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Longest Episode….

Subtitle: Assuming Victor is a girl called Gift.


Deborah was tryna persuade me on teaching

people I refused, defamation is a bad

crime that needed a reprisal of such kind.

People wey I dey even bone food dey teach

them yesterday just because of one rumour

them rubbish and yeye everything wey

I do for them. Abeg, I nodey do again.

I kept to myself and remained dedicated

to my books and friendship with Deborah,

that course was one course you can’t wave

in my department, if you no pass am you

go tadan there. Some of them that persecuted

me were the ones on the front queue shouting

Gift give us the secret, nay no. Gift no

sabi anything make we go settle the lecturer,

We wrote our examination that semester

and many people were sent out of the halls.

The man spacing was mad and he brought

in brutal aliens as supervisor, any kapgam!

you are out! Naomi was sent out Eva, shall..

was just sweating upadan. I wrote what

I can write and dropped my pen then left

the hall. I dey one corner dey vibe with

music dey wait for Debby A.K.A my stepmama,

I love her fah when Naomi carried her

big bu-ttocks swaying left and right to talk

to me.

Naomi: Gift, you wicked oh! because of that small thing you carry am for mind allow all coursemates suffer like this, haba where is your church mind?

Me: even Jesus wey die for cross even get limit for grace, my dear. Judgment day for nodey, just take this one as your judgment day for wickedness.

I hissed

waka commot from there, Deborah came

out looking bright and jovial. One of my

department nigga stood under the sun

till we couldn’t see him anymore after

the exam, chiaa! I felt pity, maybe my

stance was too harsh. But the question

can shock anyone that came into that

hall unprepared sha.. That year we finalised

it with mommy Deborah’s white wedding.

My papa no gree close him thirty-two teeth,

Sarah was looking like another bride but

was disappointed when the groom didn’t

appear, she was on my neck where is your

brother thingy. The year was totally sweet

and memorable, I won’t forget that year

I spent with my family and my father having

a genuine happiness in his life, I was

advising Deborah not to carry belle before

school will resume the way she was smelling

sperm sperm, issoright. She was telling

me gerrehia bad girl, we resumed with

full force. Project issues sha.. I had so

much on me that I was running from library

to computer centre with my laptop in hand,

we didn’t offer so many courses that semester

due to project. Before I even get myself

and my yeye project supervisor be forming

James Hadley Chase for me, pot-belle

like him, I will just punch his big belle

and it will deflate like tyre, he won’t see

this post, amen. Like that like that people

started crying when they saw their results,

My A stand out in that course in the midst

of the Fs rolling. That lecturer na really

radical lecturer I swear, no wonder students

were wailing when he came back. Since the

owner of the course is back they can bribe

their way through, as for Eva and Naomi.

I made sure I checked it, Eva had E and

the marlian that fu-ck everything and

club everywhere forgot to fu-ck her books

and made an excellent F. Eva is bright

but she was too beautiful for book to admire,

na wetin she dey reason sha.. We started

our examination in ernest and just few

courses and we were done. During this

period I meant James when my car had

issues on my way home, we got on talking

after he helped me and fixed it, then we

exchanged numbers. James was sweet

and he never stopped showing it, boom

Deborah carry belle. I started teasing her,

trust me na. I said it will be a girl and she

must be called Gift Jnr jare, but Deborah

refused that it will be a boy. Lai lai, I no

gree. James proposed marriage to me

and he proved that he isn’t a pu-ssy niggar.

Deborah: accept him na, he is a cool guy.

Me: I too young to marry.

Deborah: but you no too young to dey do mio mio with men, bah?


laughed over it, I told him I will accept

but it will be after my final exam in the

university. After we tidied the examination

the introduction date was fixed, I called

Anderson and he didn’t sound angry and

embittered the way I imagined him to

instead he acted cool and even told me

he knew about everything, I was close

to tears when he spoke soft kind words

to me. I felt loved beyond measures, when

I told him about my wedding he was restless

and he insisted that I shouldn’t marry

James, what was his reason? He was

just giving silly reasons so I still maintained

my stand. The introduction was fixed

and James with his parents came to perform

some rites, I was surprised James father

was the professor that took advantage

of me. The day was a disaster on his own,

the man insisted that his son will not marry

his wife, he didn’t tell anyone what he meant.

I and him were the ones that knew what

happened betwixt us, Anderson consoled

me and persuaded me to leave Nigeria

for America, Sarah was grigri when I agreed.

She was all smiles as we left Nigeria.

This was my story, I hope you learnt one

or two from it.


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