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When Fatimah and I left Professor Marwan’s house, we were so astonished by the sudden sight of the pregnant sky. It was obvious that there would be a heavy rainfall. I was happy, reason because it’d been long since it rained. And by the way, I truly love it when rain falls.

“Can I give you a ride?” I said to Fatimah, she did not come with her car, you know. “Can I?”

“If you wish” She said.

“Hmm, ok” I opened the door for her.

“Thank you” She gently hopped inside.

“You’re welcome!” I shut the door off. I was happy that she accepted my offer in a jiffy. Well, she did not have any other choice as the rain was about falling and there were absolutely no cabs nearby for her to board.

Immediately I hopped into the car as well, I ignited the engine into action and drove us away in high speed. I didn’t need to tell my Queen to fasten her seatbelt, she did that as fast as she could and covered her face with her two palms. She must be scared already.

Hmm, mata kenan!

I kept driving fast until the rain finally began falling. Thus, I promptly reduced my speed to avoid spinning in the wet road. That moment, Fatimah uncovered her face and then sighed. She literally did not like my speed, it was too much. Well, I just wanted taking her home in time. I didn’t want her to get drenched at all.

It was a silent drive to Alhaji Bulama’s house. But due to the heavy rainfall, Fatimah wasn’t able to hop out of the car. She stayed calmly, and while I looked at her – temptation made me to hold her hand. She didn’t say anything, she allowed me to even kiss it. If it was in the past few years, she would have yelled at me.

“Do you believe in that story?” I eventually decided to shatter the silence between us.

“Whi… which story?” She stuttered, looking through her side window. She seemed shy!

“Professor Marwan’s story” I cherished her hand, it was so soft and also cold. “Do you?”

“No, I don’t” She said.

“Me too” I kissed the hand again. “But I do know one thing, he wants to help us out…”

“That’s because he doesn’t know my father” She snapped at me. “He should try and see”

What does she mean?

Her words made my heart to sink, it seemed like she had loosed hope already. “Fatimah, look at me” I uttered, still holding her hand. “Look at me please, Fatimah” I uttered again.

Just then she slowly turned to me… with her eyes straight into my eyes. The way she was looking at me was breathtaking, her beauty was something to behold. Actually, she took almost everything from her mother. I could say the only thing she took from her father was his complexion, even that too she’s still more light than him. He was very dark and she was dark brown, sometimes she glows!

“I love you, and I will make you mine” I said not taking my eyes off her. “Please trust me”

“Ok, I trust you” She said.

“Thank you” I smiled. And before I could try bringing up another topic, her phone began ringing. “Won’t you pick the call?” I asked as soon as she hesitated, she seemed so baffled.

“It’s my mother” She said with a sigh.

“Ok, so?” I muttered.

“You won’t understand” She sighed again.

“Hmm, just pick the call” I said.

“Ok, I will” She uttered before she sluggishly picked the call. “Hello, mum… Sorry, it is the rain da na dawo… Right now? Ah! Ok then…”

“She wants you home?” I asked the moment she ended the call, thus she nodded a lil bit.

“I have to go” She said opening the door.

“Wait, won’t you get drenched? I asked.

“Yes I will, and that’s what I want” She said.

“Why?” I puzzled.

“Because that way… she would never suspect anything. I had lied to her that I was going to stroll around” She said and bade me goodbye.

“Take care, my love” I said.

“You too!” She hopped out of the car and ran towards their gate. Few seconds later, it was opened for her. Thus, she ran inside the gate.

While driving back home, the rain reduced. Hence, just as I was home I hopped out of the car and headed to the mansion at ease. “AsSalama Alaykum” I said and greeted the people I met in the living room. It was uncle Asad, his wife, and their two children. They had been living with me ever since I lost my parents. I was the one that told them to, and they would be living with me till they decide to leave some day. Their children were Sadiq and Aisha Dolari, both 16 and 13 respectively.

And talking about them, how about my sister? Well, she had gotten married to her fiance just last year. And since then, she hadn’t visit us yet but we used to communicate. She lived in Egypt together with him, he lectured in Nile University. I was happy for her, finally she had settled. And now I think those people that used to talk a lot about her would now stop…

People like those telling her to marry!

Immediately I was in my room, I took shower and quickly changed into another outfit. Thus, I lied on my bed to have some rest. Finally, I’d settled with Fatimah! I smiled and huffed. By the way, she looked hot today too even though she had no much makeup on her face. Verily, some women are naturally charming… of which Fatimah was among. God’s Willing, I would marry her. And together we would give birth to kids. I didn’t like much kids though, three to four are perfectly ok. Girls and boys.


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