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Continues from last Sequence..

Nadia woke up panting heavily, she put her right hand on her chest as she tries to stop her beating heart, she just can’t believe she just had a nightmare, she looked at the alarm clock that is on the night stand, it was past 7am, she haven’t dreamt about Ethan today but about her father, and it wasn’t a good one. And it felt so real to her, she immediately took her Bible that was close to her, she needed to pray, she just can’t believe that her dream could happen in reality, she wouldn’t live with herself if anything happens to her father. She was just about to get on her knees when a knock came on her door.

“ yes come in the door isn’t lock”, she said to who ever was knocking.

One of the maid opened the door quickly with a worried look on her face.

“ Good morning ma’am, your mother is calling you down stair”

noticing the worries on the maid face and in her voice she became alert

“ what is it?”

“ I think is your father, he just collapsed not long ago”

“ WHAT?”, That brought her on her feet as she rushed passed the maid who ran behind her, she was so scared now fearing that her dream was about to come to pass, she prayed for God to keep her father alive as she ran to the sitting room.


Waiting impatiently at the reception hall of the hospital was one of the longest wait she has ever done,, he mother was sited on one of the chairs there, she has been quiet even since her husband was rolled inside the hospital that Nadia was beginning to get worried for her, she has been silently praying to God for the life of her father.

She couldn’t tell how she felt when she arrived at the sitting room and found her father on the floor, her mother and the security was trying to lift him up, she just pray she doesn’t experience more than that pain, she has managed to run back to her room and changed into a blue jean and a top before driving to the hospital behind her mother and her unconscious father who was drove by her father driver and one security with one of her father’s car. As soon as they got to the hospital her father was quickly rolled inside to be attended to as the doctor was their family doctor and her mother has earlier called to inform the doctor of their arrival, so it has been am hour now and they are still waiting for him to come and tell them how serious was his illness.

Her mother has earlier told her that her father collapsed after reading a mail that was sent to his email that morning which says that Ethan will be claiming ownership of his company in two days time, her mother has managed to read the message so she was able to tell. Her father even when he is sick didn’t stop to work at home, still looking for a way to clear the bills before the end date, she guess he didn’t have much time left. She felt so weak, how was she going to help now?, now that time was not on her side.

The presence of the doctor got both of them on their feet’s as they rushed to him, both blasting him with questions.

“ calm down please, he is fine now”

Nadia exhale lightly as she calmed down a little, as least her father was fine, she had feared for the worst, and her dream didn’t help matters.

“ but” the doctor continued, gaining their attention again, “ we can’t tell if his heart will be able to hold another attack”

“ what do you mean?” asked Elena

“ I mean that he will die if another attack comes, so we all have to be carful, but for now he is stable And you can go see him”

“ thank you doctor” Elena showed her appreciation

“ we thank thy Lord” with that he left.

“ come on let go see your father”

Her mother said to her, bringing her back from her stance, she has been lost in thought ever since the doctor spoke about the father death that made her wander to her dream, that was a revelation she hope that won’t come true and she knows what to do to prevent it.

“ mother you go, I will join you shortly”

“ are you sure”

“ yes, just need some fresh air”

“ okey” with that her mother went further into the hospital.

Nadia made her way to her car, she lied to her mother about getting fresh air, she just can’t tell her of her new plan and decision, she has the responsibility to save her father and she will do just that, bringing the car engine to life she drove straight to Ethan company.


Ethan has be boiling in rage for the past two days now and he has been putting all his anger on his workers, everyone as been trying so hard to avoid him, none want to be sacked or worst arrested, he was fond of either sacking you or leave you to spend some days in the police custody, nobody knows the reason for his anger even he doesn’t know, if it was for the fate that he is yet to see a suitable PA or the fate that he got a cold rejection from Nadia two days ago at Senator Philip’s house and the worst of it is that senator was there to witness it.


Two days ago at Senator Philip’s resident.

Nadia has waited for some couple of minutes, she wonders what senator Philip wanted to discuss with Ethan in private, she just hope it could be in her benefit.

Ethan and senator Philip engage from the private sitting room that they went to discuss, both took their seats.

“ so sorry for keeping you waiting”, Senator Philip apologies, but of course nothing came out from Ethan,

“ no problem sir” Nadia polity responded.

Nadia focus was now on the senator that began talking already

“ so, I have talk with Ethan, and he too has explained his own point to me and I will say he does have some points”, he pause

“ but, with a little convincing, I made another condition in helping you with your problems” senator said calmly.

Nadia knew they will be conditions, but she prays again that it will favor her.

“ and what will that be sir”, She asked holding her breath as she wait for Senator to speak.

“ he will forget all about the money, even the lawsuit, leaving nothing but”

Nadia was happy to hear that, but she wasn’t going to put his hope up, Ethan narrowed his eyes on his Uncle, what the hell is he saying.

“ you will have to marry him”

“ WHAT?” Ethan blunt out

“ yes” senator answered silenced him, he wonders what senator Philip was up to, he looked at Nadia whose face was pale due to shock.

