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She woke up to the loud bang on her door, looking at the alarm clock on her table, she jumped out of bed. It was passed 7 o’clock and she knew better than anyone else that she was late for work and her boss isn’t the type who likes excuses.

She hurried into the bathroom, took a quick shower, got dressed up and rushed down stairs.

‘ April, won’t you have something to eat? ‘, Cecilia echoed from the kitchen.

‘ No Mom, i’m late already. I’ll grab something on my way; see you later. ‘

With no further adieu, April ran out. The drive to her office was really fast as there was no traffic on the way; pretty strange for a Monday morning. April didn’t take much notice of that because She had a lot on her mind.

At the age of 33, April still lived with her parents though she was financial buoyant enough to have an apartment of her own but her father had made it a point that his female children will never own an apartment of their own until they get married and move to the husband’s house. A traditional believe that has been in the family for ages.

To an extent one could say she has a perfect life. She was very well educated, a career anyone would kill to have and most of all; she’s beautiful and she knows it.

At first, her marital status didn’t bother her until her two kid sisters got married. She could still remember how everyone sympathised with her when the youngest, Daniella was getting married. It seemed like her funeral to her. She was never the type who was into men but at a point she got frustrated and decided to give in and none ever ended well.

Forty-five minutes later, she arrived at Bayer Pharmaceuticals where she worked as a manager of the marketing department. She was proud of her job and how far she’s come. Not withstanding the fact that her father owns the company, she worked as hard as everyone else and could boldly say, she earned the position she occupied in the company.

‘ Good morning ma’am ‘ Her secretary Irene greeted.

‘ Morning . A cup of coffee. ‘ she replied as she threw her bag on her desk.

‘ Ordered for that already ma’am. ‘ For the past three years that Irene had worked with her boss, she knew that April never missed her coffee in the morning and she orders before hand.

‘ Meanwhile, Mr Jayden asked that you see him immediately you report for work. ‘

It didn’t sound strange to April hearing that her father wanted to see her. She’s late and as usual, he wants to give her the “leader’s orientation “. Without saying anything else, she stood up and went to the CEO’s office.

‘ Good morning Sir. ‘ She greeted her dad who was busy going through some files on his desk. He raised his head but didn’t say anything rather, he continued with the files on his table.

‘ You requested to see me.. ‘

‘ Yes I did. Please sit. ‘ Mr Clint Jayden replied closing up the files.

‘ You might be wondering why i asked to see you.’ He took a sip from his coffee.

‘ It’s about your job here. ‘ he added.

‘ I’m really sorry I reported late today. It won’t happen again Sir. ‘

‘ No, it’s not about that. Pack up your personal belongings in your office, you will no longer be working for this company anymore. ‘

It sounded like a joke to April but she knew more than anyone else that Mr Jayden was a man of no jokes.

‘ What’s my offense Sir? ‘She asked as calm as possible.

‘ You’ve done nothing wrong. In fact, you have an excellent record here and that is why you will be resuming work tomorrow at Okema Pharmaceuticals as a managing director of the marketing department. ‘

‘ What! Why? ‘

‘ they’re in desperate need of a professional right now. ‘ he replied bluntly.

‘ And I’m not needed here? Its been 7 years Sir – 7 years working my ass off for this company and you want to toss me away like garbage? Is this really about work daddy? ‘ She couldn’t contain her emotions anymore as the tears found its way out of her eyes.

‘Yes, what else? Everyone needs to grow up and have new experiences and even at this stage of your life, it doesn’t seem to me that you have any intentions of growing up. ‘

‘ Jesus Christ! If this is about growing, then I could work somewhere else. We both know I graduated well. I have a certificate and experience worth getting me a good job somewhere else. ‘ she lamented.

‘ No young lady. I call the shots and I alone make the decisions here and you will do exactly as i’ve said. You can see yourself out now. ‘ he said dismissively.

‘ Why dad? does the mere sight of me irritate you that much? You can’t even hide how much you want to get rid of me. ‘

‘ Mind your words young lady. First of all, I am the CEO of this company and I decide who stays and who leaves and secondly, I am your father and I decide what you do until you get out of my house ‘

‘ All my life I’ve done everything possible to please you. I went to the schools you choose, studied the course you picked, wore the clothes you prefer, associated with the people you dimmed fit… The list is endless and you never get to see any of it. ”

” You’ll do that and more because I am your father and you owe me that. You might not know this but I know what’s best for you and maybe just someday you’ll grow to appreciate all my efforts. ”

‘ Really? You’re my father? Then act like one! Let me leave your house, you do not know what’s best for me! ‘

For the first time, April stood up to her father and raised her voice at him. Her guts really angered Mr Jayden so much that he slapped her.

‘ Then get married April. I don’t know why you’re been ungrateful. Do you know how it feels imagining that__’

Mr Jayden got hanged on his words, considering whether to say it or not. April has always been his favourite amongst all his children though he never pampered her cause of his strict nature.

She was so strong, independent, a replica of himself but he couldn’t figure out how or where things went wrong. He wondered if he didn’t take notice of it or if something happened but she was totally different, head bent on her job, had no interest for anything else. It was as if she totally forgot she’s a woman.

He knew how much he had hurt April’s feelings but he felt he owed it to her. Perhaps by hurting her he’d be able to reach out to her. She needed a push, something to make her feel she’s human and not a work robot.

She raised her head as droplets of tears tickled down her face.

‘ Imagining that am not married yet? Go on and say it dad. Since when did it become a crime for a lady at my age to be single? ‘ Mr Jayden’s heart broke into a thousand pieces but he wasn’t going to give up.

‘ Not in this part of our world. I say what happens and nothing can change that. Now get out and pack your things. Here’s your appointment later. ‘

He stretched out his hands, April took it and quietly walked out of his office.



April got herself together and packed her things. It isn’t the first time she’s feeling this way and probably won’t be the last; it’s the life she’s grown up to have.

‘ You called for me ma’am. ‘ Irene said, getting her out of her wonder land of thoughts.

‘ Yes, I did. You probably might not have heard but am leaving the company. I guess this is where we say goodbye. ‘

‘ As long as we’re alive, this can never be goodbye ma’am. It was really nice working with you, I trust you’ll do well where ever you are. ‘

April raised her brow at Irene’s last statement.

‘ News fly like wild fire in this company. I really wish I can keep my job. ‘ Irene said and just then, Mr Jayden walked in without knocking.

‘ Excuse me please. ‘ Irene excused herself and walked out. April stood up and carried the box on her desk.

‘ I’m about leaving Dad. ‘

‘ Can you try not to be head strong with Mr Alfred? ‘

April felt the inch in her eyes. All she wanted to do at that point was cry but she wasn’t going to, not in front of her Dad. She wasn’t going to play the victim card. She’s going to walk out with her head held up high with pride.

‘ I will try and please, can you let my secretary keep her job? ‘

‘ Okay. ‘

She straightened her skirt and walked out of her office. As she walked out, everyone turned to watch her. April walked out with a smile on her face like nothing had happened much to the surprise of those who saw her leave.

When she got out, she turned and stared at the building for some minutes , the four walls where she spent seven years of her life.

‘ It seems we take a different path Now buddy. ‘ She smiled.

She got to the garage, threw her box into the car, slid in, shot the door and drove off.



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