My Madam And I

10 hours ago


” Stupid boy! Where are you’re coming from by this time?! Do you think you can just walk in here anytime you desire like its your fathers parlor?” came the greetings from my boss. I was perplexed, coz I felt we were supposed to be in good terms, after the good sex she confessed I gave her, plus how she wouldn’t trade my joystick for anything in the world, that it is the best she has ever had.


I tried to explain myself but she lashed on me hard before I could form a word , ” shot that your wretched stinking mouth! You fool! If everyone comes to work by this time do you think we’ll still be operational?” I just stare on like a zombie, and managed to mutter ” am sorry ma, it won’t happen again “. She looked at me in so much contempt and said, ” you better not try it again, coz if I hear, even in my dream that you came anything after 7am, just consider looking for another job, fool! Ewu! ”

I felt so used and inconsequential as I struggled to walk to my station. She kept trowing words around at any one who crosses her path.

At a point she even threw a ceramic cup at me for not responding to her call pronto. I managed to escape it and it landed on the desktop in front of me and shattered the screen.


My Madam And I - S01

10 hours ago