting someone who didn’t want me

the same way.


‘No Sobia, it’s not like that. It was a


I knew I’ll have to face Farid one day or

another and I couldn’t stay with Sobia

any longer because her mother was

coming back home today, which meant

that I’ll have to go back to Farid’s place.

I knew he left his place at around

11:00am so I decided to wait until then

before going down there. It was about

11:30am when I reached his house, I

checked the living room and the kitchen.

There was no sign of Farid anywhere.

Thank god he is not here. I walked to my

room and saw that everything was all

clean and my dirty clothes were neatly

washed and folded. At least I won’t have

to worry about that anymore.

I was putting all of my clothes inside the

cupboard when Farid walked right into

my room.

‘You’re back’ It sounded more like a

question. Maybe he thought I’ll never

come back. Did he miss me?

‘Yeah, I hope that’s okay. Sobia’s mother

is back so I didn’t…’

‘Yeah, no…it’s okay.’ He said nervously.

‘I am sorry’ I blurted out these words

without thinking.

‘For what?’

‘Just…about yesterday.’ After putting my

clothes inside, I walked away from him

and stood near the bookshelf to keep

some distance between us.

‘Okay’ He came closer to me, enough for

me to reach out and touch him, but

there was still some distance.

‘For telling you to leave or kissing you

back…everything that happened. It was

wrong and irresponsible and I am sorry’

I told him, avoiding his eyes. I know I

shouldn’t be the one to apologize but I

don’t want him to think that I liked

kissing him or give him any wrong


‘It was just a kiss Laila, it’s not like it

meant anything. I was drunk and you

were there, it was just a matter of time. I

would have kissed any other girl the

same way if she was there instead of

you’ His light response didn’t reach his

smile that was plastered on his face. He

said those words to hurt me. I knew it

the second he said it. He can’t be that

insensitive, can he? Everything about

him in this moment was making me


‘Good’ I smiled back. If he wanted to be

such an arse then fine.

‘I’ll be home late’ He said quietly as he

walked out of my room. There were two

things that my fake husband never failed

to do, first,humiliate me and second hurt

me and each time he did it, it hurt me

more than before.I knew there was

something good, some kindness left in

him but he always covered it with hate

and anger. Why was he like this?

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