“ but sir, I can’t marry him” she voiced out after getting out from her shock.

“ are you in a relationship?”

She was taken aback at the question while Ethan waited for her answer, he doesn’t know but he was hoping for a negative answer.

“ no, am not, but..”

“ you know I should be the one talking here and refusing to accept this, I am the one that will be at lose, giving up such amount of money and for what?” Ethan said angrily, he just can’t see why she was claiming hard to get, he hates girls like that.

“ I will not have you disrespect me” Nadia said feeling her anger raising up.

“ disrespect, i haven’t disrespected you, disrespect is when I call you a w---e, a b---h, a stupid spoilt child who thinks she can get what she want by just talking and not working for it”

“ that’s enough”, she said standing up, she so which she has a very hot temper right now, it would have come in handy

“ enough?”, Ethan stood up too, “who are you to tell me its enough when am talking, you should be blaming your incompetent father that couldn’t manage his father company that was passed on to him, oh yes, I know where he spent his money, on young girls”, he wasn’t stopping, his anger was having control over him now.

“ that’s not true, my father is not like that”, with this she allowed the tears she has been trying to hold fall down her cheek, how could he talk to her father that way.

“ of course, like father, like daughter, loose men and women runs in your family” he said with disgust

Senator Philip head snapped at Ethan, he knew he was no longer referring to Nadia anymore, he is now talking out of hatred and he needed to stop him before he becomes uncontrollable.

“ you are nothing but a arrogant, self esteem, a complete lunatic and a beast with a heart as ice, who cares only for himself, you have no feelings for anything, you think you are successful, but you are nothing and you will remain nothing,”, she shouted at him allowing more tear to blind her, senator Philip has his eyes widened with shock hearing Nadia words, Ethan just stood there as he take in all what she is saying, his anger arousing with the memories and the beast in him start coming to life.

“ I will not marry you, I reject to marry a man that has no heart, it will be a curse to me if I think about it, it will be better if you stay away from me, I hate your stupid lonely dark life”, she finished her word panting heavily.

“Take them back, I said TAKE THEM BACK NOW, TAKE ALL BACK”, right there he lost it, as he went for Nadia’s neck choking her.

“ Ethan, Ethan,” senator rushed quickly to release his hold on Nadia neck, who was already finding it hard to breath, after much effort, Ethan released her, immediately Nadia began coughing taking in air, while senator Philip held on to Ethan calming him down.

Ethan eyes was full of rage, the only thing he was thinking about was how he could get hold of Nadia so he could strangle her to death but of course his uncle was there, he wouldn’t want to disrespect him so he tried to calm himself down, but seeing Nadia was difficult for him to do so as the words Nadia has said were still fresh in him memory, he gave Nadia one last angry look before storming out of the sitting room towards the bar room, he needed to cool him anger down so maybe a strong drink will help with that.

As soon as Ethan left Senator Philip turned to Nadia with a worried look on him face, Nadia on the other hand was still catching her breath, her hand still on her neck, gently rubbing it to stop the itchiness it was given her, she was still shaken for what just happened, if not for Senator Philip she could have been dead now. Ethan was not a beast or a monster, he was the devil himself, she thought to her herself.

“ are you alright?” asked Senator Philip trying to inspect her neck

“ am fine sir”. she choked on her words as a cough came out from her mouth.

“ you don’t look fine to me, you should go home and get some rest okey, you need it”

“ sir, please, can’t there be any other way to solve this”, she asked after finding her voice.

Senator Philip gave her an apologetic look, he ready want to help but this was something he can’t do, the money has been on hold for too long, the money might be little to Ethan but it was important to him, that was the hard work of his grandfather so it won’t let it slide, not to make matters worse, Nadia had to anger him, there is no forgiveness in that, says the book of Ethan.

Nadia sign in defeat, how was she going to make this work, she obviously can’t marry Ethan not with what just happened here, but still she wasn’t going to just accept defeat, no way, she will look for another way.

“ thank you so much sir, for trying to help, I will take my leave now”

Senator Philip nodded, Nadia picked up her bag and walked out of the room but stopped at the sound of senator Philip voice.

“ are you sure you don’t want to reconsider the offer?”

She exhale lightly, she has thought it through and NO was her answer

“ no sir” she answered him and turned as she walked out the door.


*End of flashback

Back at Ethan’s office.*

He has waited for two days as Senator Philip has advised, senator Philip tried reasoning with him to forget about the money or better still give them time to pay back, but he has refused and that will be, if not the first time he was refusing him a request. Senator Philip didn’t fight it or got angry by it as he too saw reason with him instead, no one on earth can forget about such amount of money and beside, Mr William disrespected his grand father by not following the agreement he made, and that was the list of why he so much want to see they suffer, spearing no one.

Now for two day he has waited hoping that Nadia will come back to take his offer but he guess that girl was very strong will minded, but never the less he knows how to break will minded people, to him this wasn’t just about some money or some companies, this was a game, and will win at it, he will show to Nadia that he was a better player, and he will make her submit to him, if he has to break all her bones to achieve this, he will and nothing will stop him.

