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The pains of being constantly hurt by those around you most times, one could never get used to it and so was the case of April. She sneaked into the house to avoid questions from her mother who never ran out of questions to ask.

She threw her bag on the her dressing table, unclad herself and walked into the bathroom. She sat in the bathtub for hours and cried her eyes out as Celine Dion’s my heart will go on softly played from her speaker. After a while, she heard a knock on her door and she was forced to leave the bathroom.

It was her mother knocking. She unlocked the door and stood on the way.

‘ You’re back so early? ‘ Her mother asked.

‘ Yes. ‘

‘ Why? ‘

She knew better than saying anything about what happened at the office. She wanted to be alone and didn’t want to talk to anyone.

‘ I was feeling sick Mom. ‘ April lied.

‘ You’re sick? Thats very unusual .Have you taken drugs? Should I call doctor Xander? ‘

‘ No Mom, I just need to rest and I’ll be fine. ‘

‘ No April, you can’t be fine. Put something on, we have to see the doctor. ‘

April could feel it boiling in her, she was getting angry and any moment soon, she will loose it.

‘ April! ‘ Cecilia called.

‘ Can anyone listen to my voice? Can everyone let me be? Don’t I know what’s good for me? Don’t I have choices to make? Can’t I have a little privacy? ‘

April lamented.

‘ April ‘ She called calmly. It was of course very unusual for April to react the way she did.

‘ You know what? This is the height of it. I want to be alone. At least I can have that right? ‘

April shot the door in her mother’s face, sat on the ground and cried. She needed shoulders to cry on, someone to talk to. The only person she thought of was her best friend, Nancy.

She collected her phone from her bag and dialled Nancy’s number and she picked at the first ring.

‘ Nancy. ‘ She called.

‘ What’s wrong April. Have you been crying? ‘

‘ You won’t believe it. ‘

‘ You haven’t told me yet. ‘

‘ My dad sacked me from the company. ‘ April cried the more.

‘ Oh My goodness! Why? ‘

‘ He said he needed me to grow up. He wants me to work at Okema Pharmaceuticals. Without my consent, he gave me an appointment letter to resume work there tomorrow. ‘

‘ Okema pharmaceuticals? Wait! Okema like , Anthony’s Okema?’

‘ Yes. I’ve never felt this betrayed in my life before’

‘ Woa. I don’t know what to say. ‘

‘ My dad can’t even hide how much he hates me .it’s so obvious that he’s trying to push me away but he won’t let me go.’

‘ You know they can’t do that. You know very well how things work in this part of the world. Don’t see it as a curse but a blessing. Everything happens for a reason girl. ‘

‘ Stop, I feel you’re mocking me too. ‘

‘ Where’s the April that I know. The April that’s better than ten men put together, the one that fights for what she believes in, the one who never surrenders until she gets what she wants. I believe you’re still the April I know and you’re going to go out there like always and kick butts. ‘

‘ Nancy. ‘

‘ I know, but you can do it. It’s an opportunity to live far from your father’s feather. You will make your name like you’ve always done. Okay?

‘ And Anthony? ‘

‘ It’s just work and nothing else. Don’t let anyone step on you honey. ‘

‘ Thanks sweetheart. ‘

‘ Always welcome. Now dry those tears and be the big girl that you are. ‘

April ended the call feeling refreshed. She knew she could always count on Nancy. She sorted out what to wear from her wardrobe. After putting on her clothes, she stood in front of her dressing mirror and admiring herself. She wondered if men don’t really see how heavenly endowed she is.

‘ April come down for dinner. ‘ She heard her mom’s voice from downstairs. Only then did she realise how long she has spent in her room.

She majestically walked down to find her youngest sister Daniella who recently got married at the dinning room.

‘ And who do we have here. ‘

She smiled as Danny hugged her.

‘ When did you arrive? ‘

‘ About an hour ago and don’t ask cause mom said you were somewhat busy and I shouldn’t disturb you. ‘

‘ Okay. How’s your husband and how’s the marriage life like?’

