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Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers

Their master: you are all welcome to the lions cult, lions. he face me and point a finger at me you! step forward. I did for you to be a lion you have to know the beginning.

Their master: Metem! Metem!! stretch his both hands towards me

Voices: everyone stretching their hands towards me metempsychosis!

I began shrinking till I was so small that I only saw the foot of the man, I stared at the floor and my toes have changed to cat claws.

Their master: find Lolo! find Lolo!!

Suddenly something elevated me and I saw myself in a dark footpath, I was able to see as I traced the road down to a hut at the end with a large cleared compound.

A man stood with his red cap and walking stick with his native out-fit in the entrance of the compound.

Man: who are you cat?

Me: Lolo!

Man: follow me.

I followed behind him seeing the ground in such closure wasn’t funny at all, he stepped aside and asked me to enter inside the hut.

I entered and saw a very huge man with big bre-asts, he sat on a mat inside the hut like a tired man.

Man2: a child who seek a root is a child who knows the worth of ancestors with tired voice

Me: where am I?

Man2: he who is lost is someone who want to find himself, the cat journey is a metempsychosis of a lion soul tired voice

Me: fear catch me will I remain like this?

Man2: you either die or live for ever, the cat journey is a three days journey into the human world. Make sure you are not killed, goo! goo!!

I turned and swirled my tail as I stepped out of the door with one feet, I find myself before a giant light pole in a broad bush road.

I looked north and saw a batcher house and turned back to see a house, I decided to go south only to hear voices coming towards me from that way.

Voices1: mumu boy, you no fit even fit kill small bush meat.

Voices2: commot there, no be me still kill am?

Voices3: kill wetin? relax, I don already matchet am.

I stood there waiting for them, when they appeared I could only see the feet.

I sat back and saw their faces and the matchet and big rat they were holding.

Voice2: see cat.

Voice: pepper soup.

I leapt inside the bush and ran as fast as my legs could take me into the bush, my heart was pounding so fast when I did that.

Some people no normal who dey eat cat for this Earth again na? I no wan end up like pepper soup oh!

I was just bouncing around the bush when I saw a snake slithering towards a tree, I sighed.

When it saw me it turned sharply ready to attack me, I turned too tear better race commot for there.

I just dey hear noise of bike upadan when I came out of one farm in that area, I stepped into a tarred road with one yeye okada making noise towards me.

If for say I no sense am that idiot for don jam me oh, I quickly ran into the bush and waited till the sun leave the sky.

In the night I came out and started patrolling every going from house to house until I caught scent of roasted fish, I realised say I was so hungry. I sneaked into the local kitchen and climbed on the firewoods kept in the kitchen and leapt to were the fish were kept and started devouring them.

Voice1: you keep the fish outside, mumu! come and open this gate!

Voice2: aah! ahh!! mommy, na mistake na.

Voice1: you still dey talk instead of you to open this gate, if that dog finish that fish, you no go eat fish for this house for one Month.

Naso me find my way commot from the kitchen dey flex bush, I enter one incomplete building go chill there till daybreak.

I stretched myself then bounced out of the incomplete house in a bushy area, I started moving around in the bush come dey see farms for that area well well.

This people dey farm oh! I come enter inside the farm to check if I go see any food wey them forget I go come eat.

Only to see two legs on the ground, I come dey study the two legs because them no big only to see say na two pikin get am, I came closer to see one black yansh on top the two soft legs that looked like smal girl own.

This children don dey fu-ck for this tender age, when them grow no come see their virginity them go claim say them rape am.

Me: will you stop that!

Both of them quickly got up from each other and stood up immediately.

Me: small pikin like ona don spoil.

They looked around to see who was talking but couldn’t find me, the cassava stems and leaves don hide me.

I wish say I fit pick up cane flog their small small yansh like twenty strokes, they ran home immediately.

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