The Maid's Daughter

2 weeks ago


“Say You’ll Do It.”

He named a salary that was over twice what she’d been making before. Only a fool would turn down this opportunity, but then again, working with Devlyn Wolff would not be easy. He was charming and outrageously handsome and had a wicked sense of humor….

All qualities that were destined to make a woman like Gillian fall into infatuation at the very least. And she was pretty sure she wasn’t imagining the sexual vibe between them. What was alarming was that if she succumbed, not only would she endanger yet another good job, but she risked getting her heart broken. “I’m a businessman. And despite your hang-ups, I’m not offering you this job because of something that happened when we were kids.” He could deny it all he wanted, but she was almost one hundred percent sure that Devlyn was the kind of man who needed to even the scales. This was his way of assuaging his guilt over the past. Still, who was she to turn down a boon because of his screwed-up motives? “I’ll do it,” she said. “When do I start?”


The Maid's Daughter - S01

2 weeks ago