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Every day comes with all the way new hopes, new plans and new opportunities. We all get new challenges with every new day. Starting a day with a smile on the face and positive attitude towards all the people can surely make our day better.

It’s been three months since April started working at okema pharmaceuticals, as much as she’d hate to admit it, it’s been fun for her. She loved every bit of her job and she always tried her best to keep her end running.

She struggled with her bag, hand full of files and her laptop as she ran downstairs, as usual, she was late for work and she has an important presentation with the board of directors.

The company was suffering a little setback and they needed to convince new investors to invest into their company, who else would do the job better than April; Anthony had said.

She had slept late the previous night because she was up almost althrough preparing for her big day.

‘ d--n it! ‘ She cursed when her car refused to start.

Getting a cab wasn’t an option for her cause she was late already. She never expected today to turn out this way, first of all, she woke up late and her car that has never disappointed her is now acting up.

‘ You’re late young lady . ‘ She was called out of her reverie.

‘ My car won’t start. ‘

‘ Get in. ‘

‘ Dad? ‘

Mr Cedric and April haven’t been on a good track lately, it sounded strange that he offered to drive her to work.

She got her stuffs from her car and hopped in as Mr Cedric drove out of the compound. There was a lingering silence in the car as he drove.

April thought of starting a conversation, she had nothing to loose even if it turns out bad, she was used to being hurt by his words.

‘ How’s work been dad? ‘

Mr Cedric was quite for a while

‘ Not same without you. ‘ He replied calmly.

‘ The company has you, the best CEO I’ve ever known. ‘

‘ You think so? ‘

‘ I know so Dad. ‘ April smiled.

‘ And how have you been holding up? How’s your work over there? ‘

‘ Holding up, ‘

She sighed

‘ Honestly, it’s been crazy but awesome and fun too. I never imagined it will be this way at first but I got to love my job at Okema so I’d say it’s been life for me. ‘

‘ Do you ever feel like coming back to Bayer? ‘

He asked after a while.

‘ It’s not all about where I am, it’s about who I am and what I grow to be. After a while I got to realise that I’ve spent too much time feeling very relaxed at Bayer, I needed a change or as you said, I needed to grow up. ‘

April chuckled

‘ As much as I’d hate to admit, you were right. It wasn’t about going away or loosing the life I’ve created for myself, it was about seeing that life wherever I find myself. I realised that because of you, because you pushed me to and for that, I’m grateful Papa. ‘

For once in a very long time in Cedric’s life, he felt proud of his decision. He smiled as he gently squeezed April’s hand.

‘ And as for coming back, Bayer will always be home for me. ‘

‘Of course it will but for now, I think you have to get down. ‘ Mr Cedric said. Only then did April realise that they’ve arrived at Okema.

She got her stuffs and bid her dad goodbye. She hurried into the building as Julia stood up immediately she saw her boss.

‘ Good morning ma’am. You.. ‘

April cut her short before she could finish.

‘ I know am late, is the boardroom ready? ‘

‘ Everyone is waiting for you ma’am. ‘ Julia replied as she followed her boss into her office.

‘ Okay, get me coffee before I get back. ‘

April said as she headed for the boardroom. She plugged her laptop to the projector immediately she got in, getting the attention of everyone in the room.

She smiled as she explained fluently with ease. Everyone listened as she went on and on . Anthony kept staring at her unable to pay attention. To him, her beauty was distracting. The way she spoke, body movements, he was carried away.

He didn’t even notice she was through until everyone started leaving the room. She mingled as they left until it was left with she and Anthony.

April unplugged her laptop, packed her files to leave but Anthony called back.

‘ That was a nice one April. ‘

‘ Thank you Sir. ‘

She smiled and opt to leave

‘ Dinner, can we have dinner later this evening? ‘

‘ I’ll be busy sir but thanks for the generous offer . ‘

‘ Going out with someone else? ‘

‘ I believe this conversation has nothing to do with my work here Sir. ‘

‘ Come on April, what’s with the ” Sir ” ? ‘

April smiled

‘ Who are you to me Mr Davis ? ‘

Anthony sighed. This new April in front of him was way different from the April he used to know. She was the easy going type and very easy to talk to. Though he knew he was wrong, what’s about the past that she can’t let go after so many year; he wondered.

Here he was trying his best to make things right and she was giving him a cold shoulder. She has done a good job ignoring him for the past months and it was hurting his pride. He knew better than arguing with her so he gave up.

‘ Your boss. ‘

‘ Then have a nice day sir. ‘

April walked out on him.



Maria paced back and forth in her sitting room after reading a text from her husband’s phone. She couldn’t figure out where she went wrong.

They’ve been married for two years, she’s done everything she could to see her marriage balance. As far as she could remember, she’s been a good wife to Steve and mother to their daughter Mercedes.

All the while, she thought they were happy, she thought they were good but right now, everything seems the opposite. Why would Steve cheat on her? She wondered.

Just then, Steve walked into the house.

‘ Maria, did you see my phone? ‘

‘ Right there. ‘ She pointed.

He noticed the look on her face but he wasn’t going to ask why. When he picked up the phone, he saw the text displayed on his screen and then it registered to him that his wife must have seen it.

Immediately, he started thinking of a defense line.

‘ Won’t you eat? ‘ She calmly asked.

‘ No, I’m tired. ‘

‘ yes, I noticed. ‘

‘ Wow! That’s new. ‘

‘ Occurred to me too. Take a shower before going to bed okay? ‘

‘ don’t tell me you intend sleeping here. You don’t have to leave the room, it should be me. ‘

Maria smiled at Steve as guilt ran through his veins

‘ why would anyone do that? I’ll meet you upstairs in a jiffy okay? ‘

Steve knew without a doubt that Maria had seen the text message but her reaction got him worried. He didn’t know what was going through her mind or what she might do to him.

She didn’t talk about it neither did she want to hear anything he has to say and it really scared him.



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