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Ever since Fatimah shunned me out of her life three years ago, we had not talk to each other yet. But we used to meet in many places from time to time. In fact, last week we happened to meet in NNPC filling station. But like always, neither of us say a word to each other. She left after filling her tank and I left too. I respected her decision to end our relationship although I still loved her. I could still feel her deep in my heart. How I wished Alhaji Bulama would ever forgive me, but he wouldn’t. After all we were still rivals and he hated our company as it kept on progressing far better than his own.

The real problem was that, many people had so much lose interest in his products because they still believed he killed my parents… but he wasn’t the one. It was the Yargote Group, and the culprit that sponsored the thugs had two years ago been imprisoned for life while the Yargotes were fined N350billion leading to nearly their bankruptcy if not because of Sphere Limited. They merged a year ago and formed Sphere Group together with Yargote.

“Delilah, where’s my coffee?” I said through the intercom. I had left home without food. These days, I used to have a lot of work and also meetings to attend to. Progress, right?

Well, our company had progressed more than it had in the past. Our net worth was now two times more than that of the Bulamas. We are very successful in our Cement, Tiles, Paints, and Wallpaper production across the nation.

“Good morning, sir” Delilah said the moment she walked into my office in her usual outfit.

“Morning” I stared at her.

“Here is your coffee…” She muttered as she dropped the coffee on my table. And just as she was about leaving, I held her hand. She seemed angry, and I truly didn’t know why.

“You’ve been acting weird, Delilah” I said.

Actually, ever since I slept with her a week ago she had been acting strange. She was a new employee in our company and my new secretary. To say she was so beautiful is an understatement, she was a very hot lady!

“I hope everything is ok?” I calmly asked.

“Nothing is ok, sir” She uttered not looking back at me. Truth be told, she didn’t really love me. Infact, she had a fiance whom she would be marrying soon and she liked him.

“Look at me, Delilah” I released her hand.

“Okey, sir” She said and then gently turned fidgeting her finger, still not looking at me. Thus, I ran my eyes across her body. Verily, she lacked nothing. She had everything that every sane man wanted in a woman’s body.

“Is it about our affair? Talk please” I said.

Just then, she broke into tears. “If… If my fiance finds out, he’s going to call off our engagement. I am so scared sir” She said.

Her words were hard for me to process, I really had made a big mistake although it wasn’t as if she was even virgin when we slept. She was as experienced as I was and that really told me that she was not virgin.

“But Delilah, you know I like you, right?” I threw the question to her and ran my eyes across her body again. It was so tempting!

“I love Dominic” She sniffed, trembling.

“Hmm…” I stood to my feet and then walked over to her. I was a lil bit taller hence, that gave me the ability to have a clear view of her cleavage. I could be bad, but no matter what I’d never force someone to love me. I really valued people’s decisions in my life. “Stop crying” I wiped off her tears with my hands and thus pecked her on her forehead.

She was speechless.

And was also insecure.

She really loved her fiance.

“No one will ever know what had happened between us unless you unveil it by your own self. And about your relationship with your fiance, I give you my full support but I’d be taking you to marketing department so that I should not be seeing you always. I don’t want to be tempted again Delilah, ok?” I muttered.

“Ok, sir” She sniffed with a slight nod.

“Now you can go” I muttered.

“Thank you, sir” She said and left.

Verily, a lot had happened to me in the past few years. It was as if I was forced to revive my old habits. I didn’t used to smoke again though but I – occasionally – had slept with girls from different background. I drink too.

After taking my coffee, I went through my schedule for the day which include visiting Professor Marwan. He had called me some days ago and fixed a day for me to see him. Actually it was odd, so I asked him what he had for me and he said “Until you come…” Hence, I took care of the necessary things before driving straight to his house today.

I parked my car outside the gate and then headed into the house by legs. I had been there numerous times before, thus I knew where to walk into and where not to. You know, I was his favorite friend back then. Same also was Fatimah Bulama, and also some of my juniors… back then in school. Truth be told, he used to call Fatimah my future wife because he adored our open relationship. Same as some other people

Just as I walked into Professor Marwan’s house, I greeted his family and then went straight towards his chamber. It was very largish and he had his own library. I truly loved his style. “Sir, it wasn’t my fault!” A familiar voice echoed just as I was about entering his personal office. “He caused it”

Wait a minute…

Wasn’t that Fatimah’s voice?

Huh? What was she doing here?

“Sir, you’re wrong. I still love Yusuf, I truly love him but do I have any choice? I know exactly who my parents are, they will not allow us to marry. Not even in dreamland”

Subhanallah, it was indeed Fatimah!

But how comes? How on earth…?

Was this some kind of a play?


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