He has sent an email to Mr William’s Account to remain him that he will be holding possession of his company soon, than the other company will follow, lastly will be the house, by then, Nadia will come running to him and he will so find pleasure in tormenting her just as she has tormented him.

The ringing of his office line took him out of his thought, he picked it up and placed it on his ear.

“Good afternoon sir,” came the voice of his personal secretary on the other end of the phone, he didn’t need to reply, she continued knowing he won’t say a word, “ the first floor front desk says a young lady is wishing to see you, her name is Nadia Williams, should I send her in?”

“ yes”, was all he said and the line went dead, he placed the land line back as a evil smirk appeared on his face, his game was moving just fine.

Nadia couldn’t think straight as she drove to Ethan’s company, she didn’t even know if she will meet him there but she hope and prays that she does. There was no traffic on the way so she got there in a short time, after successfully packing her car, getting down from there was now the problem,

Was she ready for this?

Is she ready to confront him after what he did?

Her hand mad way to her neck as she gently rubbed her palm on it, she was grateful that it wasn’t itching her anymore and haven’t left any mark. She didn’t know what else to do even if she didn’t want to see him, she has no choice right now,

“What if he kills you in there, non one will fine you, or even rape you, he will surely get away with it”.

her mind barked at her,

The thought of him raping her or doing something awful to her sent an adrenaline to her body,

“ I can’t do this”, she said to herself, she quickly placed her hand back on the key and turning up the engine of her car to drive out.

“ what about your father, is he not worth it”

That along stopped her body from moving, she close my eyes as a slice tear fell from her eyes,

“ am sorry father for not helping out, am sorry that you are in this state but I promise to not let you down, I won’t let you down father”

With that say she stopped the car engine, wiping the tear from her eyes and fixing her hair, she walked out of her car, after successfully locking it she made her way to the reception hall.

At first the receptionist didn’t want to let her in, Though it wasn’t the same girl she has met there twice, she was more nicer, she made Nadia to understand that it was impossible to get to Ethan without an appointment and yes she know that already, after much persuasion and pleading the receptionist decided to put a call through to the personal secretary to Ethan, she waited patiently for her to finish her call, Nadia was anxious as hell, what if he didn’t agree to see her then all her efforts coming here will be wasted but she was so surprised when she was allowed to go see him, which means he agreed to meet her, she was beyond happy that he wish to hear her out, that was a start for her that day, but still she can’t just seem to shake away the fear that was building inside of her as she makes her way to his door after of course passing the secretary who smiled warmly at her and of course she faked a smile to cover up her fear.

Once in front of Ethan door she took her a deep breath before ringing the bell. She waited for a while but heard nothing, she was about to ring the doorbell again what a “ come in” can through the doorbell speaker, she jumped a little not expecting the voice but quickly recovered from her shock.

Ethan was surprised to see her jump in shock for his voice, he was watching her through the CCTV video on his laptop, his intention was never to scare her but still it amazed him why she was always shifting moods, on minute she is tough and the next, she is as gentle as a newborn.

After calming her racing heart even if she wasn’t successful in that part she opened the door summoning courage to support her already weak and scared heart, she opened the door and came face to face with Ethan who as always has no expression on his face leaning on his office desk with one leg crossing on the other as his two hand were ford across his chest, as always he was on suit.

“ are you going to stand there all day?”, came the husky voice of Ethan

She walked inside the office not closing the door. She totally forgot about that since her mind wasn’t there, she was contemplating on how to start.

“are you not taught how to shut a door when you opened it?”

He said with a raise eyebrows.

Nadia getting back herself closed the door, before turning to face him again, she wouldn’t just control her fears and Ethan notice this, this made him laugh inwardly, this was what he wanted, her summiting to him.

“ I was actually expecting you, I know you will badge in here after receiving the message, though I didn’t know it will be this fast”

“ you sent the message, to my dad, personally”, She asked wanting to be sure, her voice was low but she knew he could still hear her,

“ I wanted to remind your father of the deadline, won’t want to drag him out you know, that will be so embarrassing but not for me, in as much as I want to see that happen, I still have better things to do with my time”.

“ do you know that my father is still sick?”, she asked with a cracking voice, she didn’t even know she was crying until she tasted the sweetness of her tear.

“ how could you send him such mail, Do you know that he is in the hospital right now because of the mail you sent”

“ I thought as much, that’s the reason you came this fast,” he said not moved by any of the words that Nadia said or her tears.

“ please, don’t take my father away from me, he will die if you take that company from him, please, I beg you”, she bagged him not able to control the tear anymore.

“ well, I thought you came here to give me another version of your insult, this is a new sight I really don’t have time for”, he say as he stood straight on his feet, “ I hate when women cried, mostly in my office, so why don’t you go and meet your dying father, he will need that tear”, he said motionless as he turned to make his way to his chair that was in the other side of the desk.

The last word hit her like a bomb, the thought of her father dying sent a cold breeze through her, her father can’t die, no way, he just can’t, so without thinking she said the first thing that came out from her mouth,

“ I will marry you”.


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