‘ My husband traveled for business and I decided to come over. ‘

They chatted on until Mr Jayden joined them for dinner. They ate in utter silence. It continued that way until Mr Jayden broke the silence.

‘ April, I hope you’re ready for work tomorrow? ‘

‘ Yes Sir. ‘ April replied without raising her head.

‘ Ready? Anything new happening at the company daddy?’ Danny asked.

‘ No honey. You see, the CEO of the company where I work sacked me today and gave me an appointment letter to another company. You know how it goes, things are always decided for an unfortunate single thirty-three years old. Am I not lucky? ‘

April replied sarcastically

‘ April. ‘ Cecilia retorted.

‘ You need something Mom? ‘ April asked.

‘ April, get out. ‘ Mr Jayden ordered.

‘ Get out? You mean I should go get my own apartment? ‘

‘ I said get out! ‘ He ordered this time hitting his clenched fist on the table.

‘ Daddy, you want to hit me again? There’s no ice in the fridge and you know I need to look my best for my husband hunt tomorrow. ‘

‘ April! ‘ Cecilia called.

‘ Please calm down honey. ‘ She said to Clint her husband and turned to April

‘ please go upstairs already. I’ll bring your food to you. ‘

April dropped her cutleries on the table.

‘ Don’t bother, i don’t pay for the food anyway and yes, have a very good evening dad. ‘

She smiled maliciously as she climbed the staircase.

Danny folded her arms and watched in utter dismay as the drama unfolded before her eyes. Who she saw a few minutes ago talking wasn’t the sister she knew. The April she knew won’t dare say a word before their father.

April knew the right definition of respect, she taught her siblings what it meant to respect and obey their parents no matter what they wanted from them by showing example. The person she just saw was not April and there and then, she knew something was wrong. What else could go wrong if not her parents.

‘ Danny, are you not eating? ‘ Her mom’s voice snapped her out of her reverie. Mr Jayden was already calm.

‘ Was that April? ‘ Danny finally found her voice to ask.

‘ I wonder most times too. ‘ Cecilia replied.

‘ You wonder? Seriously? ‘ Danny had so many things to say to her parents but held it back cause she didn’t have the guts to.

‘ I’m full. Please excuse me. ‘ She excused herself and went to her room.

‘ This one too? ‘ Cecilia mumbled.

‘ What do you expect from the young ones when the elder starts misbehaving. ‘ Mr Jayden replied.

‘ Clint, did you really hit her? ‘

‘ I was out of control. ‘

‘ Seriously ? ‘

‘ You know what? I’m full too. ‘

‘ Fine, but I think you’re pushing her too hard. ‘



‘ let thy will be done father ‘ April mumbled as she stood in front of her mirror looking posh as always. She was all dressed up and ready for work. She woke up really early cause she wanted to leave the house before her father. She didn’t want to see his face because she believed it would ruin her day.

She picked up her appointment letter and her car keys from her dressing table and walked out. She saw the kitchen lights on but didn’t bother to check who it was, probably her mother.

Thirty-seven minutes later, she found herself in front of the magnificent building of Okema pharmaceuticals. It was quiet early so she was able to beat traffic. She walked up to the receptionist who greeted her with a bright smile on her face.

‘ Good morning Ms. ‘

‘ Good morning. ‘

‘ How may I help you? ‘

‘ I’ve been employed, here’s my appointment letter. ‘

Taking a look at it, she asked

‘ You’re Ms Jayden? ‘

‘ Yes I am. ‘

‘ Please go that way, the third office by your left. That’s the CEO’s office, he requested you see him first. ‘

April went down the direction given to her by the receptionist. When she got to the door, she stopped and knocked. After so many years, she was standing right in front of Anthony and the most annoying part of it all was that he’s now her Boss.

‘ Good morning Ms Jayden. ‘

Far from what she expected, he sounded formal . She hoped it will remain that way as past memories flooded her mind and hatred grew in her.



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